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Pat Shaughnessy12/06/11
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It’s time to clean up your mess: refactoring Cucumber step definitions

This week I decided to look through my features/step_definitions folder after reading Aslak Hellesøy’s post from Wednesday about removing web_steps.rb. I was worried that I might need to write many more custom steps since web_steps.rb will disappear the...

Steven Romero12/06/11
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The Agile and DevOps Band-Aids

I just read a great InfoWorld blog post by Neil Mcallister, “DevOps – IT’s latest paper tiger” http://t.co/l3VMXEfU. Neil contends, “no half-baked movement can solve the broad, complex challenge of bridging the gap divide between application...

Giorgio Sironi12/06/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Remove Setting Method

A setter for a certain field is present: maybe it's a generated method, or is used for Dependency Injection.However, in the current state of the code, there are no use cases for it [anymore]: it's either a never called method, or one called only during...

Mitch Pronschinske12/06/11
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Deploy ALL the Things - Deployment Myths Part 2

This is part 2 in a post on deployment strategies. The previous post is located here

Mitch Pronschinske12/05/11
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Rollbacks and Other Deployment Myths

I came across an interesting post today via HN. I’m surprised (only moderately) that I missed it the first time around since this is right up my alley: Why are you still deploying overnight? I thought this post was particularly apropos for several...

Giorgio Sironi12/05/11
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What I learned in the Global Day of Code Retreat

This Saturday, 2200 software developers gathered in more than 90 cities around the world to improve their skills. This Global Day of Code Retreat was the biggest edition of such an event.

Simon Brown12/02/11
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Or everything you should know about building software! While in London last year I met up with Dave Ingram, author of Design-Build-Run. It's subtitled "Applied Practices and Principles for Production-Ready Software...

Daniel Doubrovkine12/02/11
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Deploying Latest to Heroku with Jenkins CI

You can use Jenkins Batch Task Plugin if you want to deploy the latest revision to Heroku. Our deployment has two steps: a rake task that pushes assets to S3/Cloudfront and a git push. So the batch task attached to our repo looks like this.

Mitch Pronschinske12/01/11
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Why the "DevOps" Buzzword Can be a Force for Good

I felt compelled to respond to a well-reasoned article written today by Infoworld veteran Neil McAllister.  The article does a nice job of pointing out a lot of the confusion and dissonance in the DevOps movment—for example, is DevOps occuring because of...

Steve Rogalsky12/01/11
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An alternative to bug tracking tools

One of my pet peeves is working in and with bug tracking tools. I am well aware of some of the arguments for the importance of these tools and I am not trying to address those here. Instead, I'll show you an example of an alternative that I have found...

Matthias Marschall12/01/11
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DevOps – Break Down The Wall

Instead of escalating wars between departments by driving them to ever more ambitious, local goals, we need to break down the wall between development and operations. Defining overarching goals which resonate for both departments creates an environment...

Dawn Cannan12/01/11
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How *NOT* to win the hearts of developers, part 2

So, this next one, for me, points out something that I felt was a difficulty in being a tester with development experience.  See part one here.I don't believe I handled it the best way, but hope that I can use it as an example and teach, perhaps, better...

Sean Hull11/30/11
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How to Hire a DevOps Person

First things first. This is not meant to be a beef against developers. But let’s not ignore the elephant in the living room that is the divide between brilliant code writers and the risk averse operations team.

Jim Bird11/30/11
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Iterationless Development – the latest New New Thing

Thanks to the Lean Startup movement, Iterationless Development and Continuous Deployment have become the New New Thing in software development methods. Apparently this has gone so far that “there are venture firms in Silicon Valley that won’t even fund...

Giorgio Sironi11/30/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Introduce Parameter Object

In the scenario of today, two or more parameters are often passed together to a set of similar methods. This happens for example with timing information containing day and month, or hours and minutes; or, in other domains, with parameters that are coupled to...