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Benjamin Mitchell08/24/11
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5 signs your conversation is about to turn toxic

Difficult conversations are often unplanned and sneak up on us. Spotting the signs that your conversation is about to turn toxic gives you a chance to stop your automatic reactions so you can change course, even in the heat of the moment. Here are five...

Dennis Doomen08/24/11
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ALM Practices Part 12: Reducing Technical Debt

What is it? Technical Debt is every change to your code base that does not comply with the usual level of quality your team has agreed upon. Since this level of quality has been introduced to guarantee a healthy code base throughout the life time of the...

Giorgio Sironi08/24/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Array with Object

This refactoring is a specialization of Replace Data Value with Object: its goal is to replace a scalar or primitive structure (in this case, an ever-present array) with an object where we can host methods that act on those data.We have already seen a...

Jim Highsmith08/23/11
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An Interview with Alistair Cockburn (circa 2001)

At the Agile 2011 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto. One thing that occurred to me about how to celebrate this was to re-publish abbreviated versions of my interviews with several of the 17 authors.

Michael Sahota08/23/11
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Use Positive Emotions to Succeed

Barbara Fredrickson gave a great Keynote at Agile 2011 – Why care about positive emotions? The essential message is that we can create positive environments and emotions to create an upward spiral of openness, resilience, and better performance. This is...

Michael Dubakov08/23/11
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UX Meets Agile: Design Studio Methodology

Design Studio is a quite simple and efficient way to run UX meetings. Yesterday we tried it for the first time. There are several variations of Design Studio, we made it simple for the first run and set the following rules:

Israel Gat08/23/11
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Devops: It is Not About ITIL, It is About Proficiency

As you would expect, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) topic was brought up in the devops day held in 2010 in a LinkedIn facility in Mountain View, CA.

Benjamin Mitchell08/22/11
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Management Improvement Carnival #140

I’m hosting this edition of Jon Hunter’s Curious Cat Management Improvement Carnival. It’s been published three times a month since 2006. Here’s my round-up of interesting management-related posts from the last month with a focus on the psychology...

Michael Sahota08/22/11
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Scrum Alliance Leadership – Acceptance Tests

This post identifies acceptance tests for successful thought leadership within the Scrum Alliance. See also: Models for Success and Concrete Actions (& Participants) Process: Everyone built a model for an acceptance test and each group voted to select...

Esther Derby 08/22/11
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Solving Symptoms

Recently, I attended two retrospectives.  Different teams, different states, different facilitators. I’m usually on the other side, leading retrospectives. Both retrospectives followed the “make lists” pattern.  One made two lists  “What worked...

Gareth Rushgrove08/22/11
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A Continuous Deployment Example Setup

One of the reasons behind getting around to building Vagrantbox.es recently was I was giving a talk to a group of startups on The Difference Engine programme and I wanted to have an example project to demonstrate various things. I wanted to demonstrate...

Giorgio Sironi08/22/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Change Reference to Value

This refactoring targets simplification: it is the opposite of Change Value to Reference. An object whose lifecycle is tracked and which must have a single instance for each different identity is replaced by a Value Object, of which multiple copies can be...

Dave Rooney08/20/11
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Simplicity, Planning and the Weather

(Thanks to George Dinwiddie for inspiring me to finish this post, which had languished for several weeks!) Simplicity is a core tenet of Agile Software Development.  The 10th principle of the Agile Manifesto has to do with Simplicity: Simplicity--the art of...

Evgeny Goldin08/20/11
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The Pomodoro Technique Summary

I’ve decided to give Pomodoro technique a try. This is a fairly simple time-management system where one is supposed to work in chunks of 25 minutes without interruptions with 3-5 minutes breaks between each chunk. And there are longer 15-30 minutes breaks...

Daniel Ackerson08/19/11
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Getting Lean with Weekly Sprints

In Scrum, sprints are time-boxed delivery cycles that help keep the team focused on the goal. If you don’t know which goal I’m referring to, check out Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s novel “The Goal” (hint: I think it’s something about making money)....