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Esther Derby 04/04/11
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Curing System Blindness

I’ve been writing about seeing systems, and got to thinking about a company I did some work for a few years ago–because they were a great example of how focusing on events leads to blame and prevents people from seeing patterns. Here’s the story....

Giorgio Sironi04/03/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Named Test Suite

If you are like me and other test-infected developers, you will find more and more test classes hanging around in your suite. It will be critical to find a way to organize them and to run exactly the test you want at a certain moment, with the least possible...

Michael Dubakov04/02/11
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How We Hire Developers

Hiring is hard. It really is. There are not so many talented and smart developers in the world, but there are lots of inexperienced, boring, exhausted developers. Surprisingly, so many developers can’t even provide a decent architecture of a simple...

Esther Derby 04/02/11
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Can a team have 100 (or more) members?

I recently set aside my analog wrist watch and started wearing a runners watch. It’s accurate to the second on the face, and to a 100th of a second on the split timer. I’ve noticed that when I have a precise measure, sometimes I use it, even when...

James Ward04/01/11
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Testing Flex Apps with FlexMonkey Reloaded

Whether or not you use a tool to test your Flex apps, you are repeatedly testing your application. Doing this by hand is a pain: start the app, click through some stuff, verify the result is what you expected, makes some changes to your code and then do...

David Bernstein04/01/11
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The Enemy of the Great

They say that perfection is the enemy of the great and this is very true in software development. I used to believe that there was no such thing as the perfect design but now, after years of studying design, I think in many situations there is such a thing...

Esther Derby 04/01/11
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Entering Groups

Most of the time, people integrate into groups well enough that we don’t really notice how it happens.  But a recent rocky experience got me noticing. Looking back over several teams I’ve observed and groups I’ve been part of, here are three (rather...

Mike Cottmeyer04/01/11
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Limiting Work in Process… Are There Any Other Options?

One of the big wins of any agile method you pick… Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, AUP… is that you get a built-in ability to balance capacity against demand. This natural throttling of work helps us better manage expectations between the customer...

Michael Sahota04/01/11
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Kanban aligns with Control Culture

In my last post, I looked at how Agile Culture is about Collaboration and Cultivation.

Michael Dubakov03/31/11
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Not Just Another Kanban Board

Although he hadn’t heard of the TargetProcess contest beforehand, Robert just had to win the iPad for his autistic daughter. We never imagined that a simple contest on our Facebook page would bring such joy to someone — but we are delighted and touched...

Allan Kelly03/31/11
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Strategic Staffing, Or, How many people should I put on this (Agile) project?

One of the questions that comes up again and again in the context of Agile work is “How do I know how many people to put on this project?”(I’m using the word Project is the loosest sense, think “piece of work”)My usual answer is: Staff...

Mike Cottmeyer03/31/11
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Product Owner Team Design Considerations

There are some rules of engagement that need to be considered as the Product Owner team forms and begins to operate:

Abhay Bakshi03/31/11
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My Experience at the 2nd Annual IndicThreads Conference on Software Quality

Typically, it was about a week’s planning before I got to attend the IndicThreads conference.  I didn’t know that the conference was taking place on Friday until I got an invite by Harshad Oak through LinkedIn.  I took permission from my authorities at...

Tobias Mayer03/30/11
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Don’t Have Meetings

Today, during a Scrum introduction workshop I came to a sudden realization that I didn’t want to use the word “meeting” when talking about Scrum. Meetings have such a bad rap in our industry, and rightly so.

Esther Derby 03/30/11
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Team Trap #3: Failing to Navigate Conflict

“The absence of conflict is not harmony, it’s apathy .” Eisenhardt,  Kahwajy and Bourgeois “(….or acquiescing, or avoiding).” Esther Derby