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Dele Sikuade03/28/11
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Nimble Testing From Countersoft

When I was a young man working a brief stint in sales support, the chief salesman told me in the gravest tone possible never to use the word ‘complicated’ when I meant ‘sophisticated’ or ‘lightweight’ when I meant ‘flexible’, because in...

Giorgio Sironi03/28/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test-Specific Subclass

All objects have some private state: usually well-encapsulated, and not exposed with a bunch of getters and setters. But for making verifications, if the SUT was not thought with testing in mind, you have often to access this private state.There is a really...

Jurgen Appelo03/27/11
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7 Questions for Lyssa Adkins

7 Questions for Lyssa Adkins Lyssa Adkins is the author of Coaching Agile Teams, a wonderful book for Agile coaches, which is selling very well on Amazon. Lyssa has been “coaching teams in the financial services industry and coaching coaches who...

James Shore03/26/11
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Let's Play TDD #97: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The source code for this episode is available here.

Mike Cohn03/25/11
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5 Free Agile & Scrum Tools for Project Planning and Prioritizing

Mountain Goat Software and Mike Cohn, author and Agile Scrum expert, have announced the release of four free tools used in agile and scrum projects for planning and prioritizing. Layfayette, CO November 6, 2010 — Mountain Goat Software, an agile...

Reza Ghafari03/25/11
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Why do we have Agile today?

Why didn't we have it 20 years ago?! Why Agile enthusiasts insist on not having too much design before hand, less documentation, not much emphasis on architecture,etc? why are we able to actually deliver projects today with less design, architecture and...

Robert Diana03/25/11
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Implicit Social Graphs Rise From Interest Not Location

There has been a ton of conversation about social graphs, location and photo sharing lately. Most of this conversation has arisen due to the release of the photo-sharing application Color. The photo-sharing part of the discussion is only a gateway to the...

Stephen Forte03/25/11
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Rethinking Agile Methodologies Part III: Moving away from Scrum

In Part I we looked at how I first got into Agile and Scrum. Last week in Part II, we explored how Scrum failed to be flexible enough to fit into my unique process. Today we will take a look at how I got introduced to Kanban.

Dror Helper03/24/11
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Coding Conventions

Can you spot the difference between the following two code snippets?Exhibit #1:public class MyClass{ public int MyFunc(int x, int y) { return x + y; }}Exhibit #2:public class MyClass{ public int MyFunc(int x, int y){ return x + y; ...

Michael Sahota03/24/11
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How to Make Your Culture Work

I finally had time to read The Reengineering Alternative: A plan for making your current culture work by William Schneider.

James Shore03/23/11
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Let's Play #96 Resources

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes.

Michael Sahota03/23/11
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Scrum and XP are not what you think

I learned in the last month that I don’t know what XP is. As it turns out, I don’t really know what Scrum is either. This is a good thing. No, I am not on crack. Let me say more. Putting my foot in my mouth in public I made the unfortunate choice of...

Giorgio Sironi03/23/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Hard-Coded Test Double

Sometimes we want to build a Test Double class that would serve for only one object, or for multiple objects that are used in exactly the same context. Building a Configurable Test Double, even when generation is involved, may be an overkill and a violation...

Giorgio Sironi03/22/11
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How to enrich lawyers

It seems that today Google patented the Doodles, the special logos that appear on its homepage in occasion of events such as anniversaries of inventions or of births.

Robert Diana03/22/11
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Reviewing Data Analysis With Open Source Tools

Before I get to the book review, I wanted to mention a basic note about book reviews. In the past I have reviewed books in a less than traditional manner, focusing on how they could be used in a startup. I will probably be receiving more titles to review,...