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James Shore06/30/11
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Let's Play TDD #118: Coupling vs. Complexity

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

Esther Derby 06/30/11
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Promoting Double Loop Learning in Retrospectives

“The thinking that got us here isn’t the thinking that’s going to get us where we need to be.”  attributed to Albert Einstein I have  this niggling concern about retrospectives.

Jurgen Appelo06/30/11
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Co-Training the Management 3.0 Course

In my book I wrote that I don’t like pair programming and other activities that involve pairing up with other people to do creative things. I prefer results to be either mine or yours. I don’t seem to care about it if it’s somewhere in the middle....

Giorgio Sironi06/30/11
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Self-Initializing Fakes in PHP

Testing becomes difficult when you consider objects at the boundary of a system: databases, web services, and other integration nightmares. What we usually do is adopting some specialization of the Hexagonal architecture, where the application defines a...

James Sugrue06/30/11
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Software Build Systems: Principles and Experience

Split into four parts, this book provides a detailed insight into build systems, and how to ensure your own build process is as efficient and scalable as possible. Part One works as an introduction...

Israel Gat06/29/11
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Making Agile Work Cloud Computing Forecasts: “Cloudy” Future for Enterprise IT

In a comment on The Urgency of Now, Marcel Den Hartog discusses technology assimilation in the face of hype:

David Bernstein06/29/11
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The Scrum Excuse

“We don’t need to do <blank>, we’re doing Scrum.” I’ve heard some beginning Scrum teams say this. They think that doing Scrum is their get-out-of-jail-free card, freeing them from doing architecture, design, documentation or even thinking...

Dele Sikuade06/29/11
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The Top 10 Project Metrics to Track

Improving your business processes should not be a stop-start, big bang implementation of new ways of working, it should be a continuous process of analyzing the work you have done and identifying ways in which you might do things better in the future. If...

Sean Mchugh06/29/11
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Don't Crap in the Product Backlog

I've got news for you, if your product backlog has so many items (stories, features, bugs, back log items, call them whatever you like) that you feel the need to create a web of dependencies that you then need to visualize in a chart or use some other...

Gareth Rushgrove06/29/11
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DevOps Isn't A Methodology

I was reading Devops is a poorly executed scam and just couldn’t resist a reply. Not because of the entertaining title, but because I both agree and disagree quite strongly with parts of the post. Read it first if you haven’t already. And yes I know...

Sandro Mancuso06/29/11
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Frustrations and aspirations of a software craftsman

For a while I've been thinking about what makes me like or dislike a project. Having spent a very big part of my career working for consultancy companies, I was exposed to many different environments, industries, team sizes, processes and technologies....

Mark Needham06/28/11
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Scala: Self type annotations and structured types

A few days ago I tweeted that I didn’t really see the point in structured types in Scala… Not sure I understand where you would use structural types in #scala instead of defining a method on a trait http://bit.ly/jgiW7b

Ashod Nakashian06/28/11
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Git for Personal Projects

Every so often a piece of technology comes along and changes everything. Once we experience this new way of doing things, we can no longer understand how we survived without it. After we sent our very first emails, walking to the post office to drop mail...

Jurgen Appelo06/28/11
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The Purpose of a Business is NOT Customer Value

I keep saying that the purpose of a business is NOT to satisfy the customer. And people keep asking me why. Here’s why… An organization is a multiminded system, a voluntary association of purposeful members who have come together to serve themselves by...

Ben Linders06/28/11
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Book Review: Uncle Bob's "The Clean Coder"

The Clean Coder The subtitle of this book is “a code of conduct for the professional programmer”. That already makes clear that this is not a book purely about programming methods or...