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Bob Hartman05/07/11
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New To Agile? Give Thanks!

Here in the United States we will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, November 26.  If you are currently on an agile team you may want to consider giving thanks a bit earlier!  My thank you list would definitely include: 1. Thanks for...

Mike Cottmeyer05/07/11
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Guaranteed Success With Scrum

At this point in my coaching career, I’ve worked with lots of teams, in lots of companies, trying to adopt Scrum. I’ve seen teams do exceedingly well… and I’ve seen a few totally crash and burn. I want to share a few things I believe to be...

Israel Gat05/06/11
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Beautiful Quality

    Figure 1: Agile Assessment – Quality (Source: QSMA)

David Bernstein05/06/11
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Who is Our Customer?

Have you ever stay up until three in the morning trying to track down a bug? Maybe it was code that you were charged with maintaining or maybe it’s something you just wrote. Remember how it felt trying to figure out what the author was doing?

Johanna Rothman05/06/11
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A Rant on People, Resources, Men and Women

Rant on. There’s a flame-fest on the scrumdevelopment list about the use of “resources” or “people” to describe the human beings on projects. I like “humans” or “human beings” or “people.” And, I actually prefer “resources” to...

Mike Cohn05/06/11
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A New Artifact – The Long-Term Product Backlog

The weather turned nice about two weeks ago, which meant it was time for spring cleaning about the Cohn home, affectionately known as the Cohnderosa (which will only mean something if you’re old enough to remember “Bonanza”). While washing the...

Jurgen Appelo05/06/11
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The Birth of a Network

The moment is nearly there! Next week the Agile Lean Europe network will have its first gathering at the XP2011 conference.

Israel Gat05/06/11
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How to Initiate a DevOps Project

Agile consultants on a development project often start by helping the team construct a backlog. The task is sufficiently concrete to get all stakeholders (product management, project management, development, test, any others) on a collaborative track...

Ayende Rahien05/06/11
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What where they THINKING? The github merge button is STUPID

I just love git pull requests, but the new behavior from GitHub is beyond moronic. Take a look at a typical pull request:

Michael Dubakov05/05/11
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UX Meets Agile: Design Studio Methodology

Design Studio is a quite simple and efficient way to run UX meetings. Yesterday we tried it for the first time. There are several variations of Design Studio, we made it simple for the first run and set the following rules:

Esther Derby 05/05/11
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Fixing the Quick Fix

Here in the United States, our business culture tends to be action-oriented. We value the ability to think fast and act decisively. These qualities can be strengths. However, like most strengths, they can also be a weakness. Taking action when you don’t...

Israel Gat05/05/11
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Use the Agile Triangle Instead of the Balanced Scorecard

As the name implies, the Balanced Scorecard strives to strike a balance between various performance measures.  When Financial, Customer, Business Processes and Learning and Growth measures are presented together, as in Figure 1 below, the Balanced...

Giorgio Sironi05/05/11
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A Mockery review

Mockery is a mock object framework (more properly Test Double framework) from @padraicb, independent from testing frameworks like PHPUnit. It can be used to quickly prepare Mocks, Stubs and other Test Doubles to use inside your unit tests.I've tried Mockery...

Tobias Mayer05/04/11
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Marriage, but

Marriage is a wonderful concept. It is a promise of love, togetherness, mutual nurturing and the creation of family. It exists in one form or another in all cultures, and it appeals to the majority of people in the world, each of us dreaming of a long-term...