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Jon Archer01/13/11
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Shouting is not an agile value

The Agile Manifesto is well known: We are uncovering better ways of developingsoftware by doing it and helping others do it.Through this work we have come to value:

J.d. Baker01/13/11
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Requirements Metadata Attributes – part 1

Recently I was asked to provide a suggested list of requirements management attributes (aka metadata) for a client.  I immediately went to my relatively new laptop and searched for the list that I had built over the last few years.  I couldn’t find it,...

Giorgio Sironi01/13/11
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TDD for algorithms: the state of the art

Uncle Bob's recent formalization of the Transformation Priority Premise may improve the ability to build an algorithm with Test-Driven Development.

Mike Cottmeyer01/12/11
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Blending Scrum and Kanban to Create an End-to-End Agile Enterprise

Here is a quick 10 minute video presentation of how I blend concepts like Epics, Features, User Stories, Story Maps, Minimally Marketable Features, Scrum, Kanban, RUP, and even traditional SDLC to create a scaleable agile enterprise portfolio framework....

Kelly Waters01/12/11
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Lean Principles #5 - Deliver Fast

Deliver Fast.  In a way, that's a funny principle to have.  I would have thought that's stating the blinking obvious!  But the reality is that it isn't.  All too often in software development, things seem to take ages.   It is common for people to...

Mike Cottmeyer01/11/11
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Tools for Disciplined Thinking

There is nothing in the manifesto that says we can’t write documentation if we think it’s a valuable contribution the the product. That line in the Agile Manifesto about working software over comprehensive documentation means is that we can’t use...

Robert Diana01/11/11
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Data, Context, Analysis And Meaning

Data, context and analysis has come up a lot lately. I talked about data and context about a month ago when people were arguing about JSON vs. XML. The problem at that time was that people were comparing data formats instead of potential usage:

Giorgio Sironi01/11/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Lazy Setup

Shared Fixtures are useful to save time, and speed up execution: a resource is shared between many tests and is not recreated from scratch everytime. The typical example is always a database connection, which sometimes has an heavy bootstrap.

Lorna Mitchell01/10/11
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Github API: Issues List

I'm deeply involved with an open source development project (joind.in, the event feedback site) and we recently made the decision to move our issue tracking away from GitHub (because it's awful and meets none of the requirements for a bug tracker, but...

Stephen Forte01/10/11
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Agile Estimation Presentation by Stephen Forte

Last night I spoke at the SofiaDev .NET User Group in Sofia, Bulgaria on Agile Estimation. We covered how my Bulgarian is horrible, all I know is “pull” and “push” (as in doors). After an introduction to the estimation problem, we talked about User...

Jon Archer01/10/11
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Top ten tips for distributed scrum team teleconferences

Distributed software teams using scrum can spend a fair bit of time on the telephone. Even if you only talk for just sprint planning, daily stand-ups, reviews and retrospectives that could easily be 6+ hours in a two week sprint. When the team is spread...

Giorgio Sironi01/10/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Prebuilt Fixture

The goal we want to tackle today is: how to prepare Shared Fixture before the first test runs? There are of course other approaches, like lazy creation, but simply having it always available simplifies the rest of the test suite. For instance, the tests can...

Mark Lines01/07/11
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Updates to the Agile Manifesto?

The Agile Manifesto (www.agilemanifesto.org) is the rally cry of all software developers against the bureaucratic and wasteful, document-heavy and plan-driven traditional methods of building software.  However, it is almost 10 years old now.  While it...

Julian Simpson01/07/11
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XFD: now with CruiseControl and TeamCity support

Happy new year! Your belated Christmas gift is a new release of XFD, our build radiator, with support for CruiseControl, and Team City:

Chris Spagnuolo01/06/11
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Ideas without action are called dreams

 Did you have some great ideas in 2010? What became of them?  Did you act on them and create something…or are they still just great ideas? Here are some thoughts about ideas: