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Martin Fowler07/29/11
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One of my favorite soundbites is: if it hurts, do it more often. It has the happy property of seeming nonsensical on the surface, but yielding some valuable meaning when you dig deeper An example context for this is integration. Most programmers learn early...

Dennis Doomen07/29/11
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Why I created Fluent Assertions in the first place

A few weeks ago I read The value of open-source is the vision not the source code and that made me think about my own reasons for starting Fluent Assertions, now more than a year ago. In the light of that article, lets briefly go over my own goals for Fluent...

Johanna Rothman07/29/11
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Why Do You Want To…

Because I’m a consultant, I receive emails with a question, “Do you consult in <fill in this blank>?” Many times I do. But the real question is. “What is your objective?” or “Why do you want to do <this thing>?”

David Bernstein07/29/11
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Don’t Do (Up Front) Design

I worked on many projects in my 30 year career as a software developer. I’ve worked on embedded systems, operating systems, collaboration software, downloadable applications, and enterprise applications—the whole gambit. I’ve done coding, testing,...

Israel Gat07/28/11
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Getting Ready for Agile 2011 – Part II

In her recent post Getting Ready for Agile 2011, Anne Mullaney gave an outline of my forthcoming sessions at the conference. Specifically, she highlighted the emergence of new forms of Agility:

Matthias Marschall07/28/11
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DevOps Q&A with Kevin Parker

This is an interview with Kevin Parker (@kevinparkerusa) about DevOps

Benjamin Mitchell07/28/11
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How can I push the software development team to go faster?

A common challenge I’ve heard from Development Managers or Product Owners is “how do I push my software development team to go faster?” Here are ideas on how to approach this topic and have more productive conversations.

Daniel Ackerson07/28/11
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Initial Test Points for Getting Your Environment Under Control

Starting a job with a running system and real users is a nice “problem” to have but it presents some unique challenges as well. Especially if server monitoring isn’t robust and there are absolutely zero automated tests. Without these two critical...

Giorgio Sironi07/28/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Inline Class

Every refactoring technique is potentially bidirectional: their list is a toolbox, and you decide when to use each tool.Inline Class is the inverse of Extract Class: when a class does not justify its existence and it has become a useless indirection, you can...

Dave Rooney07/27/11
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A Survival Guide for New Agile Coaches - Believe in It

My Dad wasn't one for giving lots of advice about life. Golf, yes, but life, not so much. One thing he did say, though, has stuck with me.

James Shore07/27/11
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Let's Play TDD #126: Following Patterns

There's no source code for this episode, but the previous episode's code is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes!Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

Israel Gat07/27/11
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It starts with Agile – The Pragmatic Cloud

In the podcasts around here and Israel’s posts we often talk about using cloud computing as a tool to deliver better software – indeed, to better the software delivery process. Those two angle on cloud computing are what I tackled in a recent...

Benjamin Mitchell07/27/11
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How three forks on a hand-drawn chart helped a team improve

After visualising the workflow of a recent client’s software development process, and showing where the work was, the team realised there was a queue of tasks that had been developed and were waiting to be validated (‘tested’).  The...

Giorgio Sironi07/27/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Hide Delegate

The client code is calling a method on a collaborator (delegate) of another object, obtained by getter or another sequence of calls. Hide Delegate is about respecting the Law of Demeter: don't talk to strangers, by avoiding relying objects which are not...

Paul Stack07/26/11
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Automated UI Testing - Part 1 - WatiN

A few months back I discovered a tool called WatiN. This is based on WatiR and is a web application testing tool for Dot Net developers. After doing a few little test applications i started to see the benefit of using this application in my development....