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Giorgio Sironi04/25/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Testcase Superclass

Oh my God, here's a duplication in test code. What do we do?If you answered nothing, go back to square 1. Test code is like production code: I like to say that we should give him the same dignity.A common refactoring that we already saw and comes to mind here...

Jurgen Appelo04/23/11
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The Three Manifestos

I was in a creative mood... The Manifesto for Agile Software Development... (You can download the big version of this image here.)

Jesse Warden04/23/11
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Agile Chronicles #6: Tools, Extra Merge Day, and Postponed Transitions

Agile Chronicles #6: Tools, Extra Merge Day, and Postponed Transitions Posted on December 7, 2008 by admin

Peter Schuh04/22/11
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Agile Agenda

Okay, what I’ve done here is taken a practice that is necessary but lame and have tried to make it new and cool by slapping the word agile in front of it. You know, like agile modeling, agile development, agile analysis and agile DBA. But, really, this...

Roman Pichler04/22/11
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Choosing the Right Agile Pilot Project

“Which project is best suited to pilot Scrum?” is a question I get regularly asked in my workshops and training courses. While it is always important to carefully consider the specific situation of an organisation, I have found the following six...

Jesse Warden04/22/11
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Agile Chronicles #10: Conclusions

The Agile Chronicles is a set of articles documenting my experiences using an Agile process (Scrum) in software development on my current Flex project.

Jurgen Appelo04/22/11
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Iterate Your Flawed Models

I recently came across the Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS ever. It lists a number of logo designs that, in all their innocence, invite all kinds of associations with some not so innocent human behaviors. I laughed so hard that part of my brain was dangling from...

Tobias Mayer04/21/11
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In Praise of Unpreparedness

It wasn’t intentional, but because I came into my Scrum training session yesterday with a half-baked idea for a game, the participants were able to experience first-hand the Scrum approach to working with customers (like me!) who don’t know what they...

Johanna Rothman04/21/11
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Musings About Agile Program Management

I’ve been working with organizations who want to move their programs to agile. They’ve been successful with small projects. But now, they want to make agile work with large programs, programs that involve hardware or firmware, programs with many...

David Bland04/21/11
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No Points for You! Come Back 1 Sprint!

It is the end of the iteration, and your team notices that a user story is only partially completed. This could have happened for a variety of reasons such as:

Giorgio Sironi04/21/11
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Exploring TDD in JavaScript with a small kata

A code kata is an exercise where you focus on your technique instead of on the final product of your mind and fingers. But a kata can also be used as a constant parameter, while other variables change, like in scientific experiments. For example, when...

Allan Kelly04/20/11
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How many people are doing Agile?

The BIG question came up the other week during my presentation to HP: “How many organizations are doing Agile?”As I said at the time: Thats the $64,000 question - or perhaps in todays money, $64,000,000,000. Of course, it depends a lot on how you even...

Bob Hartman04/20/11
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New to agile? What does the ScrumMaster do anyway?

I often have people ask me what a ScrumMaster does.  Interestingly, today it came up on a mailing list I read on a regular basis.  So, naturally that means it is time for a blog entry to talk about it! I am a big believer in simplifying things, so let’s...

Michael Sahota04/20/11
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Coaching Skills Dojo

Although Agile coaching requires many skills, we get back to basics by revisiting three fundamental coaching skills: observing, listening and questioning. As you put these three key skills into practice, you will get feedback on your performance and have the...