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Wille Faler08/10/11
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One Night With Clojure Makes a Scala Guy Humble

I do most of my work these days in Scala, but I have long been curious about Clojure, partly because of the mythology around Lisp and it’s potential superior productivity and possibility of self-generating code (Clojure is a Lisp dialect).

Giorgio Sironi08/10/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Self Encapsulate Field

We are entering the data organization refactorings section of Fowler's book: these methods apply to object which maintain state, like entities, records, value objects and parameter objects. Sometimes these objects are persisted, while sometimes they remain...

Paul Stack08/10/11
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How to get started with CI - Series

About a year ago (July 2010), I started working with my current company. When I started the team were lacking in process and the process they had was not as useful as it could be for developers. The first thing I done in that team was to restructure the...

John Ferguson Smart08/09/11
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The Seven Phases of Introducing Continuous Integration into Your Organization

Continuous Integration is not an all-or-nothing affair. In fact, introducing CI into an organization takes you on a path that progresses through several distinct phases. Each of these phases involves incremental improvements to the technical infrastructure...

Jim Moscater08/09/11
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Agile 2011 Begins With Big Announcements From Thoughtworks, Tasktop

The Agile 2011 Conference, the tenth annual gathering for Agile programming enthusiasts around the world, began in Salt Lake City on Monday. Aside from an array of talks, tutorials and workshops, there's been no shortage of important announcements for...

Mitch Pronschinske08/09/11
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DZone at Agile 2011: A Manifesto Signatories Q&A

Last night at Agile 2011, DZone was in attendance at "The Big Park Bench" Agile Manifesto 10 year anniversary reunion.  At this very special gathering of 15 of the original 17 signatories for the Agile Manifesto, we witnessed a very lively and...

Kevin Rutherford08/09/11
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Why I don’t use spork

Spork is great. And so is guard and its family of plugins. Early this year I spent a while converting all of my rails projects to use spork, and we even had a team standard tmux setup that ran spork in one of the start-up screens. So every time we saved a...

James Shore08/09/11
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August 11th at Agile 2011: "Slackers and Debtors" Hands-On Session

I'm doing a neat hands-on activity at Agile 2011 called "Slackers and Debtors: Meet Commitments, Reduce Debt, and Improve Performance." It's a fun activity that illustrates how iteration velocity, technical debt, and iteration slack interact....

Israel Gat08/09/11
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Agile 2011: "Super Fresh Code"

Below is the detailed outline for my August 10, 9:00AM Agile 2011 presentation. I look forward to meeting you and interacting with you in the conference before, during and after this presentation! Best, Israel

Giorgio Sironi08/09/11
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CoffeeScript: a TDD example

CoffeeScript is a language building an abstraction over JavaScript (as the similar name suggests.) It is an abstraction over the syntax of JavaScript, not over its concepts: the language is still based on functions as objects which may bind to other objects,...

Sean Hull08/08/11
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Devops – What is it and why is it important?

Devops is one of those fancy contractions that tech folks just love.  One part development or developer, and another part operations.  It imagines a blissful marriage where the team that develops software and builds features that fit the business, works...

Wille Faler08/08/11
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What Bruce Lee Can Teach Us About Design Patterns

“An intelligent mind is one which is constantly learning, never concluding, styles and patterns have come to conclusion, therefore they have ceased to be intelligent.” Besides my technology interests, I’m a keen (if not necessarily good) student of...

Marc Löffler08/08/11
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Watermelon Reporting

This is what Wikipedia writes about the watermelon:

Michael Sahota08/08/11
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Agile 2011 Preview – Innovation Games and Strategic Play with Lego

I am heading off to Agile 2011 and I wanted to share why I am really excited to be attending.  It’s really all about the power of play. Understanding Flow through Games I was fortunate to be accepted to the Agile Bootcamp track to present Lean...

Giorgio Sironi08/08/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Introduce Local Extension

Introduce Local Extension is a workaround refactoring used to add logic when you cannot modify the original source code, or a more invasive refactoring is not feasible for the time being. As for Introduce Foreign Method, it works through addition instead of...