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Jon Archer06/07/11
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Understanding progress: on points, velocity and when to add new stories

Building software takes time. Usually enough time that people are interested in monitoring progress and understanding when it will be done. Agile teams often use User Stories as a unit of work. Typically these are estimated in points enabling a team to...

David Bland06/07/11
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How to Create a Business Model Canvas in Google Docs

A Business Model Canvas is an easy to use, lightweight and powerful tool for anyone looking to sketch out business models. It is quickly becoming the preferred strategic management tool for start-up organizations. While it is available in .pdf form from...

Patrick Debois06/07/11
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Puppet Homebrew Package Provider

I've become a big fan of homebrew package system on Macosx. I moved away from macports because it allows me to easily change the way packages are compiled: sometimes I need experimental versions of software or versions that are not in macports yet.

Giorgio Sironi06/06/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Generated Value

Here is a possible scenario: exact values do not influence the behavior taken in the test. For example, the name used for saving an user is not likely to get your ifs and fors on a different path. As long as it's consistent during the test, it does not matter...

Mark Needham06/06/11
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"In What World Does That Make Sense?"

In her keynote at XP 2011 Esther Derby encouraged us to ask the question “in what world does that make sense?” whenever we encounter something which we consider to be stupid or ridiculous. I didn’t think much of it at the time but my colleague Pat...

Mike Cohn06/06/11
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Time as a Competitive Advantage

An article I read in 1988 has always stuck with me. The article was “Time–The Next Source of Competitive Advantage” by George Stalk in the Harvard Business Review. The article came near the start of an era in which companies primarily sought...

Michael Sahota06/06/11
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StrategicPlay® with Lego® SERIOUS PLAY® – Creative, Collaborative Solving of Wicked Problems

 StrategicPlay® with Lego® SERIOUS PLAY® is a powerful experiential tool to enhance innovation and business results. This post provides a brief introduction to summarize what I learned when I attended the amazingly good facilitator training with...

Dawn Cannan06/06/11
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How *NOT* to win the hearts of developers, part 1

So, I had this crazy idea that I would try to do this blog in some chronological order, since a lot of the early posts will be historical lessons.I know it won't happen that way, but I will at least start pretty early.

Marco Tedone06/05/11
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Legacy code is not necessarily "ugly code"

I was recently surprised when, at the question: "What is legacy code?" someone answered: "According to Michael Feathers, legacy code is any code without automated test." (Michael Feathers is, for those who don't know, the author of...

Kelly Waters06/04/11
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Agile Methodologies

There are various agile methodologies, although ‘agile development’ is really a philosophy, not a methodology.  A set of values and principles.  The agile manifesto describes these values and principles, and I have also written about 10 key principles...

Jon Archer06/04/11
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Measuring The Hypotenuse

Consider the following right-angled triangle: What is x? Not a trick question. Well it’s 5. Obviously.

James Shore06/04/11
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Let's Play TDD #111: Icon in JTextField: Go!

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes!  Many thanks to Danny Jones for figuring out the HD Youtube embed code.

Jim Highsmith06/04/11
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Flickr deploys software changes multiple times per day—and advertises this on their web site. A medical software company deploys versions of their application software over 75 times per year. Salesforce.com has gained competitive advantage with their...

Johanna Rothman06/04/11
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Musings About Agile Architecture and Agile Program Management

Bob Payne interviewed me about agile program management last year at the Agile 2010 conference and posted the podcast. We always have a great time talking, and that podcast was no exception. He makes me sound quite coherent!

Matthias Marschall06/03/11
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The 5 Goals Of Agile And DevOps

If you’re stuck with someone in an elevator and have only a few seconds to explain why introducing agile Methodolgies and DevOps is a good idea, these five goals might help you: Agile Elevator Pitch1. less code 2. less dependencies 3. less bugs and...