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Mike Cottmeyer07/13/11
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Why a Product Owner Team?

The Product Owner Team is a construct used in many larger agile implementations to deal with the challenges of the Scrum Product Owner at scale. The specific makeup of the product team is highly dependent on the unique needs of the organization, and thus...

Ashod Nakashian07/13/11
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Cowboy Coding, No Sombrero

Reading Cowboy Coding and the Pink Sombrero I’m reminded of the two occasions when I deserved that Pink Sombrero, or at least a sombrero. Since I’ll have done cowboy coding exactly twice before retiring, allow me to share the experience with you.

Martin Harris07/13/11
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5 Tips to Reduce Unit Test Defect Rates

Five quick points about unit tests that will reduce your defect rates.

Giorgio Sironi07/12/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Move Method

Following in Fowler's steps, we start a section of refactorings that involve moving features and code between classes and objects. While the changes we have seen so far are local and easy to make for an average disciplined programmer, refactoring is also...

Allan Kelly07/12/11
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Retrospectives - common or not, a small survey

I’m still experimenting with Dialogue Sheets for Retrospectives (the download page, and my earlier blog entry) and so are other people. Of the feedback I’ve had so far it has been overwhelmingly positive. Perhaps people who aren’t positive don’t...

James Shore07/12/11
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Let's Play TDD #122: Extracting ConfigurationPanel

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

Daniel Ackerson07/12/11
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Ground Zero: Starting Agile Development from Scratch

One of the most challenging things about introducing Agile in the workplace is that it’s not very widespread. People have heard mixed reviews about it’s implementations, and are hesitant to exchange the known (no matter how bad it may be), for the...

Jim Bird07/12/11
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Developing and Testing in the Cloud

There’s a lot of hype around “the Cloud” and what it can do.

Giorgio Sironi07/12/11
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HATEOAS, the scary acronym

HATEOAS (Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State) is one of the most important constraints in REST. Yet some explanations of this principle found on the web are a bit nebulous; I've seen HATEOAS presented in several different sauces and in this article...

Giorgio Sironi07/12/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Substitute Algorithm

Small-scale refactoring is usually composed of small changes, which keep the system working all the time; you extract some lines into a new method, or add a few variables to substitute comments with their descriptive names.As we move towards a larger scale,...

Mike Cottmeyer07/11/11
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Balance the System First

Let’s say you are a company that builds an enterprise class software product, one that in general is pretty standard, but always seems to require some degree of customization… or maybe a new feature (or two) to get the big deal closed. Your product is...

Venkatesh Kris...07/11/11
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User Stories - How detailed it should be ?

During the initial days of requirement gathering session, the product owners end up writing the epics. These epics needs to be broken further down into the user stories .   One common question repeatedly asked by the novice product owners is when is the...

Jim Bird07/11/11
4 replies

Zero Bug Tolerance Intolerance

It sounds good to say that you shall not and will not release code with bugs – that your team has “zero bug tolerance”. It makes for a nice sound bite. It sounds responsible. And it sounds right. But let’s look carefully at what this really means.

Johanna Rothman07/11/11
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How Agile Architects Lead

Lisa, Vin, and Derek in their comments on Agile, Architects, and Programs were concerned about how an architect might lead the test architecture work. They have good reason to be concerned. I hadn’t expressed how I see architecture working in an agile...

James Betteley07/10/11
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Are Tools and Processes Stifling Our Creativity and Productivity?

I had lunch with my friend Christian the other day (we went to wagamamas, I had Ginger Chicken Udon – delicious) and he was telling me about a company who work according to what sounded very much like developer anarchy – basically everyone is allowed...