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Brian Swan07/09/11
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Performance Tuning PHP Apps on Windows with Wincache

A few weeks ago I wrote a post that showed how to improve the performance of PHP applications on Windows by using the IIS output caching module. Using the output caching module can have significant positive impact on application performance since pages...

Matthias Marschall07/08/11
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Do you have a DevOps Culture?

A lot of Sysadmins and developers all over the world write, meet and talk about DevOps: How to collaborate better so we can deliver business value faster. The aim of DevOps is to get rid of the traditional way of thinking in silos inherent to development...

Michael Norton07/08/11
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Estimating our Work

I've been thinking quite a bit about estimations and our general obsession with getting them "right". After all, we need to know when the project will be done. And we need accuracy. Knowing the entire project will be done before the end of the...

Johanna Rothman07/08/11
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Agile, Architects, and Programs

When I was on vacation, I realized that lots of people already know that we need development architects on complex programs. And, lots of people forget that we also need test architects on complex programs.

James Shore07/08/11
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Let's Play TDD #120: DollarsTextField: Done!

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

Krishna Kumar07/07/11
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Why You Need to Worry About Changing Other People’s Minds

Yesterday’s rambling post about beliefs may have seemed rather irrelevant to the subject of this blog, but actually there was some meaning to the madness. Many different business and project contexts require an understanding of how people think and how...

Gareth Rushgrove07/07/11
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Version Control And Deployment Of Cron Jobs

A recent question on Twitter prompted me to write a quick blog post about managing cron jobs. As more and more people want to automate provisioning and deployment of web applications some, maybe previously manually managed, items come into the fold. ...

Dele Sikuade07/07/11
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ALM Tools & Process Round-up (June)

Testuff Testuff, a provider of on-demand services for managing and executing manual and automation software tests and reporting defects, has just announced additional integrations with bug tracking applications and project management tools. Both Basecamp...

Jim Highsmith07/07/11
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Don’t Plan, Speculate

One thing people are learning is that you can’t plan uncertainty away. Plans are good for things we know, or things that we may have some control over. However uncertainty—and its close cousin’s ambiguity and velocity—defy planning. When I...

Allan Kelly07/07/11
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Abandon Hope all ye who enter Agile

Earlier this week I had a conversation with Benjamin Mitchell about an entrepreneur he’d done some work with. Benjamin had been suggesting a lean start-up approach to the business in which the entrepreneur worked to validate his business idea early and...

James Betteley07/07/11
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Maven Release Plugin and Continuous Delivery

I was setting up a Continuous Delivery system using Maven as the build tool, Perforce as the SCM and Go (ThoughtWorks’ CI system). All was going perfectly well until I got to the point when I no longer wanted to make snapshot builds… The idea behind my...

Giorgio Sironi07/06/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Method with Method Object

Sometimes you encounter a really complex methods, with lots of parameters. Or with many local variables: extracting further methods is really complex in this case as there are no clear boundaries between the lines of code.Ideally you'd like to refactor to...

Esther Derby 07/06/11
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Yes. No. Negotiate.

Many people are conditioned to say Yes to every request that comes their way. I met a CIO like that. He told me his policy was to never say No to the business. So he always said Yes, and the business was always angry because things he agreed to didn’t...

David Bland07/06/11
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Welcome to the Certification Bubble

“A true bubble is when something is overvalued and intensely believed” – Peter Thiel I’ve been mulling over this quote ever since Sarah Lacy included it in her article about our current perceived higher education bubble a few months ago.

Sean Mchugh07/06/11
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Organizations Against Scrum: Iterations First

"Scrum doesn't work here" "We tried Scrum and it introduced a bunch of problems"