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Giorgio Sironi07/21/11
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Phantom JS: an alternative to Selenium

PhantomJS is an headless browser based on an embedded webkit, suitable for testing of web applications involving JavaScript usage where simpler tools do not cut it.Some people from Sencha (Ext JS creators) are behind the tool, and my colleague recently told...

James Shore07/20/11
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Let's Play TDD #124: Constraints

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

David Bland07/20/11
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Stop Blaming Waterfall

I’m here to let you in on a little secret, waterfall isn’t the reason your project failed. Waterfall isn’t the reason you were fired. Waterfall isn’t the epitome of evil in the world of software development. Blaming...

Benjamin Mitchell07/20/11
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The importance of understanding variation or how to avoid treating all contractors as thieves

Here’s a story of how managers detected a problem, but by not understanding the cause of the problem of the type of variation the problem represented, applied the wrong type of solution which meant things were worse for everyone: Once upon a time in a...

Patrick Debois07/20/11
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Storytelling in IT - Conversation matters

  Great minds think alike, and fools seldom differ." implies that consensus is often the result of a coincidence or luck. If you look at the success rate of presentations, you might actually think that this is shear luck. So why is it you...

Giorgio Sironi07/20/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Extract Class

Sometimes there is too much logic to deal with in a single class. You tried extracting methods, but they are so many that the design is still complex to understand.The next step in the refactoring quest is Extract Class, the creation of a new class whose...

Jay Fields07/20/11
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Individuals Over People

I've been pondering a few different ideas lately that all center around a common theme: to be maximally effective you need to identify and allow people to focus on their strengths.

Michael Sahota07/19/11
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Exploring Agile Community Challenges through StrategicPlay® with Lego®

Last weekend, a group of local Agilistas got together for BBQ, drink, and to play with Lego. Well, not just play, but StrategicPlay® – with a purpose. And wow, what a result! The outcome was some deep insights into the Agile community that we’d like to...

Esther Derby 07/19/11
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Misconceptions about Self-Organizing Teams

At a recent conference, I over-heard three managers talking about self-organizing teams. “You can’t just turn people loose and let a team make all the decisions. They’ll mess things up. And with all these ScrumMasters, coaches, and self-organizing...

James Betteley07/19/11
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Continuous Delivery in Practice

A couple of months ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Thoughtworks live 2011 event in London. The main topics of this event were agile (as you’d expect from Thoughtworks) and Continuous Delivery.

Paul Stack07/19/11
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Development Key Skills (or lack of them!)

This post is highly subjective and denotes the skills that I think a developer should have in his/her tool belt by default.

Dave Rooney07/18/11
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The Power of Whining and the Evolution of Agile

It's somewhat amazing to think about the power of whining ("whinging" to those across the pond and in Oz & NZ!).  Back in February, I received a "Dear Dave" letter from the Agile 2011 conference saying that my "Survival...

Ashod Nakashian07/18/11
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Working Too Hard

Some of us have to work a good 16 hours a day, or more. Some split this time between school and job, multiple jobs, job and hobby project or spend it on their one-and-only job or startup. After a while, waking up becomes a struggle. Disoriented, exhausted...

Caleb Jenkins07/18/11
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Taming the Legacy Code Beast

This weekend I spoke at the Big Design Conference 2011 in Dallas. If you’ve never been to the Big Design Conference – I highly recommend it!