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Kelly Waters02/23/10
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10 Things I Hate About Agile Development!

Agile development. Love it or hate it, there's no doubt that it's here to stay. I've enjoyed a great deal of success thanks to agile software development and agile project management methods, but here are 10 things I hate about Agile! 1. Saying you're doing...

Lyndsey Clevesy02/22/10
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Doc List on Facilitation, Behavioral Patterns

Steven "Doc" List is the Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, a global agile consultancy and ALM tool vendor.  In his consulting, List emphasizes...

Mitch Pronschinske02/22/10
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CollabNet Goes Agile, Acquires Danube

Today, CollabNet announced that it has acquired Danube Technologies, a company that develops Scrum project management software and conducts Scrum certification training.  Founded in 2000, Danube was a small business with about 30 employees before the...

Joshua Barnes02/22/10
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Pulling the plug...

What happens when the plug is pulled too soon on an initiative's budget?

Julian Simpson02/19/10
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A way to cool dependency Hell?

How to break a deploy: Take one codebase. Sieve in a new class. Mix in the dry ingredients and a new runtime dependency. Place another dependency on a pre-warmed Hudson, bake for 10 minutes (on a medium heat) and then deploy. Oh dear. It didn’t...

Michael Dubakov02/18/10
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Relax, Agile Development IS Growing Up

I read Agile development grows UP article written by Mark Lines. It has quite a strange taste… Is it an attempt to advertise new methodology? I hope it is, otherwise Mark is completely missing the point and agile development trends.I want to review the...

Lyndsey Clevesy02/17/10
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Uncle Bob on Software Craftsmanship

Bob Martin is the founder of Object Mentor, a team of experienced software professionals that provide Agile and Object Oriented Design training and...

Mitch Pronschinske02/17/10
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Electric Cloud's New Tools Avoid Unnecessary Builds

Electric Cloud has recently developed several unique capabilities for its software production suite, and now the company has built these technologies into the newest versions of their ElectricAccelerator and ElectricCommander products, which were released...

Mark Lines02/17/10
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Agile development grows UP

“The Agile community likes to think that they represent God’s answer to good software development.  NO!!  You are acting like children and making fools of us all!!” - Scott Ambler, IBM Rational Software Conference 2009I have followed Scott for...

Mitch Pronschinske02/17/10
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Pair Programming Tactics

Many developers have embraced the tactics of pair programming while others have shunned and criticized it, generating controversy over whether or not it's generally a good method for development.  One of the problems is in the broad definition of pair...

Michael Dubakov02/16/10
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Cumulative Flow Chart in Kanban: Real Usage Example

Cumulative Flow diagram is a very good starting point for stop-the-line or retrospective meeting. Here is a real example from TargetProcess development.

Mitch Pronschinske02/16/10
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4 Methods to Automate Development Environment Setup

It's a common headache for development teams of any size to set up all the things that go into a local development environment whenever a new programmer is brought on board or moved to another machine.  There's a multitude of installations that go into a...

Michele Mauro02/15/10
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Book Review: 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know

"97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know" is the kind of book that you read cover to cover and then keep near your workspace. Then, when you need advice, inspiration, or when you wonder...

Nitin Bharti02/15/10
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Our Obsesssion with Efficiency

Dan North doesn't believe in efficiency -- it's our obsession with efficiency that has got us into the current technology mess, and which has led almost...

Lyndsey Clevesy02/15/10
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Caucho's Emil Ong Discusses Resin 4.0

Emil Ong is the Chief Evangelist at Caucho Technology, an independent application server vendor.  Caucho's flagship product is a high-performance, open...