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Martin Hinshelwood12/28/10
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Ghost team foundation build controllers

Quite often after an upgrade there are things left over. Most of the time they are easy to delete, but sometimes it takes a little effort.

Rob Williams12/28/10
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Well, Hello Github

So after my last post, I decided I would try to just setup commit emails on our git repository. I found a project called git-commit-notifier. It‘s a Ruby project that produces decent looking diffs that are colored.

Allan Kelly12/27/10
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Product Management an open secret, a differenciator

At the Skills Matter Agile Lean Kanban exchange the other week someone - sorry I missed you name - told me about a report from the BBC on Product Management. It turns out the report is from a branch of the BBC I didn’t know about, “BBC Academy” and...

Mark Needham12/27/10
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Theory of Constraints: Blaming the bottleneck

I've been reading The Goal over the last week or so where Eliyahu Goldratt describes the theory of constraints as a philosophy for allowing organisations to continually achieve their goal. Goldratt goes on to describe bottlenecks – resources which have a...

Rob Williams12/27/10
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Github: More on How Free Sucks

So I am really happy to have changed to Git, I already blogged about that. One of my main motivations was so I could use *Gerrit*, a code review tool that makes it so people have to review code before it's merged with the server branch that others are...

Giorgio Sironi12/27/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Inline Setup

We are entering the realm of fixture setup, when we will see how Shared/Fresh Standard/Minimal Fixtures are effectively implemented within the context of xUnit frameworks. These patterns do not discuss if the fixture is:shared between tests (Shared)created...

Den D.12/26/10
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.NET Developer Tools - What you should (could) have in your toolbox

Scott Hansleman has a pretty decent list of software tools that might be useful for developer and regular users in their daily life. My intention with this list is not to copy the existing resource but rather list some .NET-specific tools that developers...

David Bland12/25/10
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Lost in Agile Translation

As ambassadors for organizational change, we routinely face obstacles ranging from the usage of scrum rhetoric by trainers to stubbornly persistent misconceptions. As a result, we continually strive to improve upon how we connect to those who may have...

Jurgen Appelo12/23/10
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Happy Holidays! (and Free Book Chapter)

I will be enjoying a time-out with my friends during the holidays, while patiently waiting for the release of my book. (The official date is still December 30…) I wish you all a merry Xmas! Be nice to each other. Make someone happy. And don’t eat too much.

Peter Schuh12/23/10
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Stop the Insanity. Don’t Track Actuals.

Most project managers want to track actual effort and dollars toward the completion of their projects and deliverables. The goal is obvious and laudable. By knowing the actual cost of something we can provide more precise estimates the next time...

Giorgio Sironi12/23/10
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What cooking can teach to a software developer

Let's start with question which does not really matter for software development: how much flour should I put in my pastries?The complex answer is that it should be just enough for making them stiff and not squashing down, and also increase in size in the...

James Shore12/22/10
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Are You Coding on Thin Ice?

Winter has arrived here in the US. Even here in the normally temperate North Carolina, it's been 5 to 10 degrees below freezing for the last several weeks. A number of local lakes are frozen... or are they? When you look at a lake with ice on top, it's a...

Allan Kelly12/22/10
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Dialogue sheets, retrospectives and quotes (Send me your quotes)

Know any good quote about software development? Agile? Lean? Teams? Code? or anything else in this space?I’m working on a little project and I need some though provoking quotes so please send them over - leave a comment here, e-mail me (allan at...

Mike Cottmeyer12/22/10
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Sharing Risk With The Team

Many of the teams out there are building stuff that has never really been built before. They are using technologies that are unfamiliar to them. They are working on code bases they didn’t originally create and dealing with customers that don’t really...

Giorgio Sironi12/22/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Discovery

The Test Discovery pattern describes automated mechanisms for the testing framework to define which of your tests should be run at the user's request.Usually, a framework that implements this pattern should discover all the tests of an application, since only...