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David Bland04/19/11
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It’s Not You, It’s Your Proposal

Like many others who submitted to the Agile Conference this year, I received the dreaded rejection notification that no one wants to open. We regret to inform you that based on the stage producers’ consideration of your proposal and the reviewer feedback,...

Giorgio Sironi04/18/11
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Linear trees with Git rebase

Making branches in Git is easy and fast, but they should eventually go back in the master. Rebasing is both an alternative and a companion to merge.Pulling vs. branchingLet's start with a simple observation. When you clone a repo and work on your own copy of...

Israel Gat04/18/11
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The Punched Cards in the Middle of Your Devops

In her foreword to Gender Codes, Linda Shafer vividly describes the flow of programming work at NASA in 1965:

Michael Sahota04/18/11
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Sustaining Agility Game

Game Objective Participants experience the attraction of short-term thinking and feel the long-term consequences. The game helps executives and managers understand the importance of investment in sustainable development practices. The game is intended to...

Giorgio Sironi04/18/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Testcase Class per Feature

There are cases when you want to break the parallelism between production code classes and test cases. Let's start from some of these scenarios. You may have too much things to test in a single class, which presents many methods in its public Api. Or you may...

Jon Archer04/18/11
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Excuse me, I'd like to...ask you a few questions

I once worked with somebody who had the following pinned up on their wall for easy reference during the many teleconferences in which they participated: Use questions for clarity: What?Why?How?When?Where?Who?Which?Not a bad idea that, a little prompt to...

Gil Fink04/17/11
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Wrapping Up the MIX11 Experience

I got back home yesterday’s evening after ~20 hours on flights.

Gunnar Peipman04/17/11
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ASP.NET MVC: Defining short URL-s for root level pages

Short URL-s are more and more important part of page usability as mobile internet is growing. Long URL-s are not convenient to type due to small keyboards and screens of mobile devices. Also short URL-s are easier to remember and using well chosen short...

Ayende Rahien04/17/11
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RavenDB: Safe by default design – it works!

One of the things that I really tried to do with RavenDB is to make sure that it is safe by default, which means that it will automatically detect common errors and warn you about it. Today I run into the following Stack Overflow question.

Bob Hartman04/16/11
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How to Make a LOT More Money Using Agile

Yesterday’s blog post dealt with how to manage scope for an agile project.  Today I have to admit it was a bit of a setup.  It was designed to set up today’s blog post which is really the important one! See that pile of money over there to the...

Michael Dubakov04/16/11
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5 Wrong Reasons To Apply Kanban

Kanban is becoming a popular agile tool. Indeed it is very good for software projects of certain types. However, there is a danger of false reasons behind Kanban adoption. #1. User Stories Diversity “Our stories vary in size a lot from 1 point to 40...

Daniel Ackerson04/16/11
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DevOps Entrenched – Tide Begins to Turn

I’ve always seen it as a battle. Maybe it’s the soldier in me or just the willingness to fight for my beliefs. Either way, we are winning and the IT industry will never be the same. Developers and Sysadmins are joining forces and forming “Delivery...

Bob Hartman04/15/11
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New to agile? Learn how to fail well

Is success or failure really a choice?  I don’t think it is at all.  Pretty much no one chooses to fail.  Unfortunately, we can’t just choose to be successful either.  What we CAN choose is to try to make a success out of a failure!  The old...

Patrick Debois04/15/11
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What Is This DevOps Thing, Anyway?

Last year, DevOps was just beginning to coalesce into the movement it has become today.  It's growing stronger by the day and Peter Debois obtained an excellent overview of the movement in a guest post submitted to his blog by Stephen Nelson-Smith. 

Jon Archer04/15/11
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What I got out of Mile High Agile 2011

This is a slightly longer than usual, rambling somewhat whimsical post. Sorry about that. There is some good stuff toward the end though. Well I think so anyway.