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Jim Bird07/05/11
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Please, no more Manifestos

For some reason, people involved in software development have a thing for Manifestos (always with a Capital M). It all started with the Agile Manifesto. Then came the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto, signed by serious programmers big and small, except...

Giorgio Sironi07/05/11
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Testing JavaScript when the DOM gets in the way

It's one thing to exercise a simple function or even an object graph in a controlled environment; it's another to assert the DOM is manipulated correctly: usually inside a test suite window.document is an empty one, and is shared between tests.For example,...

Giorgio Sironi07/04/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Remove Assignments to Parameters

The scenario of today follows from the previous article: you're reusing the parameter variable by assigning to it a new value. This time, we focus on the parameter case, and not to the generic violence against local variables.The refactoring is about...

Dennis Doomen07/03/11
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Agile Architecture according to Dan North

Last year at QCon, I attended a full-day tutorial titled "Secrets of Agile Architecture" hosted by Dan North. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was hoping for some refreshingly new insights on the way I do my job currently.

Dennis Doomen07/03/11
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A story about User Stories; Who writes them and how do you control the scope?

In this multi-part post, I’m going to share my personal experiences while working with user stories for gathering, tracking and planning requirements.

Marc Löffler07/03/11
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What's your favorite Agile Game?

I recently attended the Agile Coach Gathering UK in Bletchley Park near London. I met a lot of interesting people, had some great talks and discussion and learned a ton. As the gathering was an open space conference I also proposed a session with the topic...

Jesse Warden07/03/11
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Agile Chronicles #5: Acceptance Criteria & Punting

The Agile Chronicles is a set of articles documenting my experiences using an Agile process (Scrum) in software development on my current Flex project.

Roman Pichler07/02/11
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The Product Owner on One Page

The following diagram provides a concise overview of the product owner role. It summarises its responsibility and main duties, lists the key artefacts the role works with, and two constraints that apply to the product owner.  

Wille Faler07/02/11
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A Simple Scala Validation Framework

I was on the lookout for Scala validation frameworks, and I couldn’t readily find any that where not part of/dependent on some web- or other framework. Furthermore, I didn’t want to use a Java validation framework with all the compromises that would...

Dave Farley07/02/11
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How long to retain build output?

Martin Fowler has recently made a post on the topic of the importance of reproducible builds. This is a vital principle for any process of continuous integration. The ability to recreate any given version of your system is essential, but there are several...

Sandro Mancuso07/01/11
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Re-drawing my own map: A new milestone

For every step you take towards mastery, your destination moves two steps further away. Embrace mastery as a lifelong endeavour.

Jim Bird07/01/11
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Lientz and Swanson on Software Maintenance

For those of us working in software development and studying it, there's a shortage of comprehensive studies to refer to, too little data that developers and managers can trust and draw useful conclusions from. Even worse, too much of the research that we...

Dror Helper07/01/11
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RTFM–the tale of ReaderWriterLockSlim

The .NET BCL (Base Class Library) is readable, easy to understand and not less important documented. This is a story on where a simple reading of documentation could have saved us from a minor bug…

Jim Highsmith07/01/11
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Feature Folly

In my executive presentations I spend a fair amount of time on the topic of Do Less, talking about how we waste an incredible amount of time and money building features that are rarely or never used. Published studies put this number at far greater than...

Matt Raible07/01/11
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Agile Hiring Book Review

While working for Time Warner Cable last year, I experienced a unique challenge: building a team of strong developers in a short amount of time.