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Jurgen Appelo03/15/11
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Top 15 Systems Thinking Books

I know. I have not been very kind to systems thinking in my recent “Complexity vs. Lean” presentation. But most systems thinkers are nice and smart people, and so I will try and make up with this Top 15 of Systems Thinking Books.

Michael Sahota03/15/11
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Post-Chasm Agile Blues

Agile has crossed the chasm and things are different over here. Really different. And not so good. It feels like we have landed at Dieppe (Canadian/British Military WW2 Failure). The bad news is that there is significant failure successfully adopting Agile....

Stephen Forte03/15/11
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Rethinking Agile Methodologies Part II: Scrum, but

In the last post, we looked at how I got into Agile and Scrum. Today we will take a look at how I started to break the rules.See also:

Giorgio Sironi03/14/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Mock Object

The Test Doubles we have seen until now are rather passive: they provide predefined results or record calls, but make no decision on their own. A Mock Object instead, is more than that: it verifies if it's used correctly, by making implicit assertions on what...

Robert Diana03/14/11
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Traditional CS Education Weeding Out The Unwilling

Every once in a while, the computer science education debate appears anew. Is the curriculum too hard, is it too easy or is it even relevant to today’s business environment. Typically, nothing comes of these debates because the people doing the debating...

Mitch Pronschinske03/11/11
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Live at Cloud Connect 2011 - DZone Shares the Experience

This week DZone was on location in Silicon Valley attending the 2nd annual Cloud Connect conference.  After a strong showing in the first year, Cloud Connect really took off the second time around (a 66% increase in attendance).  Over 3,000 people showed up...

Jared Richardson03/11/11
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Top Five Ways to Transform Your Organization

The really hard part of changing an organization is changing the people, and that's not something I can tell you how to do in a blog post. However, I can tell you about five great practices that will boost your team's productivity, increase quality, and...

Michael Norton03/11/11
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Stabilizing Velocity

Have you ever been on a team where your velocity suffered wild variances? Maybe you ended up using a running average instead of yesterday's weather? Have you heard phrases like, "Well, our velocity last iteration was 3, but our average is still...

Aslam Khan03/11/11
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A Design Centric Approach to Implementing a Methodology

Implementing a new methodology is a painful exercise.  Lots change, lots break, and lots of so-called “colateral damage”.  I have tried implementing new methodologies including XP and Scrum many times.  I have also witnessed a lot of attempts by other...

Allan Kelly03/10/11
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Why Quality Most Come First & a comment on the 'System Error' report

On Monday night I presented “Why Quality Must Come First” at Skills Matter in London, the slides are now online (previous link to my website) and there is a pod-cast on the Skills Matter website. This was a revised and updated of my talk at the Agile...

Giorgio Sironi03/10/11
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Eliminating duplication

The title of this article is Eliminating duplication, and when you read that I think you will have guessed I would be talking about code. Of course I will dedicate some space to code-related issues, but not only: duplication is a monster with many heads, that...

Francois Lascelles03/09/11
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Agile, Decoupled Security for Better Service Orientation

Service orientation is about agility. Without a resulting agility, there is no point of doing SOA. Unfortunately, enterprise SOA infrastructure initiatives sometimes fail in part because its security mechanisms and processes demolish any agility that was...

Giorgio Sironi03/09/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Spy

The concept of behavior verification consists in verifying not only the output of the System Under Test, but the calls to other components. These method calls are an output normally not visible to a caller like the test; unless he injects, instead of the real...

Stephen Forte03/08/11
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Rethinking Agile Methodologies Part I: How I started to use Scrum

In the beginning I used waterfall. There I said it. Looking back at the mid to late 1990s, I can’t believe how I ever got software developed at all! ;)

Jurgen Appelo03/07/11
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8 Reasons NOT to do an Agile Management Course

You are already running a perfect business. Why should you need an Agile Management course? So, you do software development “the Agile way”... You already have self-organizing teams practicing Scrum; you have sent some people to a ScrumMaster course;...