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Michael Dubakov05/17/11
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Development Practice: Design Ideas Board

Feedback cycles are very important in software development process. To create cool products we need to get feedback as early as possible, and we need this feedback fast. Design Ideas Board is an interesting way to collect feedback from co-workers on design...

Esther Derby 05/17/11
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There’s I(ntelligence)Q, and then there’s I(nfluence)Q

People who work in software are smart people who take pride in their abilities to understand complex information and solve difficult problems. But much of the work isn’t only about smarts. Creating most software requires the help and cooperation of other...

Mitch Pronschinske05/17/11
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Video: The Last Mile - Continuous Delivery at Moneysupermarket.com

In this video you'll find a short overview of release pipeline approaches being implemented behind the scenes at moneysupermarket.com. Moneysupermarket.com use a blend of software engineering practices from the Agile...

Giorgio Sironi05/17/11
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The 4 rules of simple design

A colleague of mine told me a bit ago that Red-green instead of Red-green-refactor was becoming an issue: many commits where made just when the green bar was reached. A reason for this behavior was the fear of overdesigning the system and code for tomorrow...

Giorgio Sironi05/16/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection has been one of the most spoken maxim in the PHP world in the last year. We already said a lot of things about it, and all tests in this series have used it in order to be fast and to the point. In this article we'll take a look at it...

Esther Derby 05/16/11
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Changing to Agile, in an Agile Manner

A while back I was contacted by a potential client who wanted to “go agile.”  But they wanted to do it in a deterministic manner.  They wanted a plan, complete with milestones and dates–mostly indicating that other people had changed their behavior...

Mike Cottmeyer05/16/11
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Do What You Say You Are Going to Do

I woke up this morning to several blogs and tweets that all basically had the same theme… estimation is bad, maturity models are bad, tools are bad, metrics are bad, measurement is bad… and that we should eliminate all of them. Eliminating this stuff...

Mark Needham05/15/11
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XP 2011: Michael Feathers – Brutal Refactoring

The second session that I attended at XP 2011 was Michael Feathers’ tutorial ‘Brutal Refactoring’ where he talked through some of the things that he’s learned since he finished writing ‘Working Effectively With Legacy Code‘.

Dror Helper05/15/11
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Don’t fix invisible bugs

Last week I conducted yet another code review. While looking at the code I’ve noticed a lot of lines similar to If(x != null) and if(y < 0) all over the code. These lines were not “business related” but were put in the code to make sure that proper...

Peter Schuh05/15/11
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Maturity Models Miss the Point

Scott Ambler started a minor brouhaha a couple weeks back when he rolled out his first draft of an Agile Process Maturity Model (APMM). I’m not stepping in to evaluate the proposal or the rebuttals because I believe that level of the discussion largely...

Esther Derby 05/15/11
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Six Ways that Team Members Build Trust with Each Other

Building trust may seem mysterious—something that just happens or grows through some unknowable process. The good news is there are concrete actions that tend to build trust (and concrete actions that are almost guaranteed to break down trust).

David Bland05/15/11
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AgileTechDC Conference Recap

AgileTechDC is a wrap, and I wanted to take a moment to share my experiences there today. First off, a big thanks to the folks at The College Board for hosting the event. This open, collaborative space was ideal for such an event. It had the ergonomics of a...

Larry White05/14/11
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The Pathology of Estimates

I recently sparred gently on twitter with Scott Ambler regarding an assertion that repeatedly renegotiated schedules was evidence of unethical behavior. Others on the thread equated the practice with lying. Not so. (Full disclosure: Scott is a highly...