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Rob J Hyndman05/19/14
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To explain or predict?

Last week, my research group discussed Galit Shmueli’s paper “To explain or to predict?” This is a paper everyone doing statistics and econometrics should read as it helps to clarify a distinction that is often blurred.

Alec Noller05/17/14
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Agile Troubleshooting for DevOps with Log Analysis Augmented Search

In this article, the author will show an example of how a bug in the code can remain undetected as it goes into production, and then how analytics technologies and Augmented Search can be used to discover and troubleshoot the problem within minutes.

Rafael Winterhalter05/16/14
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Java 8 default methods can break your (users') code

At first glance, default methods brought a great new feature to the Java Virtual Machine's instruction set. However, adding default methods to established interfaces can render Java code uncompilable. This is easiest to understand when looking at an example.

Daniel Bartl05/16/14
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Processing and analysing sensor data: a DIY approach

Motivated by a current customer project (and the interesting nature of Big Data projects from industry in general), we decided to get our hands on sensor data. We wanted to learn how to handle, store and analyze it and what specific challenges sensor data presents.

Chris Odell05/16/14
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Agile Decompiled: Test Driven Development

Unit testing pre-dates TDD but TDD reverses the idea of testing your units of code and says you should start with a test, and that test should fail, and then you should write the code to make the test pass.The obvious advantage to this is that when you subsequently make a change you can see if the change has broken anything else in the system, which will give you greater confidence in your code.

Angela Ashenden05/16/14
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Searching for Big Insights at Big Data Week

I was at Big Data Week’s London Conference to hear about how bigger and faster data can make our cities smarter, our selves more quantified, and our ‘things’ more interconnected.

Pritiman Panda05/16/14
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Why Enterprise Transformation For My Company?

Enterprise Transformation is just like a journey and we never know when we will cross it again. At times we think, why every company is evaluating, developing and leveraging multiple products(be it for BPM, CRM, BigData, Cloud, Analytics and many other) in the market when its really going good.

Richard Warburton05/15/14
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Too Fast, Too Megamorphic: what influences method call performance in Java?

I wanted to understand what influenced the performance of method invocation. I decided to try out different variations of methods calls and measure the cost. By having a set of benchmarks and changing only one factor at a time, we can individually rule out or understand how different factors or combinations of factors influence method invocation costs.

Zac Gery05/15/14
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Advocacy: It's a Team Endeavor

The elements needed to build a successful, mature software development team can keep most managers up at night. Without it, the programming suffers and it can ultimately influence the success of a project/product.

Jonathan Callahan05/15/14
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Population Databrowser

Understanding global population trends is extremely important for anyone trying to understand world events or trying to make projections regarding economics and natural resource usage. The Population databrowser is a pro bono data visualization service that promotes a better understanding of existing and projected population trends throughout the world.

Kevin Rutherford05/15/14
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Estimating user stories: the 5 day challenge

This is a quick note about an idea I’ve been using with a few software teams during the last couple of years. Tl;dr — don’t guess the size of a story; fit the story to the size you want.

John Cook05/15/14
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Robust in one sense, sensitive in another

One way to evaluate machine learning algorithms is by how often they pick the right winner in some sense. For example, dose-finding algorithms are often evaluated on how often they pick the best dose from a set of doses being tested.

Alec Noller05/14/14
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Devs of the Week: Andrew Lee Rubinger & Arun Gupta

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Andrew Lee Rubinger and Arun Gupta, the authors of DZone's recent Java EE7 Refcard.

Mike Cottmeyer05/14/14
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Milk, Martinis, & Mojitos: An Agile Ceremonies Recipe for Confusion

All agile ceremonies should have very clear objectives and outcomes. When we work with new agile teams we make sure they understand the ceremonies of scrum and other agile meetings necessary to deliver value.

Ian Skerrett05/14/14
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Can Open IoT Solve the Main IoT Challenges

Chris Murphy has published a fascinating article about some of the challenges organizations face when trying to implement IoT solutions. I thought it might be interesting to look at each of the challenges presented in the article to see how the Open IoT community might help solve the problems.