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Jurgen Appelo10/05/10
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Continuous Reflection *Before* Time Management

I recently reflected on my daily breakfast, and noticed that I didn’t really enjoy it. Swallowing two slices of bread, and one glass of juice, was just my way of getting through the morning without fainting. So I made a note to find myself more enjoyable...

Matt Stine10/04/10
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Automation for the People (because Everybody Doing It Manually Hurts)

Today I'm kicking off a new emphasis here at Agile Zone on software project automation.

Venkatesh Kris...10/04/10
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2 Minute Introduction to Lean and Kanban

Check out this SlideShare presentation which gives a very simple and animated introduction about Lean and Kanban.

Dan Pritchett10/04/10
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Sending Logs Down the Flume

I've been looking at Flume in depth and it is a very powerful and useful platform that solves several operational problems at once. And the best part is that it is surprisingly simple to use and understand.

Giorgio Sironi10/04/10
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The PHP paradigms poll results: OOP wins

After two weeks of gathering votes, the PHP paradigms poll is now closed. With 216 votes (73%), the winner paradigm in popularity is Object-Oriented Programming. The old procedural approach to PHP, which has given fame to Wordpress and Drupal, is coming to an...

Johanna Rothman10/01/10
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Managers New to Agile May Not Know What to Do

I’ve been working with several clients on their transition to agile. Yes, the technical staff needs training. Yes, they often need coaching on how to choose small chunks, estimate and commit to an iteration’s worth of work, and then to deliver that...

Israel Gat09/30/10
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Making Agile Work Why Spend the Afternoon as well on Technical Debt?

Yesterday’s post Why Spend a Whole Morning on Technical Debt? listed eight characteristics of the technical debt metric that will be discussed during the morning of October 27 when Jim Highsmith and I deliver our joint

Giorgio Sironi09/30/10
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What we don't need in object-oriented programming

Once I heard Alberto Brandolini giving a keynote at an Italian conference, saying, between other insights, that Lego bricks where one of the most abused metaphors in software engineering.One of the most abused sayings, instead, is this one:

Jared Richardson09/29/10
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You're a Bad Programmer. Embrace It.

How many developers think they're good programmers? We're not. We're all fairly bad at what we do. We can't remember all the methods our code needs to call, so we use autocompleting IDEs to remind us. And the languages we've spent years, in some cases...

Derek Huether09/29/10
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The Pepsi Challenge of Waterfall, Agile, and Kanban

I kind of enjoy it when people get all in a huff over which soda is the best.  It's bad enough they can't even decide what to call it. Is it soda, pop, or soda-pop?  I’ve even heard a few refer to any brown carbonated non-alcoholic beverages as a...

James Shore09/29/10
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Fun Two-Minute Video on Agile

How is Agile development like running a deli? Kayaking? Street fighting? (Not so much.) These questions answered in this fun little video recorded by the Oregon Training Network.

Mitch Pronschinske09/28/10
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Architexa 2.0 - A Different Take on UML

Architexa, a useful tool suite for generating UML diagrams, is entering version 2.0 this week.  The 2.0 version has boosted performance, collaboration, and is overall usefulness for code reviewers.  The Architexa project was founded by a small team of...

James Shore09/28/10
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Let's Play TDD #10: Ending Capital Gains

Be sure to choose the 720p HD resolution for the most readable text.

Israel Gat09/28/10
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What 108M Lines of Code Tell Us

Results of the first annual report on application quality have just been released by CAST. The company analyzed 108M lines of code in 288 applications from 75 companies in various industries. In addition to the ‘usual suspects’ –  COBOL, C/C++,...