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James Shore12/22/10
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Are You Coding on Thin Ice?

Winter has arrived here in the US. Even here in the normally temperate North Carolina, it's been 5 to 10 degrees below freezing for the last several weeks. A number of local lakes are frozen... or are they? When you look at a lake with ice on top, it's a...

Allan Kelly12/22/10
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Dialogue sheets, retrospectives and quotes (Send me your quotes)

Know any good quote about software development? Agile? Lean? Teams? Code? or anything else in this space?I’m working on a little project and I need some though provoking quotes so please send them over - leave a comment here, e-mail me (allan at...

Mike Cottmeyer12/22/10
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Sharing Risk With The Team

Many of the teams out there are building stuff that has never really been built before. They are using technologies that are unfamiliar to them. They are working on code bases they didn’t originally create and dealing with customers that don’t really...

Giorgio Sironi12/22/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Discovery

The Test Discovery pattern describes automated mechanisms for the testing framework to define which of your tests should be run at the user's request.Usually, a framework that implements this pattern should discover all the tests of an application, since only...

James Shore12/21/10
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Agile Release Planning from Top to Bottom

My recent Øredev presentation, "Agile Release Planning from Top to Bottom," was recorded and the video is now available online. This presentation was very well received and I think it's one of the best I've given recently.  Watch it here.

Michael Norton12/21/10
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What are you rewarding? - We don't pay bonuses

It is nearing the end of the year and we at LeanDog are wrapping up our fiscal year. We're looking at the potential tax benefits of spending some of our reserve and we're mulling over other ideas related to the spend of money. We are not, however,...

Dele Sikuade12/21/10
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Project Managers: The Enemy Within?

They huddle in a corner, hunched over the Gantt chart you just handed out, muttering darkly.  Only the occasional, quick glance in your direction betrays that you are the subject of their reproach.  You sigh and for a moment are tempted to bat for your...

Giorgio Sironi12/21/10
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Sitting on the couch

CouchDB is one of the most famous open source document-oriented databases available on the web.This article described my experience with CouchDB during an university project, after having worked only with relational databases for years. I never had time to...

Jurgen Appelo12/20/10
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How to Deal with Unknown Unknowns

Getting people together to share information and make joint decisions is the best way to deal with the unknown. Software projects always suffer from limited predictability. And that’s not only because of the many feedback loops inside the system. Another...

Giorgio Sironi12/20/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Suite

A Test Suite object implements the same interface of a Testcase Class, but it is in fact a collection of Testcase Objects instead of a single one. When run, this Test Suite will aggregate the execution of all the contained tests.As you may have correctly...

Avi Yehuda12/17/10
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Freeware for generating UMLs

I was looking for a simple freeware for generating UMLs and class diagrams spesifclly. Here is some of the better ones I have found: ArgoUML open source UML modeling tool.

Mark Needham12/17/10
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Distributed Agile: Other Observations

Some of the difficulties of working in an offshore environment were clear to me before I even came to India but I've come across a few others lately which I either didn't think about before or didn't realise how annoying they were! Getting data from the...

David Bernstein12/16/10
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Under-Design and Over-Design

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had in my career as a developer was over-design. I used to just dive in and code on projects but soon afterwords I would end up stuck. To compensate I would spend a lot of time in the design phase only to discover later...

Michael Dubakov12/16/10
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Learning & Software Development. Multi-skilled Developer

You are having your first project. In the beginning, you know almost nothing about programming languages, business domain, development process, efficient practices and other good things. In the beginning, you know almost nothing about political games,...