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Jim Highsmith05/18/11
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Enterprise Agility Generates 30% Higher Profits

“An overwhelming majority of executives (88%) cite organisational agility as key to global success. Other studies support this idea as well: research conducted at MIT suggests that agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than...

Michael Sahota05/18/11
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Agile – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This is your chance to hear about the Ugly harsh realities, the Bad news and the Good opportunities for Agile. In many ways this concludes the past months series on Agile Culture.

Mitch Pronschinske05/18/11
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Go 2.2: Free Community Edition No Longer Requires a License

When it comes to practicing what you preach as a software company, ThoughtWorks Studios is a prime example of an organization that eats its own dogfood.  Before the reboot of their release management software, called "Go" (Formerly...

Israel Gat05/18/11
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Schedule Constraints in the Devops Triangle

Last week’s post “The Devops Triangle” demonstrated the extension of Jim Highsmith‘s Agile Triangle to devops. The extension relied on adding compliance to the three traditional constraints of software development: scope, schedule, cost. A...

Giorgio Sironi05/18/11
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Git backups, and no, it's not just about pushing

Git is a backup system itself: for example, you can version your .txt folders containing TODO lists. Since Git version your files just like it does for code, after accidental deletion or modifications it will be able to bring you back.

Giorgio Sironi05/18/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Dependency Lookup

How can we substitute real collaborators with Test Doubles, for the purpose of testing in isolation? We have to build a small and handy indirection over the new operator and in general over the creation of objects.Usually we can just introduce Dependency...

Michael Dubakov05/17/11
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Development Practice: Design Ideas Board

Feedback cycles are very important in software development process. To create cool products we need to get feedback as early as possible, and we need this feedback fast. Design Ideas Board is an interesting way to collect feedback from co-workers on design...

Esther Derby 05/17/11
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There’s I(ntelligence)Q, and then there’s I(nfluence)Q

People who work in software are smart people who take pride in their abilities to understand complex information and solve difficult problems. But much of the work isn’t only about smarts. Creating most software requires the help and cooperation of other...

Mitch Pronschinske05/17/11
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Video: The Last Mile - Continuous Delivery at Moneysupermarket.com

In this video you'll find a short overview of release pipeline approaches being implemented behind the scenes at moneysupermarket.com. Moneysupermarket.com use a blend of software engineering practices from the Agile...

Giorgio Sironi05/17/11
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The 4 rules of simple design

A colleague of mine told me a bit ago that Red-green instead of Red-green-refactor was becoming an issue: many commits where made just when the green bar was reached. A reason for this behavior was the fear of overdesigning the system and code for tomorrow...

Giorgio Sironi05/16/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection has been one of the most spoken maxim in the PHP world in the last year. We already said a lot of things about it, and all tests in this series have used it in order to be fast and to the point. In this article we'll take a look at it...

Esther Derby 05/16/11
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Changing to Agile, in an Agile Manner

A while back I was contacted by a potential client who wanted to “go agile.”  But they wanted to do it in a deterministic manner.  They wanted a plan, complete with milestones and dates–mostly indicating that other people had changed their behavior...

Mike Cottmeyer05/16/11
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Do What You Say You Are Going to Do

I woke up this morning to several blogs and tweets that all basically had the same theme… estimation is bad, maturity models are bad, tools are bad, metrics are bad, measurement is bad… and that we should eliminate all of them. Eliminating this stuff...