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Mark Needham05/15/11
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XP 2011: Michael Feathers – Brutal Refactoring

The second session that I attended at XP 2011 was Michael Feathers’ tutorial ‘Brutal Refactoring’ where he talked through some of the things that he’s learned since he finished writing ‘Working Effectively With Legacy Code‘.

Dror Helper05/15/11
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Don’t fix invisible bugs

Last week I conducted yet another code review. While looking at the code I’ve noticed a lot of lines similar to If(x != null) and if(y < 0) all over the code. These lines were not “business related” but were put in the code to make sure that proper...

Peter Schuh05/15/11
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Maturity Models Miss the Point

Scott Ambler started a minor brouhaha a couple weeks back when he rolled out his first draft of an Agile Process Maturity Model (APMM). I’m not stepping in to evaluate the proposal or the rebuttals because I believe that level of the discussion largely...

Esther Derby 05/15/11
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Six Ways that Team Members Build Trust with Each Other

Building trust may seem mysterious—something that just happens or grows through some unknowable process. The good news is there are concrete actions that tend to build trust (and concrete actions that are almost guaranteed to break down trust).

David Bland05/15/11
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AgileTechDC Conference Recap

AgileTechDC is a wrap, and I wanted to take a moment to share my experiences there today. First off, a big thanks to the folks at The College Board for hosting the event. This open, collaborative space was ideal for such an event. It had the ergonomics of a...

Larry White05/14/11
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The Pathology of Estimates

I recently sparred gently on twitter with Scott Ambler regarding an assertion that repeatedly renegotiated schedules was evidence of unethical behavior. Others on the thread equated the practice with lying. Not so. (Full disclosure: Scott is a highly...

Stephen Forte05/14/11
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Speaking at TechEd North America

Next week I will be headed to Atlanta, Georgia, for my 10th TechEd North America, and my 21st TechEd of my career worldwide. I will be doing three breakout sessions this week, all on the agile methodologies. There are over 200 sessions at TechEd, however,...

Mike Cohn05/13/11
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The Nine Questions to Assess Team Structure

It is perhaps a myth, but an enduring one, that people and their pets resemble one another. The same has been said of products and the teams that build them. If it is true that a product reflects the structure of the team that built it, then an important...

Michael Dubakov05/13/11
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Do You Really Need a Deadline?

The concept of deadline has always been one of the sacred cows for any human activity.  Normally, with very few exceptions, what do people do with any project? They set a deadline and think that they will care about meeting this deadline somehow. You can...

Martin Fowler05/13/11
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A common problem in people's presentation decks is that they make text and diagrams so small that only the people in the front of the room can properly see them. Here's one simple thing I do to reduce the chances of that happening to me - when I'm...

David Bland05/13/11
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CSM or PMP, Which Cert Earns You More Money?

Let’s put aside the ethical arguments about certifications for a moment and look at the salary data behind Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Project Management Professional (PMP). A Certified ScrumMaster earns 3% more money than a ScrumMaster. A PMP...

Mike Cottmeyer05/13/11
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Determining How Many Task Hours an Agile Team Can Accomplish

Note from Mike… I want to welcome Jim Magers to the LeadingAgile team.  Jim is doing a project with me in Minneapolis, and I asked him to join me here and share some of his experiences from the field.  You can learn more about Jim on his bio page. Your...

Jesse Warden05/13/11
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Flex Consulting Chronicles #1: You are NOT a Contractor

Preface The following is a set of articles relaying my experiences in Flex consulting with the hope they will benefit others.  While they include general consulting advice, they are specifically geared towards Enterprise Flex software development...

Mark Needham05/12/11
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XP 2011: J.B. Rainsberger – A Simple Approach to Modular Design

After finishing my own session at XP 2011 I attended the second half of J.B. Rainsberger’s tutorial on modular design. For most of the time that I was there he drove out the design for a point of sale system in Java while showing how architectural...

Michael Sahota05/12/11
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A Tour of Agile Adoption and Transformation Models

In light of Agile adoption failures and awareness of cultural challenges, the purpose of this post is to review current models that are applied to adopting Agile and transforming with Agile at organizations. Worthy background reading is Mike Cottmeyer’s...