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Mitch Pronschinske01/29/11
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Prediction #10: Agile rollouts increasingly driven from executive office, developer backlash follows

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.  Look for more predictions in this series on his blog and on Agile Zone. 

David Bland01/27/11
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Dipping Your Toes Into Kanban

The following post was originally a guest article for Planbox and is the basis for my proposed Agile2011 Lightning Talk Like me, you may have read about the growing popularity of kanban in the agile software development community. Perhaps its mysterious...

Michael Dubakov01/27/11
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The Lean Team

Why do teams jell? Why some teams are trustful, enthusiastic and passionate; while other teams are apathetic and boring? There is no recipe to build a great team. You can’t add 5 grams of trust, 3 grams of fire, pour in some communication and boil till...

Merrick Chaffer01/26/11
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SQL Server Query Optimization Rules of Thumb

Just came across this very helpful article.  The main highlights are at the bottom as follows… Good candidates for clustered indexes are:

Steve Ciske01/26/11
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SCRUM in Under 10 Minutes

This is one of the best SCRUM overviews I've seen in some time.  Just thought I would share.

Dele Sikuade01/26/11
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A Pattern Worth Repeating

Someone once told me that if you wish to curse a company then give them your code but not the people who wrote it. I can attest to the truth of this from my time as a CTO. When a disgruntled client sacked their software development company and passed the...

Giorgio Sironi01/26/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: State Verification

How do you test your code? USually the simplest way involves creating a System Under Test and its necessary fixtures, or collaborators. Then you can exercise it by calling one or more methods. After the act phase, you inspect the final state you have reached,...

Aslam Khan01/25/11
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Striking a Balance: Let Scrum Die

I live in Cape Town, South Africa.  Apart from the great beaches, a mountain in the middle of the city, good food, and good wine there is a great enthusiasm for agile software development in this town.  It's been around for a while but really started...

Allan Kelly01/25/11
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Scrum + Technical practices = XP ?

My last blog post (Scrum has 3 Advantages Over XP) attracted a couple of interesting comments - certainly getting comments from Uncle Bob Martin and Tom Gilb shows people are listening. And it’s Tom’s comment I want to address.

Jared Richardson01/25/11
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Drive By Requirements

I'm working on the requirements chapter of Ship It! That work led to a spirited discussion of the ideal (iterative requirements) or real life (we're rushed, on a schedule, and underfunded. Can't be done right. Just has to be done.) This paragraph (which...

Giorgio Sironi01/25/11
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And now instead, 5 things Java envies PHP for

Disclaimer: I do not want to start a religion war on Java vs. PHP. You know the old saying that we should learn a new programming language every now and then? The purpose is to get a fresh perspective and collect new ideas that we can use in our preferred...

Den D.01/25/11
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Making of - The first version of the presentation layer for Windows Phone 7

There are tons of question floating around the Internet of users asking how to take screenshots from a Windows Phone 7 application or how to capture the system screen. The sad (or, let's say - not so good) news is that there is no such functionality available...

Hajan Selmani01/24/11
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Linqer – a nice tool for SQL to LINQ transition

Almost all .NET developers who have been working in several applications up to date are probably familiar with writing SQL queries for specific needs within the application. Before LINQ as a technology came on scene, my daily programming life was about...

Allan Kelly01/24/11
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Scrum has 3 advantages over XP (but XP is better)

For corporations Scrum offers three advantages over Extreme Programming:1) It offers certification - corporates can hire people who are “certified” and have their own people certified.2) Scrum traces its roots back to the Harvard Business Review - so it...

Giorgio Sironi01/24/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Chained Tests

Sometimes you have tests where the fixtures can be recyled, instead of being recreated; but that's not all: sometimes, even the state reset we preach for Shared Fixture gets in the way instead of being mandatory.