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Roman Pichler07/27/10
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The Lean Product Backlog – Limit Variation and Prevent Overburden

Many product backlogs are too long, detailed and complex. This is in stark contrast to what the product backlog should be: a simple artefact listing the outstanding work to bring the product to life. It’s time to put any over-weight product backlog on a...

Nitin Bharti07/26/10
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Ten Principles for Agile Testers

Everyone on an agile team is a tester. Anyone can pick up testing tasks. If that’s true, then what is special about an agile tester? If I define myself as a tester on an agile team, what does that really mean? Do agile testers need different skill sets than...

James Sugrue07/26/10
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Becoming Agile: The One Change

For some of us, taking an Agile approach to software development is easy. But for others, particularly companies who are established in a waterfall based approach to software development, embracing agile can be much more difficult. Anders Ramsay recently...

Wille Faler07/26/10
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There is something rotten in the state of Computer Science education

When I went to university, most of our programming tests and projects where evaluated based on our grasp of various algorithms for sorting, tree traversal, hashing functions and numerous other things, you know, the sort of thing that most high level...

Steven Lott07/23/10
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Scrum Made Difficult

Here's a great post called "Toward a Catalog of Scrum Smells". This lists some "Management Smells": specifically doing clumsy, ineffective things and calling it "Scrum".I found this in StackOverflow question, titled "Any...

Mark Needham07/23/10
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TDD, small steps and no need for comments

I recently came a blog post written by Matt Ward describing some habits to make you a better coder and while he presented a lot of good ideas I found myself disagreeing with his 2nd tip: 2. Write Your Logic through Comments

Matt Stine07/22/10
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Going Guerilla: Where to Start

Welcome back to another episode of The Agile Guerilla series. The focus of this series of articles is to to help you introduce change, specifically moving to agility, into your organization from the grassroots level.

Eric Hagan07/22/10
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Video: Human Dynamics and Agile Adoption

In the Agile Manifesto, the first thing it says is "People and Interactions over Process and Tools." But what does that mean? In this interview,...

Peter Schuh07/22/10
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Schedule Chicken Is an Iterative Disaster

Ostensibly originating in Rebel Without a Cause the game of chicken entails a test of courage between two or more individuals. Each participant is seated in a speeding vehicle (50s sports car, farm tractor, failing project schedule, etc.) racing toward a ...

Jared Richardson07/21/10
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Responding to Change Is Too Much Work

The fourth tenet of the Agile Manifesto is a difficult one.

Peter Schuh07/21/10
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An Iteration Zero for Project Recovery: Starting Again Without Starting Over

In my post a few weeks back on How to Start the Next Recovery Project I asserted that I will take the following four steps the next time I take on a recovery project: Assess the Team’s Current CapabilitiesMake Management Understand the Real ProblemHelp...

Robert Diana07/21/10
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Re-Engineering In Agile Development Can Just Be Refactoring

If you talk to a programmer, almost all software sucks, even the programs they wrote a few months ago. This is typically due to changing technology, increased knowledge or even a market shift. The software you wrote may have been a good idea when you...

Matt Stine07/20/10
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You Are Your Software's Immune System!

The vertebrate immune system rivals the most intricately engineered security system on a bad day, detecting and destroying most microorganisms that we encounter on a daily basis within minutes or hours [1]. Occasionally a pathogen will breach the early lines...

Cal Evans07/20/10
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An entirely unscientific look at why people attend conferences.

Dear Reader,Those of you who follow me on twitter (@calevans) know that recently I asked for opinions on conference attendance. I’ve collected what I learned in this blog post.

Mitch Pronschinske07/19/10
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Go Replaces Cruise - Aligns Devs, QA, and Ops

It turns out that ThoughtWorks Studios' former Cruise product is getting more than just a name change.  DZone spoke with Jez Humble, the Build and Release Principal at ThoughtWorks Studios, about today's launch of Go.   The new replacement for Cruise...