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James Betteley11/09/11
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How Mature Is Your Continuous Integration?

As I’m sure I’ve ranted about mentioned in the past, Continuous Integration is far more than just a collection of tools and scripts. It’s “a practice”, a way of doing something, and it has to be part of our working culture to be truly effective.

Naveen Gupta11/09/11
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Does Agile Manifesto Need Changes? The 10 Years Experience!

I delivered a presentation on the above topic earlier this year at an Agile Conference in NCR, India.I have summed up my thoughts below.On a cold winter morning of 13 Feb 2001, at a ski resort in Utah, the Agile Manifesto was born.The newborn had 17 fathers...

Dennis Doomen11/09/11
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Fluent Assertions is finally gaining some momentum

Indeed it is, in particular within the part of the .NET community that believes test-first development is non-negotiable. We receive more and more suggestions, contributions and questions, and we’ve started to notice some blog posts here and there.

Giorgio Sironi11/09/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Remove Parameter

As Kent Beck says, all refactoring techniques are bidirectional; in the case of add and remove refactorings, one direction increases the moving parts to face with complexity while the other simplifies the design after some responsibilities have been clarified...

Mitch Pronschinske11/09/11
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Merging Git Workflow With Puppet Environments

If you're trying to keep your development team from doing accidental pushes of incorrect code, a short tutorial on how to use Git, Puppet, and some other open source utilities should go a long way in helping junior sysadmins or sysadmin developers with this...

Dennis Doomen11/08/11
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In Retrospect: About the Sprint Planning

This is the second of several posts in which I’d like to share some of the things we learned throughout more than 14 sprints of Agile development using Scrum. Some of them might appear as open doors, but I wish I knew or thought about those before I...

Giorgio Sironi11/08/11
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Eventual consistency is everywhere in the real world

Our habit, at least in the 2000s, was to build web sites and web applications backed by a relational database. In my case these web products were built with PHP, a language that does not usually spawn resident processes running on the server, but only...

James Betteley11/08/11
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Coping with Big CI

I recently went to another C.I. meetup to listen to Tom Duckering, a DevOps consultant at Thoughtworks, deliver a talk about managing a scaled-up build/release/CI system. In his talk, Tom discussed Continuous Delivery, common mistakes, best practices,...

Mitch Pronschinske11/07/11
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Video: Config Management for Development Environments

Developers don't want to be sysadmins.  Heck, even sysadmins don't want to be sysadmins.  That's why you need to start using helpful tools like...

Giorgio Sironi11/07/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Add Parameter

In the scenario of today, a method is missing some information to accomplish its responsibility. Usually, it is forced to look up these data into some form of global state (like a singleton) or it just avoids to support some use case because of the missing...

Mitch Pronschinske11/05/11
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Infrastructure Debt Harder to "Pay Off" Than Technical Debt

Most of you have probably heard the term "Technical Debt".  It's basically those bugs in a code base that add up after messy quickfixes that don't involve the proper amount of testing and refactoring.  The @TheKeyboard blog recently coined a the...

Martin Fowler11/04/11
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Contextual Validation: Martin Fowler Retread

This is a Retread by Martin Fowler of an earlier version of this post which was first published in 2005.  Definitely worth a read.In my writing endeavors, I've long intended to write a chunk of material on validation. It's an area that leads to a lot...

Mitch Pronschinske11/04/11
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QA&TEST 2011 Conference

Cirilo Wortel recently attended the QA&TEST Conference which featured a strong list of speakers and a wide variety of talks on test automation, user experience, agile methodologies, and more.  His impressions covered several sessions that he attended...

Mitch Pronschinske11/02/11
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Exponential Growth Reported for Hadoop and Puppet Job Needs - Java is Also Surging

Some stats reported by Dice.com (mainly IT jobs) and Indeed.com show that the April to June timespan from this year had 3x as many postings about Puppet skills requirements and over double the postings for Hadoop skills.  Although the Indeed.com fastest...

Kris Buytaert11/02/11
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Vagrant & Rubylibs

This post from earlier in the year may help some you correct the problems you're having running puppet modules on Vagrant.  Patrick Dubois' comment was: "Subject says it all. I usually install ruby enterprise in /opt as distributions often lag behind in...