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Patrick Debois10/12/11
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Devops tools fools and other smart things

In this phrase I try to tackle the phrase "Devops is not about the tools, it's about culture". In this presentation I gave at gotocon I try to explain the importance of tools within devops: I believe working with tools can change your behavior...

Giorgio Sironi10/12/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Consolidate Duplicate Conditional Fragments

A piece of code is contained in all legs of a conditional: an obvious solution is to move it outside to simplify the branches. It may seem stupid to come up with code that is duplicate in some branches, but often it is a result of a process of transforming...

Giorgio Sironi10/11/11
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What I have learned at DDD Day

DDD Day is an Italian event totally dedicated to Domain-Driven Design, an approach for software development in complex domains such as banking, insurance, transportation systems and so on. DDD Day is organized and attended mostly by a .NET audience, which...

Matthias Marschall10/11/11
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Dev and Ops Cooperation

John Allspaw and Paul Hammond did a great presentation at Velocity 2009 about the tools and culture at Flickr, which enable them to do 10+ deploys per day. My favorite quote is: Ops’ job is NOT to keep the site stable and fast [but] Ops’ job is it to...

Giorgio Sironi10/10/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Consolidate Conditional Expression

In this new article we continue to tackle conditional expressions, and their evolution towards polymorphism.In the scenario of today, multiple conditions lead to the same result: returning a value, or executing some code. If only some of the conditions lead...

Sandro Mancuso10/09/11
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How's mentorship seen in Software Craftsmanship?

First, a little bit of background and metaphor 

James Betteley10/07/11
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Installing Go (cruise) Build Agents on Linux

This is just an easy at-a-glance reference for installing the Go cruise agent on Linux because I’ve done it a few times and just want to have the instructions in one place. I’m using centos for my OS, but these instructions are true for most rpm...

Jim Bird10/06/11
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Standups – take ‘em or leave ‘em

We left ‘em.Standup meetings are a core practice in Agile methods like Scrum and XP. Each day the team meets briefly to answer 3 questions: What did I get done yesterday? What am I going to do today? What is getting in my way?Standups offer a quick...

James Sugrue10/06/11
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RIP Steve Jobs: Thank You For Thinking Differently

There are few people in this industry that cause the level of emotion that Steve Jobs does. In his passing at home with his family this Wednesday, there a huge outpouring of tributes to the person that I consider to be the most inspirational and most...

Giorgio Sironi10/06/11
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Temporal correlation in Git repositories

Michael Feathers presented his recurring idea of finding out which elements of design change together: his goal is to discover which classes or methods are really coupled by analyzing empirical data instead of static analysis. Since he didn't publish code,...

Giorgio Sironi10/05/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Decompose Conditional

The terminology we will use in these articles on conditionals will be the following:a conditional is a whole if/else or switch statement and its content. It is composed by a condition and various blocks that are alternatively executed.the various blocks are...

Mitch Pronschinske10/05/11
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HTML5 Zone - A Dojo for Web Ninjas

The Web as a platform is changing faster every day—blink, and you're behind.  Just look at the version numbers of browsers lately.  This year we started with IE9, Chrome 8, and Firefox 4.  Next year, we could see IE11, Chrome 20, and Firefox 12.  The...

Jim Bird10/05/11
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Has Static Analysis reached its limits?

HP’s acquisition of Fortify last year (which I am sure has made some people at Kleiner Perkins happy) has made me think some more about static analysis and the state of the technology.

Giorgio Sironi10/04/11
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The Goal of software development

The Goal by Eli Goldratt is a business book in the form of a novel, where the protagonist must save his factory from closing due to very low productivity.

Giorgio Sironi10/03/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Subclass with Fields

Sometimes a refactoring that start from type codes take the inverse direction.One common case is when a hierarchy of subclasses presents variations only in constant data returned by public methods, or protected methods called as hooks.These variations are...