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Giorgio Sironi03/23/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Hard-Coded Test Double

Sometimes we want to build a Test Double class that would serve for only one object, or for multiple objects that are used in exactly the same context. Building a Configurable Test Double, even when generation is involved, may be an overkill and a violation...

Giorgio Sironi03/22/11
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How to enrich lawyers

It seems that today Google patented the Doodles, the special logos that appear on its homepage in occasion of events such as anniversaries of inventions or of births.

Robert Diana03/22/11
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Reviewing Data Analysis With Open Source Tools

Before I get to the book review, I wanted to mention a basic note about book reviews. In the past I have reviewed books in a less than traditional manner, focusing on how they could be used in a startup. I will probably be receiving more titles to review,...

Michael Dubakov03/22/11
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Visual Project Management

Humans receive 95% of information through visual perception. We spend countless hours staring into laptops reading, analyzing, interpreting and feeling information flows. I think visualization is something we lack in many disciplines and project management...

Katie Mckinsey03/22/11
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Stats From Cloud Connect (pt 1) : Motivations for Choosing the Cloud

Without a doubt, cloud computing is one of the current darlings of the development community. This begs a question: what forces are motivating individuals and organizations to adopt cloud computing strategies?  Understanding what motivates people to choose...

Jurgen Appelo03/21/11
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The "Optimal" Fallacy

You cannot “optimize the whole”.

David Bland03/21/11
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Retrospecting the Soul Crushing Iteration

Is your team demotivated? Would you recognize it if they were? Luckily for you, the retrospective is an ideal team setting to: Take a temperature reading and gauge morale.Have a conversation about motivational & demotivational events.Identify actions to...

Giorgio Sironi03/21/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Configurable Test Double

A Test Double is instantiated from a class, that can be reused by instancing different objects from it. This class is a child of an already existing class, or an alternate implementation of a known interface.

Mitch Pronschinske03/20/11
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Using TDD With Modern JavaScript

Scott Allen is the founder and Principal Consultant with OdeToCode LLC. He is also a member of the Pluralsight technical staff.  This article contains NDC 2010 presentations by Allen and Mark Nijhof about modern JavaScript and how to make it 'test-driven'. 

Jurgen Appelo03/18/11
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Delegation Poker (Game Description)

The Delegation Poker game was first played at the Scrum Gathering in Amsterdam. Since then I had people play it in a number of workshops, and I improved it with their feedback. Here is the first full description of the game. Purpose of the Game I came...

Jon Archer03/18/11
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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" vs. "Continuous improvement"

I don’t really remember when I first heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but I’ve used it plenty. Upon reflection I’ve mostly used it to avoid doing boring or unappealing work – endeavoring to cast undesirable requests as...

Dror Helper03/17/11
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Advice for the newbie developer

Every developer was a newbie once. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of college or been developing software for 10 in this line of work you get to be the newbie from time to time – whenever you learn a new technology or programming language and...

Allan Kelly03/17/11
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Humans can't estimate tasks

As I said in my last blog entry I’ve been looking at some of the academic research on task time estimation. Long long ago, well 1979, two researchers, Kahneman and Tversky described “The Planning Fallacy.”

Dennis Doomen03/17/11
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A story about User Stories; Where do you start and what about the planning?

In this multi-part post, I’m going to share my personal experiences while working with user stories for gathering, tracking and planning requirements. It currently consists out of three parts:

Giorgio Sironi03/16/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Fake Object

The purpose of a Fake Object, a kind of Test Double, is to replace a collaborator with a functional copy. While Mocks prefer a specification of the behavior to check, Fake Objects are really a simplified version of the production object they substitute.