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Israel Gat11/08/10
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The Nine Transformative Aspects of the Technical Debt Metric

No, the technical debt metric will not improve your tennis game. However, using it could help you generate time for practicing the game due to its nine transformative aspects: The technical debt metric enables Continuous Inspection of the code through...

Michael Norton11/08/10
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Stories are about why; not what or how

Story FomatsI've been on numerous Agile projects with varying methods for capturing stories. Quite popular (and purportedly the ThoughtWorks standard) is the "As a, I want, So that" story format. While I have seen teams do well with this format,...

Giorgio Sironi11/08/10
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The Dark Side of Lean

Let's start with a definition of Lean software development:

Giorgio Sironi11/08/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Standard Fixture

We have entered the realm of fixtures, a term that encompasses all the setup necessary prior to running a test, from instantiating the System Under Test to preparing the input data for it.The Standard Fixture pattern is applied when you attempt to reuse the...

Michael Ceranski11/08/10
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Using RavenDB with ASP.NET MVC

Traditionally when you think about a database you think of tables, views, indexes and stored procedures. If you have made a career out of developing database centric applications like I have, then chances are that you have spent a great deal of time...

Allan Kelly11/05/10
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Reuse Myth - can you afford reusable code?

In my Agile Business Conference present (“How much quality can we afford?”) I talked about the Reuse Myth, this is something always touch on when I deliver a training course but I’ve never taken time to write it down. Until now.

Jon Archer11/05/10
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Highly Distributed Scrum

I'm just about to finish sprint four as the Scrum Master for a team that has a higher than average number of distributed members. And I don’t just mean that we got two offices involved, one in the US and one in Europe or India. We have three software...

Mike Cohn11/04/10
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Choosing to Start Small or Go All In when Adopting Agile

Conventional, long-standing advice regarding transitioning to Scrum or any agile process has been to start with a pilot project, learn from it, and then spread agile throughout the organization. This approach is the frequently used start-small pattern in...

Jon Archer11/04/10
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Commitment: what can we really commit to?

I want to discuss a foundational topic that influences the management of software development: commitment. In particular I’m looking at this from the perspective of a business that develops software not for sale, but as an enabler to their operations. As...

David Bernstein11/04/10
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First Seek to Understand

Sometimes I like to start a project by doing a few hours of design and then spend the rest of an iteration building a proof of concept. Oftentimes I can get a tremendous amount of functionality roughed out in a system very quickly and then spend the next...

Allan Kelly11/04/10
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Agile elevator pitch

My (our) entry in the Agile elevator pitch competition:“[Agile] Provides philosophy, techniques and tools to alleviate the pain of traditional development and make teams more effective thus increase your profit.Companies such as the BBC, GE Energy,...

Giorgio Sironi11/04/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Minimal Fixture

Fixtures are the set of data that must be loaded into the system before a test, to ensure that the initial state is correct before we start exercising code. Fixtures can range from the values of a few fields in our objects to row in a database.

Matt Stine11/03/10
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Is the Apple JVM an "Extra Feature?"

Recently Apple announced that it was deprecating its Java Virtual Machine (JVM) implementation. Ten years after promising to "make the Mac the best Java platform," Steve Jobs has done an about face, with Apple indicating that no further development...

Krishna Kumar11/03/10
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Management Tension Index

An old folk tale goes like this: A shop owner was in his house when he heard a heavy cart rolling outside. Curious, he called one of his servants and asked him to find out about the cart. A few minutes later, the servant came back and replied, “The cart...

Michael Norton11/03/10
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Esther Derby asks: Are we aiming too low?

Esther Derby put together a nice post on the importance of design for a web site in which she asks, "Are we aiming too low?"