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Allan Kelly06/23/11
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When did Scrum start loving project managers?

One of the things I’ve always found paradoxical about Scrum (specifically ScrumTM) is its position on management. On the one hand, Scrum is very management friendly - see my Scrum has Three Advantages over XP post. Basically Scrum has done a very good job...

Jurgen Appelo06/23/11
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Dance with the System

An organization is a complex adaptive system. It will adapt to what you do, so you must adapt continuously to how the system responds. This is reflected in the words inspect and adapt, used frequently in Agile literature. But… adaptation is not enough. If...

Matthias Marschall06/23/11
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Getting Started With The Opscode Chef Platform – Configuration Management In The Cloud

In “The Moving Parts of Opscode Chef” there was an interesting discussion about the need of a highly available chef server if you want to use opscode chef as your configuration management tool of choice. Especially for small to medium sized...

Giorgio Sironi06/23/11
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I don't know how to test this

There is a maxim said by Misko Hevery which I share (and probably misquote) here:The only acceptable excuse for lack of tests is that you don't know how to test: testing is an ability that has to be learnt.

Roman Pichler06/22/11
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User Story Modelling

User stories are great at capturing product functionality from the perspective of a user or customer: Each user story describes a piece of product functionality, for instance, “As an application provider, I want to register with the application centre so...

Jim Highsmith06/22/11
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Interesting Posts

There were quite a few interesting posts this past week–whose topics ranged from what motivates us to how we may have erred in fundamental assumptions about executive compensation. “Chaos Control Collaboration,” by Mary Abraham. Losing control,...

Gareth Rushgrove06/22/11
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Devops - More Than Marketing - Talk By James Turnbull

I’ve just found my notes from James Turnbull’s talk at FOSDEM. I found the talk excellent, and I’m already part of the choir. But much of the audience I’d guess have only come across the devops term in passing, or worse had it pushed at them as...

Dror Helper06/21/11
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Testing right by testing the right thing

Before answering questions about unit testing I usually tend to ask some questions to get the broader picture – especially if the question sound sstrange. Such a question was asked by a teammate – he wanted to know if he could replace the behavior of...

Jurgen Appelo06/21/11
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My Session Proposal for ALE 2011

The ALE 2011 unconference in Berlin, on 7-9 September, is the best proof that a self-organizing network of people can create something unique a

Mark Lines06/21/11
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New IBM whitepaper: Disciplined Agile Delivery

IBM has just published a whitepaper written by Mark Lines and Scott Ambler called “Disciplined Agile Delivery:  An Introduction”.  The paper is free and can be found at http://bit.ly/iqCs6i Increasingly organizations, having struggled with incomplete...

James Shore06/21/11
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Let's Play TDD #116: You Gotta Know What You're Doing

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

Dennis Doomen06/21/11
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ALM Practices Part 10: Work Item Tracking

What is it? Using Team Foundation Server’s User Story, Task and Bug work item types as the central unit of work for all the activities done within a project. Why would you do it?

Patrick Debois06/20/11
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Installable Vagrant Boxes

We distribute vagrantbox to people demo-ing our project. It is a hassle to install the whole setup for non-IT people The following is a proof of concept to make a self installing vagrant machine. To create the box you need: jruby installed To run the box:

Jim Highsmith06/20/11
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Balancing Adaptability and Predictability

One of the most vexing issues for executives and managers is balancing the need for both predictability and adaptability in software delivery. While this might seem like an either/or issue, the solutions are really both/and ones.

Mike Cohn06/20/11
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Estimating Non-Functional Requirements

A few weeks back I promised someone I would blog about the unique challenges of estimating non-functional requirements. First, let’s remember that a non-functional requirement is a requirement that is more about the state of being of the system than about...