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Benjamin Mitchell08/02/11
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Ineffective pushback to a pushy manager?

How do you deal with a manager who believes that a software development team needs to go faster and should be pushed? I want to review some of the responses to my earlier blog and test the idea that they would create a productive conversation that would...

Mark Needham08/01/11
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Clojure: Getting caught out by lazy collections

Most of the work that I’ve done with Clojure has involved running a bunch of functions directly in the REPL or through Leiningen’s run target which led to me getting caught out when I created a JAR and tried to run that. As I mentioned a few weeks ago ...

Benjamin Mitchell08/01/11
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Improvements on using a simple kanban for effective meetings

Since I posted last week about using a simple kanban to structure workshops, I’ve used the technique with several other clients and have made some subtle but useful improvements. Here are the key improvements:

Dave Rooney08/01/11
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Waterfall Works!

When I'm providing training or giving a talk on Agile Software Development, I love to shock the attendees with the following statement: Waterfall works!Gasps of disbelief abound... "WTF?!  This guy who has just described how he has been working with...

Wille Faler08/01/11
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BDD & the Holy Grail of User Story Testability & Traceability

The Holy Grail of Requirements has always been traceability, measurability and perhaps most importantly testability. The evolution of requirements has gone through various iterations: Use Cases, MosCow analysis and perhaps most usefully, Agile User Stories.

Giorgio Sironi08/01/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Remove Middle Man

Last week we talk about Hide Delegate as a tool for conforming to the Law of Demeter, and avoiding continuously scavenging the object graph in all directions. Another way for following this law does not consist in delegation, but in reorganizing the field...

Esther Derby 07/30/11
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Empowering Leadership II

Every team needs leadership, even self-organizing teams. When I make this statement, some people assume I mean that every team needs a designated leader.  I can’t blame them, most people are accustomed to thinking of leadership residing in a role or a...

James Shore07/30/11
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Let's Play TDD #127: Yearly Spending Field

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

Martin Fowler07/29/11
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One of my favorite soundbites is: if it hurts, do it more often. It has the happy property of seeming nonsensical on the surface, but yielding some valuable meaning when you dig deeper An example context for this is integration. Most programmers learn early...

Dennis Doomen07/29/11
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Why I created Fluent Assertions in the first place

A few weeks ago I read The value of open-source is the vision not the source code and that made me think about my own reasons for starting Fluent Assertions, now more than a year ago. In the light of that article, lets briefly go over my own goals for Fluent...

Johanna Rothman07/29/11
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Why Do You Want To…

Because I’m a consultant, I receive emails with a question, “Do you consult in <fill in this blank>?” Many times I do. But the real question is. “What is your objective?” or “Why do you want to do <this thing>?”

David Bernstein07/29/11
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Don’t Do (Up Front) Design

I worked on many projects in my 30 year career as a software developer. I’ve worked on embedded systems, operating systems, collaboration software, downloadable applications, and enterprise applications—the whole gambit. I’ve done coding, testing,...

Israel Gat07/28/11
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Getting Ready for Agile 2011 – Part II

In her recent post Getting Ready for Agile 2011, Anne Mullaney gave an outline of my forthcoming sessions at the conference. Specifically, she highlighted the emergence of new forms of Agility:

Matthias Marschall07/28/11
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DevOps Q&A with Kevin Parker

This is an interview with Kevin Parker (@kevinparkerusa) about DevOps