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Michael Norton11/18/10
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Excellent Developers Are the Best Hires

I recently read a post wherein the author was condoning the hire of excellent programmers with abrasive personalities over bad programmers with cordial personalities. Superficially, I agree with this advice as it is ultimately better to have an individual...

Giorgio Sironi11/18/10
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The best tools for writing UML diagrams

The Unified Modelling Language (version 2, usually) is a set of semi-formal notations that can be used to express aspects of software design in a graphical way. For example, design patterns are usually explained in a textual form with the aid of Uml class and...

Matt Stine11/17/10
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Leave the Campground Cleaner

Here's a little known fact about your Agile Zone Leader - I'm an Eagle Scout. I spent many happy years in the Boy Scouts, and this meant many happy weekends camping and hiking. Many of you may have heard of one of our camping principles: "Always leave...

Mike Cohn11/17/10
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Should Story Points Be Assigned to A Bug-Fixing Story?

When migrating a product from a traditional approach to an agile one, teams commonly bring along a large database of bugs. These are the result of an inadequate focus on continuously high quality. Shortly into their agile initiative, many teams (and their...

Michael Norton11/17/10
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Should we always pay back Technical Debt?

Jim Highsmith on Technical DebtA former coworker of mine, Jim Highsmith, has recently written an article on The Financial Implications of Technical Debt. Jim states that recent studies indicate the cost of technical debt is near $1 trillion in the U.S. I...

Giorgio Sironi11/17/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Back Door Manipulation

In a test implementing Back Door Manipulation, you bypass the System Under Test to reach the resource it manipulates directly, with the goal of veryfing its behavior or to perform some other handy operations. In fact, there's more than one reasons why you may...

Alex Tkachman11/16/10
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How statically typed meta programming can look

I want to start with piece of code and challenge the reader to understand what the code means. To make the task a bit fair, I am telling you that this is the full content of the file called...

Mark Needham11/16/10
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Retrospectives: My First Time Facilitating

Despite being part of numerous retrospectives over the past few years I don't remember actually facilitating one until my current team's last week. I've gradually come to appreciate the skill involved in facilitating this type of meeting having originally...

Dan Pritchett11/15/10
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Consistency vs. Innovation

I've been pondering the problem of how does an organization achieve innovation and at the same time have some level of consistency in the patterns and components that are in use across teams. Considering the very nature of innovation is to solve existing...

Mark Needham11/15/10
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Agile: Increasing team sizes

A fairly common trend on nearly every project I've worked on is that at some stage the client will ask for more people to be added to the team in order to 'improve' the velocity. Some of the most common arguments against doing so are that it will initially...

Giorgio Sironi11/15/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Shared Fixture

The Shared Fixture pattern is the last of the Fixture organization patterns treated in this series. A Shared Fixture is the opposite and specular case of a Fresh Fixture: it is not recreated for each test, but all the test methods reuse the same object graph...

Matt Stine11/12/10
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Failed Metric, Failed Build?

A very interesting discussion came up this past weekend during the "Project Automation" Birds of a Feather (BOF) session at the No Fluff Just Stuff show in Reston, VA.

Israel Gat11/12/10
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Beyond Devops

Based on feedback from participants in my Agile 2010 workshop “How We Do Things Around Here In Order To Succeed,” I am planning to offer the workshop as a one-day seminar. A tentative agenda for the seminar is as follows:

Robert Diana11/12/10
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Rite of Passage or Useless Time Suck?

How do you welcome new employees? Normally, it is a rite of passage that all new developers must search some documentation and struggle with setting up their development environment. Let me state for the record that I absolutely hate this concept. I...