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Israel Gat08/17/11
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‘Super-Fresh’ Code

Misty Belardo published a great post/video clip on Social Media in which she describe the effect of the ‘Super-Fresh’ web on brands:

Mitch Pronschinske08/16/11
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Change on a Dime: Agile Design

This post was authored by John Anderson - a User Experience Designer and Certified Usability Analyst at Asynchrony Solutions, Inc. What does it mean to have a good experience? Think of your favorite restaurant, the interior of your car, and the software on...

Johanna Rothman08/16/11
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Failed Fast at Agile 2011, Learned a Lot

I prepare for my speaking and workshop engagements. This year, I’ve been all over the world. I’ve had a great time, and my clients and audiences have had a great time, too.

Michael Dubakov08/16/11
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TRIZ Patterns of Evolution and Software Development

I’m reading books on TRIZ and becoming enthusiastic about  its potential  for software development industry. Yes, it is not clear how to apply it directly, since TRIZ focuses on technical systems, but I believe we can apply general rules and even...

Jim Bird08/16/11
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The C14N challenge

Failing to properly validate input data is behind at least half of all application security problems. In order to properly validate input data, you have to start by first ensuring that all data is in the same standard, simple, consistent format – a...

Mark Needham08/15/11
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node.js: Building a graph of build times using the Go API

I’ve been playing around with node.js again and one thing that I wanted to do was take a CSV file generated by the Go API and extract the build times so that we could display it on a graph. Since I don’t have a Go instance on my machine I created a URL in...

Esther Derby 08/15/11
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Rethinking Manager’s Relationship with Agile Teams

In the early days of agile, some pundits (and developers) cried, “We don’t need no stinking managers.” By now, most people realize that organizations still need management (and people in management roles) after they adopt agile methods. However, if...

Benjamin Mitchell08/15/11
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Good question: how to unblock stuck conversations

When discussions become stuck in a ‘death-spiral’ of point-counterpoint views it’s useful to have some techniques to unblock the discussion. One great technique is to shift the focus from telling people about your views and start asking questions to...

Allan Kelly08/15/11
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Dialogue sheet observations

Regular readers will know I’ve been pushing Dialogue Sheets as a new retrospective technique. I have observed a number of dialogue sheet sessions - both the retrospective sheets I’ve made public plus some other sheets I’m still testing. Someone from...

Jim Bird08/15/11
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Lessons in Software Reliability

What does it take to build reliable and stable enterprise software?First, stop writing lousy code

Giorgio Sironi08/15/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Data Value with Object

One of the rules of simple design is the necessity to minimize the number of moving parts, like classes and methods, as long as the tests are satisfied and we are not accepting duplication or feeling the lack of an explicit concept. Thus, a rule that aids...

Dave Rooney08/13/11
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The "Real" Work

Quite often I hear teams lamenting about the number and duration of meetings they must attend.  I've encountered this in organizations large and small, public and private sector.  It usually manifests itself like this: When can we finish with all these...

Caleb Jenkins08/13/11
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3 Fundamentals for Building Community

Last week I was discussing with a couple of my partners in crime about our ideas for building communities within our organization. I mentioned the 3 fundamentals that I developed in Tulsa, and was told that I had 1 week to blog these or they would.

Jurgen Appelo08/12/11
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Top 100 Agile Books (Edition 2011)

One year ago, at the Agile 2010 conference, I came up with the idea to publish a Top 100 Agile Books. Like many of my other top 100 lists it was a great success (in terms of blog traffic). This year I am not at the Agile 2011 conference (for various reasons,...