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Leigh Shevchik12/19/13
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Computer Architecture Has Hit a Power Wall

Ben Hindman's talk set out to define the ‘future stack’ by taking a deep dive into the evolution and future of computing architecture.

Lukas Eder12/19/13
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Add LATERAL Joins or CROSS APPLY to Your SQL Tool Chain

SQL features have a unique trait that few other languages have. They are obscure to those who don’t know them, as every language feature introduces a new syntax with new keywords. In this case: APPLY and LATERAL.

Ralf Quebbemann12/19/13
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Useful Subversion Pre-Commit Hook Script for Linux Servers

Looking for useful subversion pre-commit hooks? Maybe this script is for you. It's a Linux bash shell script and also makes use of python.

Allen Coin12/18/13
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Dev of the Week: Peter Zaitsev

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Peter Zaitsev, MySQL performance specialist and Founder, CEO of Percona.

Zac Gery12/18/13
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Identifying Loss Aversion in Software Design

There are many facets to software design. A common example is loss aversion, which refers to "people's tendency to strongly prefer avoiding losses to acquiring gains." Armed with this knowledge, more informed decisions are possible throughout the software development cycle. The following list details a few examples where loss aversion can play a role in software development:

James Chesters12/18/13
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Changing the Ratio with the Nairobi Developer School

You hear a lot about “change the ratio” and encouraging young people, especially young women, into technology. Njeri “Martha” Chuomo is 19 years old, a Ruby programmer living in Nairobi, and changing more than just the ratio.

Vlad Mihalcea12/18/13
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Teaching is the Best Way to Learn

There are many ways to learn but teaching might be the best one.

Seth Proctor12/18/13
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Testing Network Failure on AWS

Recently, Dan wrote a great piece on testing network failures with NuoDB's support for geo-distribution. If you haven't read it, then go do that right now. It's cool, and it illustrates pretty clearly how you can tune the rules for durability based on awareness of regions.

Evan Leybourn12/18/13
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The Mathematics of Agile Communication

Let me ask you a question; why do agile frameworks recommend limiting team size to 7±2? If you answered “communication” or "collaboration", congratulations you're correct. But do you understand why?

Manali Gupta12/18/13
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Increase your business value with agile project management

Increase your business value with agile project management Agile project management is an incremental approach of managing and guiding software processes. It enables organization to deliver highly flexible, high quality product to their clients with the constant focus on continuous improvement, flexibility, team input.

Mike Hadlow12/17/13
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Are your programmers working hard, or are they lazy?

When people are doing a physical task, it’s easy to assess how hard they are working. Recognizing and rewarding hard work is a pretty fundamental human instinct, it is one of the reasons we find endurance sports so fascinating. This instinctive appreciation of physical hard work is a problem when it comes to managing creative-technical employees. Effective knowledge workers often don’t look like they are working very hard.

Zac Gery12/17/13
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Programming Perfection: Noble Quest or Fool's Gold?

The topic of perfection is a common discussion at the programming dinner table. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it healthy? Is it possible? Is it realistic? With that in mind, the following section outlines the benefits and pitfalls of perfectionism in software development:

Lieven Doclo12/17/13
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Paying It Forward

How does one change the world? One random act of kindness at the time. But I’m a software engineer. It’s hard to do random acts of kindness when it comes to doing IT related stuff. I often think I should do something about this. The ultimate solution would be that you could do this with a group of software engineers.

Peter Zaitsev12/17/13
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Seconds_Behind_Master fluctuating wildly? Check for events caught in a loop

Recently I was working with a customer where we noticed that Seconds_Behind_Master fluctuating from an expected value of 0 seconds behind to a fairly high six figure value. So what was the fix? We leveraged the CHANGE MASTER TO syntax to utilize IGNORE_SERVER_IDS setting:

Troy Hunt12/17/13
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Micro-optimizing Web Content for Unexpected Wild Success

I had a little problem last week. I built a very small website – really just a one pager with a single API – whacked it up on an Azure website and then promptly had a quarter of a million people visit it in three days. Uh, bugger? There are a whole different set of challenges involved when optimising for large traffic volumes, let me walk you through how I tackled it.