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Dror Helper06/13/11
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When the going gets tough – automate it!

 Let me tell you a story about my first job: a long ago I was hired for my very first software development job. I worked with some really talented people on a cutting edge technology and it was fun. After a few weeks at work I’ve noticed...

David Bernstein06/11/11
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Do You Mentor?

One of the things that established professions like medicine and law have that we as software developers don’t have is some form of mandatory mentoring. For doctors it is residency, for lawyers it is internships, even carpenters need to apprentice with a...

Daniel Ackerson06/11/11
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Top Three Traits of Successful Engineers

You know it within an hour of working with them. A special kind of sysadmin or developer that not only knows how to do their job, but really cares about doing it right. This is the person that makes you refactor that duplicate method or add that one last...

Mark Needham06/11/11
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Sbt: Rolling with continuous/incremental compilation and Jetty

As I mentioned in an earlier post we’re using SBT on our project and one of it’s cool features is that it will listen to the source directory and then automatically recompile the code when it detects file changes.

Israel Gat06/11/11
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Boundary Objects in DevOps

The following recommendation was given in the post How to Initiate a Devops Project:

Ashod Nakashian06/10/11
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The pitfall of smart-pointers and implicit data sharing

Data sharing between threads is a tricky business. Anyone with any kind of experience with multi-threaded code will give you a 1001 synonyms for “tricky,” most of which you probably wouldn’t use in front of your parents. The problem I’m about the...

Sean Mchugh06/10/11
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Breaking Down the Scrum Product Backlog

You'll hear me mention this a lot because I don't think it's given enough credence elsewhere: The Product Backlog is the backbone of implementing Scrum successfully. Properly sizing the backlog items, creating good estimates, prioritization, and creating a...

Mark Needham06/10/11
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IntelliJ: Adding resources with unusual extensions onto the classpath

We’re making use of MarkLogic and therefore xquery on the project I’m currently working on and recently wanted to add our xquery setup files onto the classpath so they could be used in a test. We added them into ‘src/main/resources’ and set that as...

Esther Derby 06/10/11
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Yours, Mine, Ours: Clarifying Decision Boundaries

I recently talked to a group that’s forming a new “change leadership” team.  Part of the work of the team is improving the organization, and part is capacity building. Four of the people on the team are folks with technical backgrounds who are...

Sean Mchugh06/10/11
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Should Your Dev Team Stop Using Story Points?

Let me preface this post by saying this: I get Story Points, I understand how they work, how they should be used and the problem that they are purported to solve.

James Shore06/09/11
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Let's Play TDD #113: OverlayLayout?

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

Abby Fichtner06/09/11
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Startup Weekend Boston

Over 130 people – half techies, half business folks – converged on Microsoft NERD

Jurgen Appelo06/09/11
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How to Change Other People

The hardest part of becoming Agile is changing the behavior of other people. (At least, that’s what people keep telling me.) Because, even when people do want to be Agile themselves, their organizations (the systems around the people) don’t always...

Israel Gat06/09/11
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Ops Driven Dev

In The Agile Flywheel, colleague Ray Riescher describes how velocity in dev drove corresponding velocity in ops:

Michael Sahota06/08/11
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Team Chartering and Agreements

Simon Roberts and Jens Korte gave a solid presentation of the how and why of team chartering. The process as they define it leads to team agreements so that there is a container for allowing the team to self-organize.  The full presentation in prezi style...