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Whitney Baker06/25/14
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Is Your Organization Ready for Agile?

In the latest of a series of posts examining Agile adoption in organizations and businesses, blogger Suzanne Miller takes a look at specific Agile practices and how they can be evaluated. She mostly talks about governmental organizations, but the evaluations are valuable for all organizations.

Luis Aguilar06/25/14
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Wishing For A Lazier Underscore

Sometimes the day of a developer gets awfully complicated. One of my less favorite moments are those when you have used a library for most of your project and then you realize you need things from it it was not designed to do.

Mike Bushong06/25/14
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SDN and Organizational Grease

Friction in any ecosystem is greatest at the boundaries between elements. When two things must work together to perform a task, the act of coordinating comes with some overhead.

Tousif Khan06/25/14
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Ext JS 4 CRUD example

While writing my Spring-Hibernate Integration post I realize that we (as java developers) have so many frameworks available which can make life easy by rapidly developing so many common things using frameworks. ExtJS is the most advanced among those client side UI frameworks.

Chris Odell06/25/14
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Agile Decompiled: Sprints

One of the practices in the Scrum methodology is the sprint. A sprint is a short time frame in which to get the most functionality in a product within the time frame.

Angela Ashenden06/25/14
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A Digital Strategy is a Data Strategy

Since we published our Digital Enterprise Shift report a few months ago I’ve been involved in quite a few conversations about “Digital strategy”. What is a Digital strategy? Is it a “one size fits all” thing? What does it mean to an organisation and its business?

Fabio Radin06/24/14
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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

Every change in a company (project side or organization side) could be feel as bad news by employees. Introduction of new technologies in an IT company means in any case training, hard work to learn...

Matt Butcher06/24/14
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The Best Keyboard Hack Ever

There's a key on my keyboard that I have spent most of my typing career learning not to press. Right next to A and right above Shift, it seems impossible to avoid. It MAKES ME SOUND ANGRY when I'm not.

Dustin Marx06/24/14
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I Don't Think That Software Development Word Means What You Think It Means

There are several terms used inappropriately or incorrectly in software development. In this post, I look at some of these terms and the negative consequences of misuse of these terms.

Erich Styger06/24/14
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Finding Settings in Processor Expert Components

Processor Expert components are making things very easy to configure: go a component, use the component inspector and change a setting. However, with the devices getting more and more complex, the list of settings or properties get longer and longer. To the point that it is hard to find a setting.

Michael Norton06/24/14
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Inflexible Agility

We say people over process and talk about nothing but process. We debate the merits of XP, Scrum (ala .org or alliance), kanban, SAFe, and DAD. We debate the value of specific practices. Now and then, you'll even hear someone proclaim, "If you are not doing [insert random practice], then you are not agile."

Benjamin Ball06/23/14
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DZone Research Continuous Delivery News Update (June 23)

This month's Continuous Delivery industry update includes: Electric Cloud launches two new automation and build tools, IBM launched a simplified environment manager, Codeship gets a redesign, CFEngine Enterprise 3.6.0 is out, Chef issue tracking is updated, the CloudBees and Serena partnership, and more.

Henrik Warne06/23/14
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Switching from Java to Python: First Impressions

Three months ago I changed jobs, and in the process switched from Java to Python. Here are the differences that have stood out for me since making the switch. I am not a Java-programmer, or a Python-programmer. I am a programmer, period. There are differences, but Python and Java have more in common than what sets them apart.

Erich Styger06/23/14
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FILLing unused Memory with the GNU Linker

In many of my applications I use a CRC/checksum to verify that the code/flash on the target is not modified. For this, not only the code/data in flash counts, but as well all the unused gaps in the memory map.

Chase Seibert06/23/14
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Debugging an IE7 browser crash (manual git bisect)

Every once in a while, you have to put in a heroic effort to diagnose a bug. When you finally figure it out, you want to run around the office singing “We are the champions”, even if it turns out to be a trivial issue. Because that doesn’t mean it took a trivial amount of effort.