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Allan Kelly03/31/11
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Strategic Staffing, Or, How many people should I put on this (Agile) project?

One of the questions that comes up again and again in the context of Agile work is “How do I know how many people to put on this project?”(I’m using the word Project is the loosest sense, think “piece of work”)My usual answer is: Staff...

Mike Cottmeyer03/31/11
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Product Owner Team Design Considerations

There are some rules of engagement that need to be considered as the Product Owner team forms and begins to operate:

Abhay Bakshi03/31/11
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My Experience at the 2nd Annual IndicThreads Conference on Software Quality

Typically, it was about a week’s planning before I got to attend the IndicThreads conference.  I didn’t know that the conference was taking place on Friday until I got an invite by Harshad Oak through LinkedIn.  I took permission from my authorities at...

Tobias Mayer03/30/11
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Don’t Have Meetings

Today, during a Scrum introduction workshop I came to a sudden realization that I didn’t want to use the word “meeting” when talking about Scrum. Meetings have such a bad rap in our industry, and rightly so.

Esther Derby 03/30/11
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Team Trap #3: Failing to Navigate Conflict

“The absence of conflict is not harmony, it’s apathy .” Eisenhardt,  Kahwajy and Bourgeois “(….or acquiescing, or avoiding).” Esther Derby

Wille Faler03/30/11
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The Holy Trinity of Continuous Deployment, Integration & Incremental Delivery

There has been increasing buzz around the concept of Continuous Deployment - the practice of continually pushing out small, incremental changes into production rather than having “big bang” releases. To me, Continuous Deployment is really only the...

Wayne Adams03/30/11
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Day 1 -- Ruby

When I decided to blow through "Seven Languages in Seven Weeks " in only 7 days, I had yet to read even the introduction to the book. I can tell now that Bruce might prefer that I not do it this way, and I have to admit it would truly be a...

Nick Winfield03/29/11
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SharePoint 2010 Workflows In Action

The author delivers a thorough, clear, and well-written book that assumes that you have SharePoint 2010 loaded or have access to it – this makes sense as why would you be reading the book if...

Kelly Waters03/29/11
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IT People Mind Your Language!

Whether you’re using agile development methods or any other methodology, language is important. And I don’t mean whether you’re speaking English or another foreign language.    I mean the words people choose to use in the office. There are two...

Esther Derby 03/29/11
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Still No Silver Bullets

Not so very long ago, I made my living writing code. My colleagues and I did our best to understand what our customers needed, and to write code that was easy for other programmers to understand, solid, defect free.  When our managers asked us how long it...

Martin Fowler03/28/11
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Certification Competence Correlation

Most of my friends and colleagues are very negative about certification schemes in software development, a disdain that I share. This doesn't mean that I think that certifications in software are bad by definition, just that almost every one we see ...

Dele Sikuade03/28/11
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Nimble Testing From Countersoft

When I was a young man working a brief stint in sales support, the chief salesman told me in the gravest tone possible never to use the word ‘complicated’ when I meant ‘sophisticated’ or ‘lightweight’ when I meant ‘flexible’, because in...

Giorgio Sironi03/28/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test-Specific Subclass

All objects have some private state: usually well-encapsulated, and not exposed with a bunch of getters and setters. But for making verifications, if the SUT was not thought with testing in mind, you have often to access this private state.There is a really...

Jurgen Appelo03/27/11
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7 Questions for Lyssa Adkins

7 Questions for Lyssa Adkins Lyssa Adkins is the author of Coaching Agile Teams, a wonderful book for Agile coaches, which is selling very well on Amazon. Lyssa has been “coaching teams in the financial services industry and coaching coaches who...

James Shore03/26/11
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Let's Play TDD #97: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The source code for this episode is available here.