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Peter Schuh12/02/10
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Kanban: Agile’s Gateway Drug

I’ve always been puzzled why Kanban attracts so much attention in the agile community. At its essence Kanban is workqueue on a wall. Why would any team, delivering within a healthy iterative cadence, switch to a method that does nothing to support a...

Jon Archer12/02/10
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When average is good

Calling something average is one step removed from calling it mediocre. But in the mathematical sense, especially when applied to a team’s velocity it’s a good thing. One of the certain tricky bits for any new team trying out scrum is establishing the...

Giorgio Sironi12/02/10
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Zend_Validate for the win

Zend_Validate is a component of Zend Framework which provides validation classes which out-of-the-box enable you to check from string lengths to stranger properties like conformance to regular expressions or to a standard for barcodes.

Julian Simpson12/01/10
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Hudson: Trouble at the mill?

Looks like Oracle and the Hudson developers aren’t getting along. The project hosting that Oracle provide (inherited from Sun) has been a bumpy ride for the developers, who are suggesting GitHub as a less bumpy and more functional way to develop. ...

Martin Fowler12/01/10
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Reproducible Build

One of the prevailing assumptions that fans of Continuous Integration have is that builds should be reproducible. By this we mean that at any point you should be able to take some older version of the system that you are working on and build it from...

Giorgio Sironi12/01/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Assertion Method

A key requirement in writing fully automated tests is that they should be self-validating.The self-validating term means that the output should be a red light or a green light for each test: they should not require any human intervention to evaluate the...

Jay Fields12/01/10
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Taking a Second Look at Collective Code Ownership

It's common to hear proponents of Agile discussing the benefits of collective code ownership. The benefits can be undeniable. Sharing knowledge ensures at least one other perspective and drastically reduces Bus Risk. However, sharing comes at a cost: time....

Michael Norton12/01/10
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The Technical Debt Trap

I had the honor of presenting at Chicago Code Camp this week on the topic of technical debt. For those of you who know me, you know this is a topic I feel passionately about. More accurately, I am concerned about the misunderstandings surrounding technical...

Mike Cottmeyer11/30/10
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The Role of High-Level Estimates

One of the first things I like to do with my clients, is help them identify their major investment themes, and how those investment themes support their vision for the product. Said another way, we work together to identify the major epics they want to...

Dan Pritchett11/29/10
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Conway's Law

How many of you have heard of Conway's Law? Melvin Conway postulated in 1968 that: ...organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations. I usually paraphrase...

Michael Dubakov11/29/10
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Development practice: Retrospectives in Kanban

There are various ways to support agile team retrospectives. We’ve used all of them, so let me share our experience.

Giorgio Sironi11/29/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Four Phase Test

The Four Phase Test pattern describes how each xUnit-based test follows a structure composed of 4 parts.In small tests, often this division is reflected with blank lines inserted between the different parts. The need for inserting more blank lines, additional...

Mark Needham11/29/10
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Team Communication: Learning models

One of the problems I've noticed in several of the 'agile' communication mechanisms (such as the standup or dev huddle) that we typically use on teams is that they focus almost entirely on verbal communication which only covers one of our learning styles...