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Mitch Pronschinske11/21/11
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DevOps State of the Union

John "Botchagalupe" Willis knows how to give a lively and humorous presentation.  He starts this one off saying it's going to be all about PUPPET VS CHEF!  And then he says 'oh, wrong slides'.  And he continues to give a great talk (video and...

Robert Diana11/20/11
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15 Tenets For The Software Engineer

Many people talk about the things a software engineer needs to know in order to be successful in their job. Other people talk about the traits needed to be successful. Typically, these posts may read differently but there are many similarities between the...

Mitch Pronschinske11/18/11
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A Career in Web Operations

Theo Schlossnagle (OmniTI) takes us on a whirlwind tour through the world of web operations and try to get a handle on both why it is a challenging...

Martin Fowler11/18/11
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Martin Fowler: Specification By Example

I was attending a workshop at XP/Agile Universe in 2002 when the phrase 'Specification By Example' struck me as a way to describe one of roles of testing in XP. This is a 2011 Retread of post orginally made on 18 Mar 2004 

Mitch Pronschinske11/17/11
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ScrumWorks Pro Now Available as a Cloud Instance

Want to see what a full-fledged agile-oriented project managment tool is like?  Well, ScrumWorks Pro now requires virtually no upfront cost (in time or money) to run immediately on a cloud instance.  That's because CollabNet just released the tool suite as...

James Betteley11/17/11
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Being Agile in Release Management

2 great things happened in 2005: Wales won the Grand Slam, and I had my first taste of “agile”. And after having worked on a 3-year-long waterfall project (which still wasn’t finished by the time I left) agile came as a breath of fresh air for me. I...

Mitch Pronschinske11/17/11
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Should DevOps be Renamed "AllOps"?

AllOps certainly an idea that converges with a lot of the general opinions that we're hearing out of the major DevOps conferences.  Community leaders such as Patrick Dubois are telling attendees that DevOps is not just about developers and operations, but...

Marc Löffler11/16/11
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How to Defend Against the 10 Things That Drive Your ScrumMaster Crazy

During my time as ScrumMaster I collected an interesting list of bad behavior in Scrum teams called the “10 things that drive ScrumMasters crazy”. At the same time I started thinking about what I could do about it and how to stop the dysfunctional...

Mike Dirolf11/16/11
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Using Puppet to Deploy with a Push

Prior to Fiesta my ops background was pretty minimal. Managing ops for Fiesta quickly taught me the value of a configuration management system like Puppet. I think it’s a great tool and we’ll probably do some more posts about how we’re putting it...

Roger Hughes11/16/11
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The Misuse of End To End Tests - Testing Techniques 2

My last blog was the first in a series of blogs on approaches to testing code, outlining a simple scenario of retrieving an address from a database using a very common pattern:

Giorgio Sironi11/16/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Parameterize Method

In the scenario of today, multiple methods executs mostly the same logic: you can see a strong duplication of code between them, or identical delegation steps.These methods however, are slightly different, so much that the duplication is not obvious. In the...

Mitch Pronschinske11/15/11
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NoSQL Zone - The Sequel to SQL

Isn't it about time you had a place where you could go to get fresh news and articles focused solely on NoSQL technology everyday?Other sites may cover just one facet, or write one post every 3 weeks, but DZone's new NoSQL Zone has its hand on the pulse of...

Giorgio Sironi11/15/11
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Selenium 2 from PHP code

Selenium 2, the new iteration of the end-to-end web application testing tool, contains some fancy innovations over its 1.x version: it controls browser directly via the OS, instead of generating JS commands. It's also more reliable than the 1.x as it features...

Nirav Assar11/15/11
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Pragmatic Thinking: Novice vs Expert

Recently I started reading Andy Hunt's fine book "Pragmatic Thinking And Learning." Hunt is notorious for writing books which offer practical, insightful advice in which developers can apply to their work on a daily basis.  His most famous book...