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Michael Sahota05/26/11
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Slides: Agile - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I was thrilled when I had a chance to turn my Agile Culture Series and conclusions into a session to run at XPToronto (my local Agile user group). Slides are below. There were some interesting results that came up in the workshop component that I will...

Venkatesh Kris...05/26/11
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Funnier Ways of Implementing Agile projects

Have you observed that every company wants to be known as an Agile company (company implementing Agile methods), but no one wants to really follow Agile by the book ?. Software Project teams do a lot of Agile tweaking during the journey of...

Giorgio Sironi05/26/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Hook

The Test Hook pattern is, again, an option for replacing dependencies at runtime. It is a very lightweight, and as so easy to use on legacy code: it does not require you to inject anything in the production code.The pattern consists in modifying the SUT...

Mitch Pronschinske05/26/11
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Videos: State vs. Interaction Testing & Learning to Love Your Manual Testers

At the 2010 Norwegian Developer's Conference, Hadi Hariri explained state and interaction testing so that developers could use both to their full advantage when building sturdy unit tests.  At another presentation, Karianne Berg showed attendees that manual...

Robert Diana05/25/11
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Bridging The Technology Communication Gap

Throughout my career, I have been blessed with the ability to effectively translate technology issues to business users. At one point I was even told that I “explain technology to the users in a way that makes sense and does not make them feel stupid.”...

Steven Lott05/25/11
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Agility and following a "Strictly Agile" approach

I've seen some discussion on Stack Overflow that is best characterized by the question: "What is Strictly Agile?", or "What's the Official Agile Approach?".Someone shared this with me recently: "Process kills developer passion".

Giorgio Sironi05/24/11
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The eXtreme Programming Values

Values are more important than practices: the latter are only an aspect that can change to adapt to people (people over processes, remember?), but they're often the practical (what a pun) aspect of XP and of the Agile credo that is easier to teach. Francesco...

Larry White05/24/11
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Save the baby code

Code reviews are both a standard part of the development process and the biggest wasted resource in software engineering. Approaches vary from face-to-face discussions to online systems like Review Board.  They share two things: They’re arguably the most...

Giorgio Sironi05/24/11
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How to bomb a technical talk

In the jargon of conference speakers, bombing means presenting a talk which does not go well: content is lost or poorly understood because of the way it is presented, the audience prepares to leave early and in general have an hard time. Scott Berkun points...

Giorgio Sironi05/23/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Humble Object

The problem: we have to test a component which is tied to a framework or library. This time we cannot modify its design to aid testability, for example by introducing arguments in the constructor to allow for injection. The Api has to move between the...

Daniel Ackerson05/21/11
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Prerequisites for Continuous Deployment

Although we’ve skirted around the edges of Continuous Deployment on this blog, we haven’t really gone into any details. The main reason for this is simply that neither Matthias nor myself have ever continuously deployed to our production environments....

Israel Gat05/20/11
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Making Agile Work From Vivek Kundra to Devops and Compounding Interest: Cutter’s Special Issue on Technical Debt

The Cutter Consortium has published a special issue of the Cutter IT Journal (CITJ) on Technical Debt. As the guest editor for this issue I had the privilege to set the direction for it and now have early exposure to the latest and greatest in research...

Marco Tedone05/18/11
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Call to Agile Folks: is There a Need for a Separate QA Team?

Recently I confronted myself (yet again!) with a contradiction between theory and practice. All the Agile books I have read and the courses I've attended and all Agile people I've been speaking to have been saying the same thing: you don't need a QA team:...

Jim Moscater05/18/11
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Microsoft Bringing "Ops" into Visual Studio (vNext)

In this week's keynote speech at Tech*Ed North America 2011, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jason Zander announced the new features for "vNext", the codename they've chosen for the next version of the Visual Studio IDE. The major change to VS...

Jim Highsmith05/18/11
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Enterprise Agility Generates 30% Higher Profits

“An overwhelming majority of executives (88%) cite organisational agility as key to global success. Other studies support this idea as well: research conducted at MIT suggests that agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than...