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Mitch Pronschinske04/01/10
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Case Study: How OSS Helped One Startup Beat Larger Companies

Many companies are still not comfortable with using a software solution unless they are paying for it.  However, tech companies that use mainly Open Source Software in their development stack, once a rarity, are now becoming more common.  The overall...

Julian Simpson04/01/10
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Is Maven agile?

Is Maven agile? Here’s my half-assed reasons why:

Joshua Barnes03/31/10
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Using a Process Management Tool

Last week I posted a follow up and a new entry on processes that I have been working on for a client and the delivery mechanism.  Although my partners and I have evaluated and demoed various tools over the years to create, modify, or publish processes,...

Jurgen Appelo03/30/10
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Optimize the Whole = Measure at All Levels

We know that measuring (and awarding) the wrong things in a system leads to nasty side-effects. And we know that self-organization allows a system to optimize for itself. In systems theory these concepts are known as the Sub-optimization Principle:

Giorgio Sironi03/30/10
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The TDD Checklist (Red-Green-Refactor in Detail)

I have written up a checklist to use for unit-level Test-Driven Development, to make sure I do not skip steps while writing code, at a very low level of the development process. Ideally I will soon internalize this process to the point that I would recognize...

Eric Hagan03/29/10
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From Start to Success with Web Automation

Adam Goucher has been testing software professionally for over 10 years with businesses that were small and large with traditional and agile testing...

Mike Cottmeyer03/29/10
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How to Build a Large Agile Organization

Okay... consider this scenario. We have a 300 person IT shop responsible for developing control systems that automate large buildings. These systems require front end developers, middleware developers, firmware developers, and hardware engineers. A...

Mitch Pronschinske03/28/10
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10 Properties of Kanban

Kanban pioneer David Anderson recently submitted a manuscript of his new book for copy editing.  The book is titled "Kanban - Successful Evolutionary Change for Technology Organizations,"  and it is the first complete and formal documentation of...

Olga Kouzina03/26/10
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Agile Tool Reviews: Trusted Content?

Yesterday Google alerted me about a review of TargetProcess  by Boris Gloger. I started reading this review and I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could Boris Gloger, such a respected Scrum trainer, overlook some important features of an agile tool he’s...

Mitch Pronschinske03/25/10
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Klocwork Beefs Up Security in Agile Source Analysis

The vulnerability analysis features in Klocwork's products were recently strengthened to align with industry and government best practices.  Klocwork is a static analysis suite for agile development projects in Java, C#, C and C++.  Their tools check for...

Brad White03/25/10
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Book Review - Leading Lean Software Development: Results Are Not the Point

My first introduction to Mary Poppendieck was her excellent The Tyranny of "The Plan” presentation given at the UK Lean Conference in December of 2009, which touches on some of the concepts...

Joshua Barnes03/25/10
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Software Development Practices Applied to Financial Modeling

The current state of the economy and its financial crisis has required organizations to put additional structure and scrutiny to financial model risk management.  There is increased stipulation for rigor and accountability from executive management,...

Mark Needham03/24/10
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TDD: Consistent test structure

While pairing with Damian we came across the fairly common situation where we'd written two different tests – one to handle the positive case and one the negative case. While tidying up the tests after we'd got them passing we noticed that the test...

Mitch Pronschinske03/23/10
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Enterprise Web Platform 5.0 Completes the JBoss Open Choice Trinity

Today at EclipseCon, Red Hat announced the general availability of the third and final piece of the JBoss Open Choice strategy.  The newly released JBoss Enterprise Web Platform 5.0 joins the JBoss Enterprise Web Server and the JBoss Enterprise Application...

Joshua Barnes03/23/10
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More On the Process for Development Outside of the IT Area

My last blog post was about the creation of a process for “development” that is outside of the IT area.  I have been contacted both directly via email (Joshua@upmentors.com) and by comment on the original post made at www.upmentors.com