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Mark Needham11/29/10
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Team Communication: Learning models

One of the problems I've noticed in several of the 'agile' communication mechanisms (such as the standup or dev huddle) that we typically use on teams is that they focus almost entirely on verbal communication which only covers one of our learning styles...

Den D.11/26/10
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Short review of "Pro ASP.NET MVC 2 Framework"

Before I go further with this review, I must mention that I am in no way a guy who knows a lot about web development. I worked with ASP.NET WebForms, HTML & CSS, JavaScript and PHP in some...

Ayende Rahien11/26/10
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Maintainability, Code Size & Code Complexity

The most maintainable codebase that I worked with grew at a rate of about ~10 KLoC per month, every month. There wasn’t a large team there, it ranged fro 3 – 6 people. This is the project that I think about whenever I had to talk about good code bases....

Giorgio Sironi11/25/10
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Meaningless docblocks considered harmful

Docblocks (in the PHP inflection), also known as Javadoc or doc comments in the Java world, are regarded as one of the few types of acceptable comments that can be inserted in code. This style - refactoring the code to show its intent instead of simply...

Giorgio Sironi11/24/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Method

We are now starting the xUnit Basics Patterns part of this series. We will move on from the general ideas of testing strategy to more mundane things, like the organization of code in test methods and their internal structure.The Test Method pattern is applied...

Mick Knutson11/24/10
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Rally Eclipse Plugin installation and Configuration [Video]

The other day I found Screencast-o-matic  http://www.screencast-o-matic.com and I think it is easy to create tutorials now via the web, then upload them to Youtube.

Joachim Nilsson11/23/10
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Reflection loops of Agile Practices

The agile way of working has now come upon us with full strength; some projects with poor results and others with excellent results. Since the agile way includes elements of self-improvement, any poor results should soon become good results and finally,...

Robert Diana11/23/10
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Processes Do Not Fail, People Do

I was recently looking at Google Analytics and the data for this blog. For whatever reason, I was only looking at a two day span in the recent past, and I was focused on search keywords. One search caught my attention because it was short and was not one...

Gunnar Peipman11/22/10
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Creating Twitpic client using ASP.NET and OData

Open Data Protocol (OData) is one of new HTTP based protocols for updating and querying data. It is simple protocol and it makes use of other protocols like HTTP, ATOM and JSON. One of sites that allows to consume their data over OData protocol is Twitpic...

Mike Cohn11/22/10
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Scrum Alliance Update

By now you may have heard that I am the new chairman of the board for the Scrum Alliance. Esther Derby, Ken Schwaber and I cofounded the Scrum Alliance a handful of years ago and it’s grown tremendously since then. We have over 100,000 members, which is...

Jurgen Appelo11/22/10
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No True Agile, No True Lean, No True Latte

My presentation Complexity vs. Lean has been well received by many, whereas it was berated by a few. And good or bad, it certainly has sparked some interesting debates about "true Lean" and "true Agile". Here’s my take on the matter.

Rob Williams11/22/10
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TDD in Xcode Suddenly Tons Better

I tend to read the release notes on Tools. That was one thing the eclipse team was good about for a while. My #1 gripe about Xcode, somehow, has disappeared now. That was that when I was working on a unit test, I would have to open up the build window,...

Giorgio Sironi11/22/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Layer Test

Most of PHP web applications nowadays use a layered architecture: a division into horizontal components, which only know the existence of the nearest layers. For example, many applications are divided into a combination of infrastructure layer (data...

Michael Norton11/19/10
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It's our own damn fault

It ain't easy slinging codeOver the course of my more than twenty years in the software development industry, I've worked with hundreds if not thousands of developers. Many of the projects I've been involved with have suffered from the same malady; a...