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Martin Fowler08/06/11
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Martin Fowler on Software Patents

I think almost everyone I know in the software development field has a deep hatred for patents and the way they've been used in our field.

Ben Harden08/06/11
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Learning the Agile Vocabulary

If you’re getting started with Agile, you’ve probably heard a lot of terms and may not know what they all mean. This post will define the key Agile terms and have you speaking like an Agilista in no time. Agile: A conceptual framework for undertaking...

Rob Williams08/05/11
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The Problem with Kanban

Since moving from more of a Scrum-dominant Agile variant to a Lean one, things have been a lot better. Mind you, one of the biggest problems with the Scrum approach was we were first using XPlanner, which was not sufficiently feature complete, then went to...

Johanna Rothman08/05/11
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New Manager, New Product Owner, Too Much Work

I recently spoke with a colleague who’s a little confused. John was just promoted to being the development manager in a small organization. He’s used to doing lots of work—whatever needs to be done, he does. Now, he’s managing 6 developers in an...

Wille Faler08/05/11
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The Inverse Relationship Between Code Quality & Adoption of Open Source

I am currently working on a startup project for my own company, and this has been part of the reason for the long hiatus of this blog, as more pertinently for this post, the cause of me having to trawl through literally tens of thousands of lines of code...

Daniel Ackerson08/04/11
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Do Annual Budgets Hurt Agility?

Desktop application development is traditionally done in waterfall development mode. Specifications and requirements are gathered over a period of months before being unleashed upon a “pool” of developers for implementation. Development times run into...

Jim Highsmith08/04/11
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Leadership and Decision Making

A good leader has to be a visionary, a teacher, a motivator, a facilitator, and other things, but she must also be a decision maker. The same is true of lead engineers for technical issues. So the question becomes, at what point does a leader’s decision...

James Shore08/04/11
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Rabu Schedule Now Available for Download

A few months ago, I announced Rabu, a project focused on creating wonderful relationships between Agile teams and their customers. Today I'm proud to announce that our first tool, Rabu Schedule, is now available.

Patrick Debois08/04/11
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Translating Code Smells in Server Smells

At xpdays Benelux 2009, I attended an interesting session called 'Developing a Sense of Smells' by Kevin RutherFord and Lindsay McEwan.

Mike Cottmeyer08/03/11
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Work In Process Limits, Revisited

I am noticing a troubling trend with many of the organizations I interact with. The project teams have a release date, a relatively fixed team size, and somewhere between 5 to 10 times more work in the backlog than they are ever actually going to get...

James Shore08/03/11
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Let's Play TDD #128: 2^7

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes!  Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code. 

Julian Holmes08/03/11
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Can You Trust Your IT Supplier?

This updated article was originally published in Business Computing World, July 2010.

Paul Stack08/03/11
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Choosing the Correct CI Tool

This is the 3rd post in a series ‘How to get started with CI’ Previously, we talked about choosing the correct infrastructure for your CI system. We will now talk about CI tools themselves. There are lots of CI tools out there. Many more than I know...

Johanna Rothman08/02/11
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Looking for Agile Authors

For those of you who follow All Things Agile, SQE has acquired Agile Journal. And, with that acquisition, comes a few changes. Russell Pannone, our agile buddy, has stepped away as editor-in-chief. Russell is irreplaceable. I’m not replacing him as...

Martin Fowler08/02/11
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I've been poking around in Javascript recently and one thing that's struck me is the habit of using the same function name for a getter and a setter. So if you want to find out the height of your banner in jQuery you would use...