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Mitch Pronschinske09/27/10
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DZone's Top 10 Agile and Lean Development Books

Developers typically have one or more indispensable books that they have always kept close at hand when diving deep into the coding realm.  But which ones are really the best of the best?  And how can other developers find out what the essential titles are...

Roman Pichler09/27/10
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Stable Teams

It’s not uncommon for me to visit a new client and to discover that the teams change frequently, sometimes after every single sprint. Changing the team composition too frequently is undesirable for the individuals and the organization. To flourish, teams...

Johanna Rothman09/27/10
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Managers New to Agile May Not Know What to Do

I’ve been working with several clients on their transition to agile. Yes, the technical staff needs training. Yes, they often need coaching on how to choose small chunks, estimate and commit to an iteration’s worth of work, and then to deliver that...

Giorgio Sironi09/26/10
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PHPUnit 3.5: easier asserting and mocking

The official release of PHPUnit 3.5 is now available for PEAR installation, after a long beta period. PHPUnit 3.5 provides many new features such as a bunch of new assertions methods and annotations, and a little but very useful contribution of mine: the...

Wille Faler09/24/10
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Is Agile vs. Waterfall the Wrong Fight?

In my years in the software industry I’ve found that there are two types of people: process oriented people and result oriented people. The former generally outnumber the latter by ten to one, though I have no reason that the ratio cannot be shifted...

Derek Huether09/24/10
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Zombie (Stakeholder) Management Strategy

Today we’re going to learn a little about zombie stakeholders. Now, I know you’re a little apprehensive.  You don’t believe in zombies.  You believe your stakeholders are just a little bit different.  Well, I’m sorry to break it to you but...

Matt Stine09/23/10
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Modular Agile: Loosely coupled, highly cohesive ceremonies

I'm giving a talk these days on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour entitled "Yes You Kanban." Toward the end of that talk I do a brief compare and contrast exercise between Kanban and Scrum. A brief visit to the ScrumAlliances page entitled "What is...

Israel Gat09/23/10
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How to Break the Vicious Cycle of Technical Debt

The dire consequences of the pressure to quickly deliver more functions and features to the market have been described in detail in various posts in this blog (see, for example, Toxic Code). Relentless pressure forces the development team to take technical...

Israel Gat09/23/10
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Making Agile Work A Good Start Point for Devops

Many of the devops posts in this blog were written from a dev perspective. Today’s guest post by Peter McGarahan examines the topic from the ops perspective. It is inspired by the following eloquent quip about change:  Assume we’re starting from...

Jared Richardson09/22/10
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Process, Agile, and Projecting: Your Way Isn't the Only Way

I remember a topic my childhood pastor would revisit from time to time: "gift projection". Without going deep into the subject, it's the tendency of people to assume that whatever giftings or callings they have are the same ones everyone else should...

Israel Gat09/22/10
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A Devops Case Study

An outline of my forthcoming Agile 2010 workshop was given in the post “A Recipe for Handling Cultural Conflicts in Devops and Beyond” earlier this week. Here is the case study around which the workshop is structured: NotHere, Inc. Case Study

James Shore09/22/10
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Let's Play TDD #9: Seeking Beauty

Be sure to choose the 720p HD resolution for the most readable text.

Israel Gat09/22/10
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Making code reviews not suck

Not all Agile teams practice strong code reviews, but one of the original Agile practices (sort of long forgotten, it seems) of paired programming was all about code review. As such, I thought I’d cross-post these two videos going over what one RedMonk...

Giorgio Sironi09/21/10
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Why a Pomodoro helps you getting in the zone

A Frequently Asked Question about the Pomodoro Technique is the following:When I enter the zone, I get really focused and efficient: I can code a Unix implementation from scratch if you then leave me at the keyboard for a while. I don't want to be...

Mark Needham09/21/10
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Distributed Agile: Initial observations

One of the reasons I wanted to come and work for ThoughtWorks in India is that I wanted to see how a distributed agile project is run and see the ways in which it differs to one which is done co-located. I worked on a project which was distributed between...