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Dennis Doomen03/01/11
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ALM Development Practices Part 1: An Introduction

As part of my many assignments, I’m compiling a bunch of Application Lifecycle Management practices into a set of development guidelines for bootstrapping our internal projects using Team Foundation Server. I’ve decided to share these with the...

Peter Schuh03/01/11
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A Project Manager’s Acid Test: Fund Your Own Product

Do you think you are a rockstar project manager? Can you roll out an agile process and leap the tangle of legacy waterfall hurdles without breaking a sweat? Can you walk unaided from a fight club thronged with hackers, cowboy coders, support junkies and...

Michael Sahota03/01/11
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5 Ways Scrum Creates Safety: Why One CSC Uses Scrum and XP Together to Avoid XP Risks

Scrum contains a set of practices distinct from XP that are intended to enhance project safety. The Scrum framework is simple and intentionally incomplete. Scrum expects that teams will add in practices that are relevant to their specific context. For...

Giorgio Sironi03/01/11
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SOLID for packag... err, namespaces

The SOLID principles are a set of guidelines that drives good object-oriented design. They were defined from different people along the years, like Bertrand Meyer (OCP) and Barbara Liskov, but as far as I know Uncle Bob was the first to collect them together.

Steven Lott02/28/11
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TDD -- From SME Spreadsheet to TestCase to Code

In "Unit Test Case, Subject Matter Experts and Requirements" I suggested that it's often pretty easy to get a spreadsheet of full-worked out examples from subject-matter experts. Indeed, if your following TDD, that spreadsheet of examples is...

Jurgen Appelo02/28/11
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Agile Lean Europe: Energize the Network!

Last week Johanna Rothman and I were talking about Agile in Europe, while she made a brave attempt at out-eating me at my own favorite Moroccan restaurant in Brussels.

Michael Norton02/28/11
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Open iTerm Here

I've been using iTerm for over a year now. I like it over Terminal for a few reasons, but primarily because it supports multiple frames. This makes my workflow easier as I can see everything on a single screen and can easily navigate from one frame to the...

Giorgio Sironi02/28/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Implicit Teardown

If we define the hooks supported by our test automation framework (PHPUnit for all articles in this series) will call our cleanup code. It's just a matter of placing it in the right place: almost all testing frameworks, throughout many languages, support...

Geert Bossuyt02/28/11
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Types of Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching is about guiding a person, team or organization towards more Agility. Based upon the subject of coaching, there are 4 types of Agile Coaching Personal CoachingTeam CoachingSystem CoachingCulture Coaching Based upon the main focus a coach...

Kelly Waters02/24/11
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The Law of Raspberry Jam (Reflecting on Agile Progress)

This post is from Jim Highsmith by Jim Highsmith. Click here to see the original post in full.

Cedric Beust02/24/11
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From Scala back to Java

Here is a very interesting story of someone who started using Scala and then decided to come back to Java: My experiment with Scala is not working out. It’s just not ready for prime time, and is overkill for my needs. Reluctantly, I am falling back to...

Giorgio Sironi02/24/11
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Why Ruby's monkey patching is better than land mines...wait, what?

In the last days, the article Why PHP is better than Ruby has got very popular on DZone. Unfortunately, the majority of popular articles are very controversial, and I feel obliged to write a response on one of the so called "pros" of Ruby: monkey...

James Sugrue02/24/11
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Prediction #3: Git and distributed version control invade the enterprise, widespread panic and benefits follow

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.  Look for more predictions in this series on his blog and on Agile Zone

Steve Ciske02/23/11
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Teach Teams to Win AND Fail

I'm going to tell you a story about how I almost failed as a manager.  I say almost because it was only because of Bob Smith that I recovered and really understood the error of my ways.    Bob is a factious character because the innocent should be...

Giorgio Sironi02/23/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: In-Line Teardown

The In-Line Teardown pattern consists in putting the logic for teardown of resources used in the test metod inside the method as well.This pattern is the complementary way to work with respect to Automated Teardown and Implicit Teardown (which will be the...