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Giorgio Sironi12/28/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Pull Up Method

We are in the part of the series where refactorings target mostly the elimination of duplicated code. For now, most solutions will achieve this goal via inheritance.The Pull Up Method refactoring identified a duplicated method that reside in multiple...

David Green12/27/11
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Shame driven development

I always aspire to write well-crafted code. During my day job, where all production code is paired on, I think our quality is pretty high. But it’s amazing how easy you forgive yourself and slip into bad habits while coding alone. Is shame the driving...

Giorgio Sironi12/26/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Pull Up Field

We now enter in the territory of generalizations. It's a natural process, as we add more and more tests, for our code to become more general; but after we have made our test pass, the refactoring phase include many ways to deal with generalization.Refactoring...

Mitch Pronschinske12/26/11
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DevOps Tweets of the Week - 12/26

Merry DevOps holidays to you all!  DZone brought you some funny and interesting tweets as a present!@jpoesen: Joery PoesenEvery time you postpone automating dev environment creation, it bites you in the ass. Every. Single. Time. #devops

Johanna Rothman12/23/11
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Is the Cost of Continuous Integration Worth the Value on Your Program?, Part 1

I like continuous integration. A lot. I started being an aficionado of continuous integration back in my senior year of university . It was my very first (and last) team project in my college career. There were three of us. The project manager waited until...

Giorgio Sironi12/21/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Exception with Test

Sometimes catching an exception can be transformed in a preliminary check that avoid raising the exception in the first place. The code is then called only in the normal case, while the previously exceptional ones just terminate early te current method. So...

Jez Humble12/21/11
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Organize Software Delivery Around Outcomes, Not Roles: Continuous Delivery and Cross-Functional Teams

When implementing continuous delivery, it’s easy to focus on automation and tooling because these are usually the easiest things to start with. However continuous delivery also relies for its success on optimizing your organizational structure for...

Nikhil Mungel12/21/11
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Deployment Patterns in the Ruby on Rails World

@AjeyGore and I present deployment patterns and paradigms that we've observed and influenced while consulting and enabling numerous clients. The ones at the beginning are ideal for smaller scale applications that do not typically need to scale fast.We also...

Kris Buytaert12/20/11
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How I like my Java

This is a repost of my article earlier posted at Jordan Sissel's awesome SysAdvent  

Mitch Pronschinske12/20/11
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Config Managment Maturity Levels

Config management is a big deal for any IT organization that intends to scale up its operations, and it's certainly getting more attention and broader application with the DevOps movement.  I found an interesting CM crossroads blog by Joe Farah that tries to...

Giorgio Sironi12/19/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Error Code with Exception

Error codes are mostly a relic of procedural programming: the object-oriented paradigm has introduced exceptions as a first-class mechanism to separate error handling from. This refactoring targets special error values returned by methods and transform them...

Patrick Debois12/19/11
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Puppet unit testing like a pro

A big thanks to Atlassian for allowing me to post this series!! In our previous blogpost on Puppet Versioning, we described the most basic check to see if a puppet manifest was valid. We used the parseonly function to see if it would compile.

Michael Mainguy12/19/11
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Stop Branching! Agile is Soccer, Not American Football

One trend I've noticed with git users is a habit to create a lot of branch and merge activity. The oft-repeated mantra is "branching is (easy/cheap/safe) in git so I do it a lot". When working on an agile project though, this behavior can cause...

Prabath Siriwardena12/16/11
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The 1st Kolamba DZone Community Meetup

Be sure to check out the DZone Blog for pictures of our meetup last week at the HQ in Cary, NC!We successfully completed the first Kolamba DZone meetup with 5O+ attendees from WSO2, University of Moratuwa, University of Colombo, Informatics and IFS. We...

Cody Powell12/16/11
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Who's Afraid of Continuous Deployment?

Continuous deployment sounds terrifying. It means that with each commit you make to your version control, your code is pulled down, all tests are run, and, if everything passes, that code is then pushed to production. Let me repeat: that happens with...