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Dawn Cannan08/30/11
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Let's not forget what makes a good tester a good tester

In the past year or so, I've spent more time than not trying to find really good "agile testers" to hire. In this search, I have also had many conversations with other people about what I am looking for, what they are looking for in hiring, and...

Giorgio Sironi08/30/11
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There's no reason not to switch to DocBlox

Alessandro Nadalin signals these three options for Api documentation generation, the process of extracting Api informations on classes and methods from a folder full of source code:

Johanna Rothman08/29/11
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What Team Does the Product Owner/Responsible Person Belong To?

In my post, When You Have No Product Owner at All, I said That’s because agile needs a responsible person who is not part of the cross-functional technical team to rank the backlog so the team knows the order of the work. Without that person, the team...

Jurgen Appelo08/29/11
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What Are Best Practices for Agile Managers?

What are the best practices for Agile managers? Which recurring tasks should managers put on their task lists?  Yes I know, there is no such thing as a “best” practice. But some practices are a “best guess” when you try to produce some good results.

Marc Löffler08/29/11
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5 Steps to Introduce an Agile Tool

There are tons of agile tools out there. Just have a look at this looooooong list on Mike Cohn’s site. But what is the best way to introduce such a tool in your team or company? I collected the following steps for you.

Giorgio Sironi08/29/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Duplicate Observed Data

In the scenario of today, we have informations of some kind which are present in the view (script, variables, presentational objects, JSON) but not in the domain objects. This kind of data must be computed starting from the domain objects of course, but this...

Bradley Holt08/28/11
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The Case For Rapid Release Cycles

There has been some discussion recently on the Zend Framework mailing list around release cycles. I proposed a release cycle of six months for major versions (someone else suggested eighteen months, which may be more reasonable for a framework). Rapid...

Johanna Rothman08/25/11
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When You Have No Product Owner At All

What happens when you have no product owner at all? How does a team know what features to develop in what order? Several teams I know encountered this. They all had product managers. Most of them had BAs. All of them had a technical manager who was willing...

David Bernstein08/25/11
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Integrate Early and Often

A story, use case, or requirement is not done until it is integrated into the rest of the build system. “Well, it works on my machine,” is not a statement we want to hear on an Agile project. A story that is not integrated into the build is not...

Alex Curylo08/25/11
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Behavior-Driven Development for your iPhone projects!

So let’s say you’re interested in Behaviour-Driven Development testing of your iPhone projects. But there isn’t anything to help out Objective-C like all the cool kids have, you say? Not so! Here is your introduction to Cedar:  BDD-style testing...

Jim Bird08/25/11
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Everything I can find about Software Maintenance

Given that most of us will spend most of our careers maintaining and supporting software and not building something new from scratch, there is a surprising and disappointing lack of useful information on software maintenance, on the problems that we all...

Michael Norton08/24/11
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Fighting Entropy

It was 1983 and I was in science class when I first heard the term entropy. I don't recall if we were discussing energy conversion, heat as waste, or some other topic wherein entropy plays a part, but I do recall how profound the concept of entropy seemed...

Jurgen Appelo08/24/11
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Delight Your Stakeholders

Imagine you organized a dinner party for all stakeholders of your business. Shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees… everyone who is affected by your company is invited. Even the government, your local community and representatives of on-line...

Benjamin Mitchell08/24/11
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5 signs your conversation is about to turn toxic

Difficult conversations are often unplanned and sneak up on us. Spotting the signs that your conversation is about to turn toxic gives you a chance to stop your automatic reactions so you can change course, even in the heat of the moment. Here are five...

Dennis Doomen08/24/11
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ALM Practices Part 12: Reducing Technical Debt

What is it? Technical Debt is every change to your code base that does not comply with the usual level of quality your team has agreed upon. Since this level of quality has been introduced to guarantee a healthy code base throughout the life time of the...