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Venkatesh Kris...01/05/11
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Agile estimation and Planning – Presentation

Recently Mike Cohn presented the summary of his book Agile estimation and planning during Las Vegas Conference.

Giorgio Sironi01/05/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Implicit Setup

Sometimes a fixture is well-defined, and can be extracted from Test Methods without loss of clarity. Maybe it's only an irrelevant part of all the fixtures we'll need in a test. Or it is a System Under Test which is a leaf in the object graph, and its...

Den D.01/05/11
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MonoDroid in public beta

It was announced by Miguel de Icaza, the project lead for Mono (the open-source implementation of the .NET Framework) that the MonoDroid beta is now open for public access. MonoDroid is an abstraction layer on top of the Android SDK that allows .NET...

Peter Schuh01/04/11
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That Huge Estimate May Be a Vote of No Confidence

I’ve seen it happen several times. The business requests an upfront, full-cost estimate for some feature or functionality. A business person writes something up – far simpler than the normal story-writing or requirements-drafting process. The...

James Shore01/04/11
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Let's Play TDD #70: Reflections on Incremental Design

The source code for this episode is available here. Visit the Let's Play archive for more episodes!

Nick Boldt01/04/11
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Using Git like CVS

Tonight I moved the http://rainbowcinemas.ca sources from phpeclipse and CVS to PDT and Git. Below are some gotchas and tips for initial repo creation, how to keep the central remote copy up to date, and how to work around complaints about updating master...

Giorgio Sironi01/04/11
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These are not the buzzwords you're looking for

Sometimes you come across expressons which are commonly used in the Agile community, but which lack a formal or straightforward definition.I have to say that in the Agile and eXtreme Programming community the scenario is often much better: Test-Driven...

Ted Neward01/03/11
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Tech Predictions, 2011 Edition

Long-time readers of this blog know what’s coming next: it’s time for Ted to prognosticate on what the coming year of tech will bring us. But I believe strongly in accountability, even in my offered-up-for-free predictions, so one of the traditions of...

Michael Norton01/03/11
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You are a Leader

Leaders are chosenLeadership is neither assigned nor selected. People choose whom to follow and a leader thereby emerges. “The led must not be compelled, they must be able to choose their own leader” - Albert EinsteinWe always have a choice. We may not...

Jurgen Appelo01/03/11
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Manage Yourself with Measures

In 2007 I read 31 novels. In 2008 I read 19 novels. In 2009 I read 12 novels. In 2010 I read 8 novels.

Giorgio Sironi01/03/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Creation Method

In our journey into fixture creation strategies, we are transitioning from a simple Inline Setup to a Delegated Setup: from a bunch of new operators to external Creation Methods. Fixture setup is the process of creating objects for test purposes, being them...

Sasha Goldshtein01/03/11
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Writing a Compiler in C#: C Code Generation, Part 1

After having discussed in some detail the lexical analysis and parsing phases, it’s time to get our hands dirty with actual code generation. Theoretically speaking, our parser emits an intermediate representation of the parsed program—the...

Mike Cottmeyer12/29/10
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My, How the Times Are a Changin’

@mcottmeyer: Interesting Post… [Agile Guide] – Rotating Responsibility for Scrums and Retrospectives http://dlvr.it/CFN4q @davenicolette: “Take the reins…standard meetings…assign a different leader…” My, how agile thinking has deteriorated...

Giorgio Sironi12/29/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Delegated Setup

Inline Setup is pretty simple to understand: you just create the fixture when you need them, in the Test Method that needs them. But sometimes the process gets too long, or unreadable, or full of duplicated code between tests. So you have to factor out that...

Alosh Bennett12/28/10
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Implementation and Testing of Software Projects

Computer Society of India, Hyderabad Chapter had organized a Workshop on Project Development and I was lucky to give a talk on its implementation and testing aspects. Among the speakers was Mr Raju Kanchibhotla, Chairman of CSI, Hyderabad who gave an...