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Jonathan Levene05/24/14
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7 Ways to Kill Your Big Decision-Making Meeting

Critical decision-making meetings can easily run off the rails when many key stakeholders are present. Here are 7 ways to guarantee yours will fail.

Zac Gery05/23/14
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Identifying the PLOT in Software Design

Parkinson's Law says that "organizations give disproportionate weight to trivial issues." This statement later became known as Parkinson's Law of Triviality, or PLOT. Although Parkinson was referring to organizations as whole, over the years this problem has become a pervasive issue in software development.

Phil Whelan05/23/14
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Developers: The New Kingmakers

Technology changes have moved developers, previously of little importance within the world of IT, to a central direction-setting role within companies.

Chris Odell05/22/14
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The Methodology Doesn't Matter, It's Having One That Counts

I am a great believer in the idea that not only the way you write code, but also the process involved in the delivery of it are highly coupled to the quality of the code. So for me, having a methodology is like having an exercise regime.

Hubert Klein Ikkink05/22/14
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Grails Goodness: Run Groovy Scripts in Grails Context

We can use the run-script command to run Groovy scripts within the context of a Grails application.

Madhuka Udantha05/22/14
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Major Areas of Event Processing

This post will look on how event processing was changing over the time. In there we can find four major areas of event processing. 'Event' concepts can be found in old operating systems of the late 1950’s. But not the event processing

Rob Galanakis05/22/14
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The myth of the brilliant jerk

Firing brilliant jerks is the absolute worst thing to do for teamwork, or indeed the health of the company as a whole.

Alec Noller05/21/14
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Dev of the Week: Roger Hughes

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Roger Hughes, a software developer at Bet365 in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Nathan Slippen05/21/14
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Five Qualities of a Remarkable Agile Team

All managers want employees with excellent development and organizational skills, but when forming an Agile team, talent alone won’t cut it.

Mike Cottmeyer05/21/14
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Self-Improvement In Agile Teams

It can be an underlying reason individuals at the team level are resistant to an agile adoption. There are a number of ways to “solve” this problem.

Pierre-yves Saumont05/20/14
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What's Wrong in Java 8, Part III: Streams and Parallel Streams

Many Java 8 evangelists have demonstrated amazing examples of this. Is there something wrong with this? No. Not something. Many things:

Gil Zilberfeld05/20/14
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What If I Do This?

Good testers have the wonderful skill of asking “What if I do this”? This thinking is different than “happy path” coding, where we “know” the answer. People with experience in TDD develop this skill as well.

Bozhidar Bozhanov05/20/14
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Algorithmic Music Influenced by Tweets

I wanted to get some experience with basic natural language processing, so I decided to analyze the latest 200 tweets of the user, and perform the following analysis, which in turn influences the music that the user gets:

Puneet Monga05/20/14
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Binary Tree: Preorder Traversal without Recursion

I thought that it would be an interesting exercise to try implementing Binary Tree traversal techniques without recursion. Below is the implementation of Preorder Traversal without recursion. I have used a queue in order to implement the pre-order traversal without recursion. Since it's a pre-order traversal, we need to visit root, then left and then right subtree.

Allan Kelly05/20/14
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Loose Ends: Continuous Delivery & Conway's Law

A few weeks ago I did a presentation entitled “Conway’s Law and Continuous Delivery” - although it was also at some point entitled “Conway’s Law and Organisational Change” or possibly “Conway’s Law and Change for Continuous Delivery” - to the Pipeline Conference in London.