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Israel Gat06/17/11
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And Now the Bottle-neck is in Operations

In his Agile Austin presentation, colleague and friend Michael Cote discussed velocity in Agile development vis-a-vis velocity in IT operations. To quote Cote:

Mark Needham06/17/11
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Fedora: Recovering from the IntelliJ ‘Ctrl-Alt-F7′

We’re using Fedora on our local developer work stations and some of the default key bindings of the operating system seem to conflict with ones provided by IntelliJ IDEA. One particular amusing one is ‘Ctrl-Alt-F7′ which you use in IntelliJ to see the...

Julian Holmes06/17/11
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“I want to run an agile project”

Prologue As the value of Agile practices becomes more understood, brave project managers are beginning to challenge the normal practices of the organisation and request the opportunity to take a more Agile approach.

James Shore06/17/11
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Let's Play TDD #115: Wrapping Up the Icon Spike

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes! Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code. 

Andrew Phillips06/17/11
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Deployment is the new build (part 3)

Earlier this year, I was invited to present a talk at Devopsdays Boston about deployment as the new build: how deployments are carried out now, how they will need to adapt in a more virtualized, on-demand application landscape and what fundamental...

Artem Marchenko06/16/11
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Agile Eastern Europe 2011. A unique conference and a unique marketing opportunity

As some of you may know, I used to go to quite many Agile conferences from relatively academic XP20XX to pretty-much industrial Agile20XX.

Sean Mchugh06/16/11
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Implementing Scrum: Top Down and Bottom Up Approach

This is going to be the first of two articles discussing the top down approach (Executive decides that the team should use Scrum) and the bottom up approach (the Team decides that they should use Scrum). Both introduce interesting problems, so they're both...

Giorgio Sironi06/16/11
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Automated code reviews for PHP

I'm exploring an approach to automated code review: it's not as precise as the human-based one, but it scales better.For example, I heard from the Ideato guys that often they get a 100K lines project to maintain, and don't know where to start analyzing it....

Jason Hull06/15/11
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Lessons from DI2E: Intelligence is About Search, Not Gathering

I just came back from the 2011 DI2E conference in Dallas, Texas and certainly left with a lot of impressions. I want to state up front that my impressions were very positive about the state of U.S. intelligence activities. We’ve come a long way since we...

Dan Pritchett06/15/11
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The Beginning of Personalization

The age of highly personal computing is emerging. Follow any major technology news source and you will hear about semantics, relevance, and intelligent agents almost daily. The emergence of tremendous compute resources is making it possible for us to...

Johanna Rothman06/15/11
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Management Myths, Not Just For Women Only

I read Putting Women First, and thought I would relate an anecdote from earlier in my career. I had just discovered, as in that morning, that I was pregnant. I hadn’t been feeling well, and was wondering why I was nauseous all the time. And where the...

Martin Harris06/15/11
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Achieving Test Driven Nirvana

Well perhaps not Nirvana then, but at least having a suitable level of test coverage. 

Giorgio Sironi06/15/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Inline Method

Code changes often, to accomodate new requirements or redefined ones. Sometimes a method becomes very short, or obvious; sometimes it tries to accomodate something that is not its responsibility. Eliminating unnecessary abstractions is as important as...

Marco Tedone06/14/11
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Software Engineering needs leaders, not ScrumMasters!

I recently reflected on SCRUM and the role of the ScrumMaster. We know that a ScrumMaster should act as a servant-leader; she should provide guidance but not decisions, removing impediments yet empowering the team: in a word, the ScrumMaster should act as...