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Tobias Mayer05/03/11
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The Youngest CSM

My seventeen-year-old son Ty recently participated in a two-day Certified ScrumMaster course. He is not a software developer, and has little interest in that craft. He is a high school student and a musician. Still, he enjoyed the training greatly and...

Giorgio Sironi05/03/11
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Classical inheritance in JavaScript

If you have written a bit of JavaScript, you certainly have heard the word prototype. Prototype is not only a JavaScript library, but also a key concept of JavaScript, which we will explore in depth today, without making your head spin.

Bob Hartman05/02/11
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New to agile? Remember how to say “No”

No.  Only two letters.  Very simple word.  Yet for some reason, with the exception of when we are at “the terrible 2′s” stage of life we tend to forget how to say it!  Agile teams and organizations need to remember how to say no!  Too often...

Tobias Mayer05/02/11
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Test(osterone)-infected Developers

Men are from Development, women are from Testing.  Not intended as an aggravating, politically-incorrect statement, but an observation.  I have worked with many software companies over the years and inevitably in each company the proportion of women to...

Robert Diana05/02/11
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As A Software Engineer, Do You Really Like Your Job?

I love how things happen. First, I ask for feedback on the blog Facebook page about what types of posts people would like to see. Someone asks for more career advice for senior level people, and then two other blog posts appear that make my job a lot...

Giorgio Sironi05/02/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Database Sandbox

We set out for doing TDD and testing everything, but then we come across an SQL query and we are puzzled. We may test some logic independently, but we're bound to touch the database in end-to-end tests or in operations which involve SQL operators, like a...

Tobias Mayer04/30/11
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Scrum Adoption #1 — The Awakening

What does it take for an organization to fundamentally change the way it works, and embrace a new way of being, in particular something as radically different as Scrum? I believe it requires an awakening, which manifests itself in three ways, interwoven...

Bob Hartman04/30/11
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New to agile? 3 ways to cut scope (and live)

The primary way I see teams release products faster is by reducing the scope of each product.  However, this can’t be done in an arbitrary fashion.  There are real business reasons for each feature request (hopefully anyway!).  Having seen teams...

Israel Gat04/30/11
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Definition: Agile Development

The difficulty to concisely define the term Agile Development stems from the very nature of the Agile Manifesto: The manifesto is a statement of values. By the very nature of values, people share them in a loose manner. Both definition and adherence (“But...

Tobias Mayer04/29/11
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Scrum and Kanban — different animals

“Nice description. It also gives me a nice way of contrasting Scrum and Kanban.  Kanban says nothing about Roles, Artefacts or Ceremonies, but leaves the team to self-organise what works best. Instead, Kanban (as I describe it) suggests focussing on...

Johanna Rothman04/29/11
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Problem Solving Requires the Right Question

The December Harvard Business Review has an article, Is the Rookie Ready? (You have to subscribe and pay to read the whole thing.) The story is this: Kristen is the new project manager, reporting to Tim. The old PM left because Tim, who’d been her...

Dror Helper04/29/11
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3 Signs That You’ve Been Coding Too Much

Could there be such thing as too much coding? From time to time I get reminded that there is more to the world than Visual Studio and highlighted text. Below are real stories that happened to me (sometimes more than once), causing me to ask myself –...

Esther Derby 04/29/11
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Collaboration: more than facilitated meetings

I’ve noticed something lately: when people write about collaboration, they discuss facilitated meetings or affinity grouping stickynotes. Well-run meetings that encourage participation and building consensus are certainly valuable. Grouping stickynotes...

Allan Kelly04/29/11
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Retrospective Dialogue Sheets

I’m at ACCU 2011 this week, in my lightening talk I publicly unveiled, for the first time, Retrospective Dialogue Sheets.I have been experimenting with dialogue sheets at conferences for a few years now. For a long time my aim has been to use them for...

James Sugrue04/29/11
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Prediction #1: Task-focused collaboration transforms knowledge work, starting with developers

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.  Look for more predictions in this series on his blog and on Agile ZoneWith this final and belated prediction in the series, I have taken the liberty of looking beyond 2011 speculating on the coming...