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Ayende Rahien05/06/11
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What where they THINKING? The github merge button is STUPID

I just love git pull requests, but the new behavior from GitHub is beyond moronic. Take a look at a typical pull request:

Michael Dubakov05/05/11
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UX Meets Agile: Design Studio Methodology

Design Studio is a quite simple and efficient way to run UX meetings. Yesterday we tried it for the first time. There are several variations of Design Studio, we made it simple for the first run and set the following rules:

Esther Derby 05/05/11
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Fixing the Quick Fix

Here in the United States, our business culture tends to be action-oriented. We value the ability to think fast and act decisively. These qualities can be strengths. However, like most strengths, they can also be a weakness. Taking action when you don’t...

Israel Gat05/05/11
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Use the Agile Triangle Instead of the Balanced Scorecard

As the name implies, the Balanced Scorecard strives to strike a balance between various performance measures.  When Financial, Customer, Business Processes and Learning and Growth measures are presented together, as in Figure 1 below, the Balanced...

Giorgio Sironi05/05/11
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A Mockery review

Mockery is a mock object framework (more properly Test Double framework) from @padraicb, independent from testing frameworks like PHPUnit. It can be used to quickly prepare Mocks, Stubs and other Test Doubles to use inside your unit tests.I've tried Mockery...

Tobias Mayer05/04/11
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Marriage, but

Marriage is a wonderful concept. It is a promise of love, togetherness, mutual nurturing and the creation of family. It exists in one form or another in all cultures, and it appeals to the majority of people in the world, each of us dreaming of a long-term...

Allan Kelly05/04/11
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Light Touch Agile Coaching in the Cornish Software Mines

I’m off to Cornwall again next week for my monthly visit. Anyone who follows me on Twitter (allankellynet) may have noticed that every few weeks I put out a few tweets along the lines of “On my way to the Cornish Software Mines again”. They may not...

Mitch Pronschinske05/04/11
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Oracle Plans to Transfer Hudson IP to Eclipse

Is it surprising news?  You'll have to decide.  Oracle is now proposing that the Hudson open source CI Engine, which was recently gutted when many contributors chose to join the Jenkins fork after a trademark dispute, should have it's governance and IP...

Daniel Ackerson05/04/11
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DevOps: Why Silos Suck And How To Break Them

Divide and conquer, Caesar’s strategy to break huge problems down into smaller parts, is an outdated model for structuring teams and organizations. Breaking teams apart by area like development, QA, operations, product management, etc, creates silo like...

Eric Hogue05/04/11
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Continuous Integration In PHP w/Jenkins

According to Wikipedia, continuous integration implements continuous processes of applying quality control — small pieces of effort, applied frequently.

Giorgio Sironi05/04/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Stored Procedure Test

It happened in the day before the advent of DDD and the Hexagonal architecture, that you had code that lived inside the database, such as Stored Procedures, constraints, and triggers.Back in the day, the relational database was considered the single source of...

Esther Derby 05/03/11
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Are You Ready to Coach?

Agile coaches are expected to help teams learn agile methods, engineering techniques, and improve the productivity of the teams they work with.  But before they can do they need to be ready to coach.  Being ready to coach means that you have coaching...

Jim Highsmith05/03/11
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The Ambidextrous Organization

The Agile community has struggled to find a model for transforming large organizations to an Agile approach to software delivery and face a more daunting struggle in striving towards enterprise agility. Should we strive to convert everyone in a large...

Tobias Mayer05/03/11
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The Youngest CSM

My seventeen-year-old son Ty recently participated in a two-day Certified ScrumMaster course. He is not a software developer, and has little interest in that craft. He is a high school student and a musician. Still, he enjoyed the training greatly and...

Giorgio Sironi05/03/11
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Classical inheritance in JavaScript

If you have written a bit of JavaScript, you certainly have heard the word prototype. Prototype is not only a JavaScript library, but also a key concept of JavaScript, which we will explore in depth today, without making your head spin.