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Gunnar Peipman11/22/10
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Creating Twitpic client using ASP.NET and OData

Open Data Protocol (OData) is one of new HTTP based protocols for updating and querying data. It is simple protocol and it makes use of other protocols like HTTP, ATOM and JSON. One of sites that allows to consume their data over OData protocol is Twitpic...

Mike Cohn11/22/10
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Scrum Alliance Update

By now you may have heard that I am the new chairman of the board for the Scrum Alliance. Esther Derby, Ken Schwaber and I cofounded the Scrum Alliance a handful of years ago and it’s grown tremendously since then. We have over 100,000 members, which is...

Jurgen Appelo11/22/10
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No True Agile, No True Lean, No True Latte

My presentation Complexity vs. Lean has been well received by many, whereas it was berated by a few. And good or bad, it certainly has sparked some interesting debates about "true Lean" and "true Agile". Here’s my take on the matter.

Rob Williams11/22/10
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TDD in Xcode Suddenly Tons Better

I tend to read the release notes on Tools. That was one thing the eclipse team was good about for a while. My #1 gripe about Xcode, somehow, has disappeared now. That was that when I was working on a unit test, I would have to open up the build window,...

Giorgio Sironi11/22/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Layer Test

Most of PHP web applications nowadays use a layered architecture: a division into horizontal components, which only know the existence of the nearest layers. For example, many applications are divided into a combination of infrastructure layer (data...

Michael Norton11/19/10
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It's our own damn fault

It ain't easy slinging codeOver the course of my more than twenty years in the software development industry, I've worked with hundreds if not thousands of developers. Many of the projects I've been involved with have suffered from the same malady; a...

Mitch Pronschinske11/19/10
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Grails Gets Some FitNesse Finesse

Erik Pragt, who also wrote DZone's "Getting Started with FitNesse" Refcard, is the author of a new Grails plugin that brings the power of FitNesse acceptance testing to Grails apps. 

Mitch Pronschinske11/18/10
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Scrum Deployments are Expanding, and So Must ScrumWorks

Victor Szalvay, the CTO CollabNet's ScrumWorks Business Unit, talked with DZone about a new release of ScrumWorks Pro that is available starting today.  ScrumWorks Pro is CollabNet's Agile project and program management software.  As Scrum and other Agile...

Ted Neward11/18/10
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New to ASP.NET MVC? Test-Drive Your Way

Short version: Jonathan McCracken has produced a great guided tour of ASP.NET MVC 2, meaning if you’re trying to figure out what everybody’s getting so amped up about (as opposed to traditional page-oriented ASP.NET), then Test-Drive ASP.NET MVC is a...

Michael Norton11/18/10
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Excellent Developers Are the Best Hires

I recently read a post wherein the author was condoning the hire of excellent programmers with abrasive personalities over bad programmers with cordial personalities. Superficially, I agree with this advice as it is ultimately better to have an individual...

Giorgio Sironi11/18/10
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The best tools for writing UML diagrams

The Unified Modelling Language (version 2, usually) is a set of semi-formal notations that can be used to express aspects of software design in a graphical way. For example, design patterns are usually explained in a textual form with the aid of Uml class and...

Matt Stine11/17/10
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Leave the Campground Cleaner

Here's a little known fact about your Agile Zone Leader - I'm an Eagle Scout. I spent many happy years in the Boy Scouts, and this meant many happy weekends camping and hiking. Many of you may have heard of one of our camping principles: "Always leave...

Mike Cohn11/17/10
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Should Story Points Be Assigned to A Bug-Fixing Story?

When migrating a product from a traditional approach to an agile one, teams commonly bring along a large database of bugs. These are the result of an inadequate focus on continuously high quality. Shortly into their agile initiative, many teams (and their...

Michael Norton11/17/10
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Should we always pay back Technical Debt?

Jim Highsmith on Technical DebtA former coworker of mine, Jim Highsmith, has recently written an article on The Financial Implications of Technical Debt. Jim states that recent studies indicate the cost of technical debt is near $1 trillion in the U.S. I...

Giorgio Sironi11/17/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Back Door Manipulation

In a test implementing Back Door Manipulation, you bypass the System Under Test to reach the resource it manipulates directly, with the goal of veryfing its behavior or to perform some other handy operations. In fact, there's more than one reasons why you may...