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Robert Diana07/23/11
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When Do You Say A Development Task Is Really Done?

I love when other people write a blog post at the same time you are struggling with the problem that they describe. Today’s timely post comes from Michael Bolton on his DevelopSense blog. In “The Undefinition of Done”, Michael talks about the fact...

Dave Rooney07/23/11
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A Survival Guide for New Agile Coaches - Why?

When a toddler learns to speak, often his first recognizable word is "Mom" or "Dad" or some variation of those.  His second is "Why?"  If you were to take a teenager and, like, count the number of occurrences of...

James Shore07/23/11
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Let's Play TDD #125: The Cost Basis Field

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

Dhananjay Nene07/23/11
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Jerk Programmers Can’t Be Managed Tactically

Interesting post by Scott Berkun : How to deal with jerk programmers which isn’t exactly consistent with my experiences from both sides of the fence. Scott states: The best place to start is empathy. Why is someone acting like a jerk? There are basic...

John Fuex07/22/11
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Problem Solving 101: Collaborative Problem Solving

As a software development manager, I am frequently visited by developers who are spinning their wheels on a design problem or running out of ideas while troubleshooting an application.  I’ve developed a reputation as a problem solver because most of...

Sean Mchugh07/22/11
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Scrum: The Test Heavy Backend of a Sprint

You might hear me mention at some point that as a Scrum Master, I don't really care about the technical details that make a product backlog item done. I only really care about some form of measurable daily progress and the fact that these backlog items...

Benjamin Mitchell07/22/11
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Skilled incompetence in action at Agile workshops

As part of my workshops on effective communication, especially around introducing innovative new process approaches such as Lean and Agile, I’ve found examples that demonstrate how people can act with “skilled incompetence” and “skilled...

Dave Rooney07/22/11
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Raising the Water Level

A phrase you commonly hear in the Agile world that comes from Toyota is that you want to "lower the water level" in your value stream so that you can "see the rocks" that disrupt flow and, to extend the metaphor, could damage your boat!...

Ferdinando Sant...07/21/11
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Continuous Integration in .NET

Nowadays developers hear every day in articles about miracles that Agile methodologies do in development teams.  Seasoned developers sometimes find those practices a little bit naïve, while...

Benjamin Mitchell07/21/11
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Handling a team member who “talks too much”

How do you handle a situation as a team manager or coach where one member of the team seems to dominate the conversation? The scenario below is based on several experiences where team members think “that person’s talking rubbish!” but don’t know...

Julian Holmes07/21/11
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“Just too late” is early enough

One of the great privileges of my working life is to have the chance to share knowledge and encourage learning. I have been writing, deploying and teaching many software delivery courses over the last decade and most of the experiences have been positive...

Allan Kelly07/21/11
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For a little while now I’ve been quietly talking about my new Agile method. The clue is in the name: Xanpan - pronounced “Zanpan”. Most obviously Kanban and XP (Extreme Programming), its a fusion.Its not so much than Xanpan has any new radical...

Daniel Ackerson07/21/11
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Why Excel Spreadsheets Hurt Project Management

Today was a great day. I helped import our entire “roadmap” of functional requirements from an Excel spreadsheet into Pivotal Tracker. Even though we allocated almost a half-day to accomplish this, it was done in less than two hours (including in-depth...

Giorgio Sironi07/21/11
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Phantom JS: an alternative to Selenium

PhantomJS is an headless browser based on an embedded webkit, suitable for testing of web applications involving JavaScript usage where simpler tools do not cut it.Some people from Sencha (Ext JS creators) are behind the tool, and my colleague recently told...

James Shore07/20/11
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Let's Play TDD #124: Constraints

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.