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Wille Faler08/01/10
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The End of Management & Process

Job adverts often pay lip service to terms such as “must be proactive”, or “self motivated” and various other platitudes. Yet many organizations will fight vigorously to stamp out such rebellious and subversive behaviour from their new recruits...

David Bland07/30/10
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A Mirror for the Team

Alistair Cockburn once stated that Scrum is a mirror, and that organizations need to look into the Scrum mirror no matter how difficult it may be. I would take that a step further and say that the ScrumMaster is the mirror for the team.

Matt Stine07/29/10
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The Guerilla's Workflow

We're now four episodes in to The Agile Guerilla series. The focus of this series of articles is to to help you introduce change, specifically moving to agility, into your organization from the grassroots level.

Allan Kelly07/29/10
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The train metaphor of software development

I’m sitting on a train from York so it seems a good time to share my train-leaving-the-station metaphor with the world. In truth, if you’ve worked with me in the last few years, or heard me speak at a conference I may already have shared it with you. ...

Mark Needham07/29/10
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Kent Beck's Test Driven Development Screencasts

Following the recommendations of Corey Haines, Michael Guterl, James Martin and

Jared Richardson07/28/10
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Digg is Using Continuous Deployment. To Deploy to Production.

I recently stumbled across an amazing article. I've been using continuous integration for years, and I've used continuous deployment for a long time, but I've never tried this trick. The clever developers working on the very popular Digg.com site are using a...

Matt Stine07/28/10
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Feedback is the Key!

I've continually run into the same meme for the past several days, that of the absolute importance of rapid feedback to continuous improvement and sustainable success. Mark Horstman and Michael Auzenne, co-hosts of the popular "Manager Tools"...

Rebecca Murphy07/28/10
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I need to say a few things.

Over the weekend, there was a tweet announcing that Google was going to provide “scholarships” to qualified women to attend JSConf.eu. There was then a tweet by another person calling this “disgusting” and “illegal.” Nicole Sullivan has a...

Bob Hartman07/28/10
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New to agile? Remember, sometimes things get crazy!

Do you ever get so frustrated you feel like pulling your hair out?  I do (although that is NOT a picture of me to the left!).  If you look at my pictures you will see that it would be difficult for me to pull my hair out because a) there isn’t a lot of...

Brad White07/27/10
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Review: Reflections on management

During the late 1960's and through the 70's computing power increased dramatically, enabling programmers to apply computers to complex problems. It became apparent that it is difficult to write...

Roman Pichler07/27/10
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The Lean Product Backlog – Limit Variation and Prevent Overburden

Many product backlogs are too long, detailed and complex. This is in stark contrast to what the product backlog should be: a simple artefact listing the outstanding work to bring the product to life. It’s time to put any over-weight product backlog on a...

Nitin Bharti07/26/10
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Ten Principles for Agile Testers

Everyone on an agile team is a tester. Anyone can pick up testing tasks. If that’s true, then what is special about an agile tester? If I define myself as a tester on an agile team, what does that really mean? Do agile testers need different skill sets than...

James Sugrue07/26/10
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Becoming Agile: The One Change

For some of us, taking an Agile approach to software development is easy. But for others, particularly companies who are established in a waterfall based approach to software development, embracing agile can be much more difficult. Anders Ramsay recently...

Wille Faler07/26/10
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There is something rotten in the state of Computer Science education

When I went to university, most of our programming tests and projects where evaluated based on our grasp of various algorithms for sorting, tree traversal, hashing functions and numerous other things, you know, the sort of thing that most high level...

Steven Lott07/23/10
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Scrum Made Difficult

Here's a great post called "Toward a Catalog of Scrum Smells". This lists some "Management Smells": specifically doing clumsy, ineffective things and calling it "Scrum".I found this in StackOverflow question, titled "Any...