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Johanna Rothman05/06/14
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Estimation and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

If you use estimates as a way to evaluate the projects in your project portfolio, beware of the sunk cost fallacy. You would be better off to ask, “How much value does this project have for us, compared to the other projects we have to do?”

Mike Cottmeyer05/06/14
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Coaching the Agile Architect

As an Agile Coach, I typically find two shifts in perspective helpful for new agile architects: first, the possibility of delivering slices of functionality, and second, the possibility of delivering slices of architecture required to support incremental delivery.

Hubert Klein Ikkink05/06/14
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Groovy Goodness: More Efficient Tail Recursion With TailRecursive Annotation

Since Groovy 1.8 we can use the trampoline method for a closure to get better recursive behavior for tail recursion. If we apply the annotation to our method with tail recursion the method invocations will be sequential and not stacked, like with the closure's trampoline method.

Anh Tuan Nguyen05/06/14
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From Scrum to Kanban

This month marks one year from the time we switched from Scrum to Kanban. I think this is a good time for us to review the impact of this change.

Jim Bird05/06/14
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How Product Ownership works in the Real World

Scrum continues to insist that a single person play the role of Product Owner on a development project. There are too many functional and operational and technical details for one person to understand and manage, too many important decisions for one person to make, too many problems to solve, too many questions and loose ends to follow-up on, and not enough time.

Craig Matsumoto05/06/14
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Pluribus Gets a Showcase With Supermicro

Pluribus Networks has landed a job running networking on certain Supermicro chassis, a deal that should give the compute/switching startup a new way to show off its software prowess.

Craig Matsumoto05/06/14
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vIPtela Brings SDN & Security to the Disaggregated WAN

Startup vIPtela sees opportunity in using software-defined networking (SDN) principles to unify WAN connectivity, as it’s announcing its products today with claims that it’s in production with at least one large enterprise and running proofs-of-concept with three others.

Venkatesh Kris...05/05/14
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Some Buzzwords in Agile Community and New Trends

In the recent times the following ideas/buzzwords are getting filled with the void of struggling, adolescent Agile.

Dalip Mahal05/05/14
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Agile Tools do NOT Make you Agile

An expert's performance can be dramatically improved with the right tools, but a beginner will not perform better with a great tool.

Manas Bhardwaj05/05/14
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The Curious Case of Scrum Master’s Role

At the very core both agile manifesto and scrum are frameworks and not a detailed method or process. This was intentional because the founders of scrum wanted to keep it as lightweight framework which can be used by the organizations to develop the software with value.

Pierre-yves Saumont05/05/14
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What's Wrong in Java 8, Part II: Functions & Primitives

Tony Hoare called the invention of the null reference the “billion dollars mistake”. May be the use of primitives in Java could be called the million dollars mistake.

Mitch Pronschinske05/05/14
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Infrastructure as Code: When Automation isn’t Enough

The best piece of advice to about using Infrastructure as Code is to stay connected to the vast community of innovative developers. If your systems remain open to the rapid changes in that community, you’ll be able to share and benefit from the cutting-edge ideas that will make your organization successful.

Abishek Baskaran05/05/14
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Analyzing a large JSON in memory

I have been doing a comparative study on different ways to analyse a large JSON in memory, and wanted to share the results I see.

Reza Rahman05/05/14
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EJB 3 in Action: A Personal Journey

I am very proud to say the second edition of EJB 3 in Action is now published. In addition to covering EJB 3.2, we've also covered JPA 2.1, CDI 1.1, JAX-RS and WebSocket. The goal is to try to cover as much of the Java EE 7 "backend" technologies as possible.

Sarah Ervin05/04/14
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The Best of the Week (Apr. 25): Agile Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Agile Zone (Apr. 25 to May 01). This week's topics include the balance between talent and hard work, a discussion on the Diatomic License, and a decompiled explanation of agile.