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Jim Bird08/15/11
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Lessons in Software Reliability

What does it take to build reliable and stable enterprise software?First, stop writing lousy code

Giorgio Sironi08/15/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Data Value with Object

One of the rules of simple design is the necessity to minimize the number of moving parts, like classes and methods, as long as the tests are satisfied and we are not accepting duplication or feeling the lack of an explicit concept. Thus, a rule that aids...

Dave Rooney08/13/11
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The "Real" Work

Quite often I hear teams lamenting about the number and duration of meetings they must attend.  I've encountered this in organizations large and small, public and private sector.  It usually manifests itself like this: When can we finish with all these...

Caleb Jenkins08/13/11
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3 Fundamentals for Building Community

Last week I was discussing with a couple of my partners in crime about our ideas for building communities within our organization. I mentioned the 3 fundamentals that I developed in Tulsa, and was told that I had 1 week to blog these or they would.

Jurgen Appelo08/12/11
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Top 100 Agile Books (Edition 2011)

One year ago, at the Agile 2010 conference, I came up with the idea to publish a Top 100 Agile Books. Like many of my other top 100 lists it was a great success (in terms of blog traffic). This year I am not at the Agile 2011 conference (for various reasons,...

Dele Sikuade08/12/11
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ALM Tools & Process Round-up (July)

The July update of our monthly round-up of “new, noteworthy, interesting” in the ALM tools and process space. If you missed it, check out the June round-up. Strategy for Building an ALM Solution, Ben Weatherall Need a roadmap to help your flesh out...

Matthias Marschall08/12/11
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Meetings or Trust – Choose Your Weapons

Sitting in unnecessary meetings sucks. You know what I’m talking about: A lot of people crammed into one room, half of whom have no business with the discussion. The other half are responsible for the topic, but didn’t bother preparing for the...

Caleb Jenkins08/12/11
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a new word: Dislocated

This week I am attending the 2011 Agile Alliance Conference in Salt Lake City, and so this seemed like a good opportunity to share my new word with you. I’m going to start referring to non-collocated teams as dislocated rather than non-collocated.

Jim Highsmith08/11/11
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Reflections on Agile 2011

For me, the first 2 days of Agile 2011 were a whirlwind. On Monday I co-chaired a milestone event—the Agile Executive Forum—in which 60 senior executives demonstrated that agility isn’t confined to delivery teams.

Dave Rooney08/11/11
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Fearless Learning

This year son joined the Robotics Club at his school. It runs first thing in the morning and the instructor encourages parents to attend, so I was able to make it this morning. I had an absolute blast watching the 12-14 year old kids working with their...

Dele Sikuade08/11/11
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FREE .NET Software Development Tools – Part 1

Anne Grub at DevProConnections.com recently pulled together a list of free software development tools offered by vendors and the .net developer community. I took the liberty of expanding that list to introduce some more free killer tools.

Jurgen Appelo08/10/11
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Seth Godin, a Single Strategy God

On the plane from Beijing to Amsterdam I read Linchpin by Seth Godin. OK, I tried reading it.

Wille Faler08/10/11
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One Night With Clojure Makes a Scala Guy Humble

I do most of my work these days in Scala, but I have long been curious about Clojure, partly because of the mythology around Lisp and it’s potential superior productivity and possibility of self-generating code (Clojure is a Lisp dialect).

Giorgio Sironi08/10/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Self Encapsulate Field

We are entering the data organization refactorings section of Fowler's book: these methods apply to object which maintain state, like entities, records, value objects and parameter objects. Sometimes these objects are persisted, while sometimes they remain...

Paul Stack08/10/11
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How to get started with CI - Series

About a year ago (July 2010), I started working with my current company. When I started the team were lacking in process and the process they had was not as useful as it could be for developers. The first thing I done in that team was to restructure the...