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Giorgio Sironi12/21/10
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Sitting on the couch

CouchDB is one of the most famous open source document-oriented databases available on the web.This article described my experience with CouchDB during an university project, after having worked only with relational databases for years. I never had time to...

Jurgen Appelo12/20/10
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How to Deal with Unknown Unknowns

Getting people together to share information and make joint decisions is the best way to deal with the unknown. Software projects always suffer from limited predictability. And that’s not only because of the many feedback loops inside the system. Another...

Giorgio Sironi12/20/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Suite

A Test Suite object implements the same interface of a Testcase Class, but it is in fact a collection of Testcase Objects instead of a single one. When run, this Test Suite will aggregate the execution of all the contained tests.As you may have correctly...

Avi Yehuda12/17/10
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Freeware for generating UMLs

I was looking for a simple freeware for generating UMLs and class diagrams spesifclly. Here is some of the better ones I have found: ArgoUML open source UML modeling tool.

Mark Needham12/17/10
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Distributed Agile: Other Observations

Some of the difficulties of working in an offshore environment were clear to me before I even came to India but I've come across a few others lately which I either didn't think about before or didn't realise how annoying they were! Getting data from the...

David Bernstein12/16/10
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Under-Design and Over-Design

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had in my career as a developer was over-design. I used to just dive in and code on projects but soon afterwords I would end up stuck. To compensate I would spend a lot of time in the design phase only to discover later...

Michael Dubakov12/16/10
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Learning & Software Development. Multi-skilled Developer

You are having your first project. In the beginning, you know almost nothing about programming languages, business domain, development process, efficient practices and other good things. In the beginning, you know almost nothing about political games,...

Dele Sikuade12/15/10
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A Breed Apart

A wise man once said “beware of software developers for they are very chivalrous and will need to find a dragon to slay”. If you spend as much time as we have around programmers you will know what he meant. Back in the eighties, a smart and eager...

Giorgio Sironi12/15/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Testcase Object

The Testcase Object pattern, which goes hand in hand with the Testcase Class one, is a specialized Command pattern, applied to the single tests of your suite.The goal of the Testcase Object is to decouple the Testcase methods definition from the actual tests...

Julian Simpson12/14/10
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Go (the ThoughtWorks one): Interview with Jez Humble

In response to a recent article, I spoke to Jez Humble about Go:

Jurgen Appelo12/14/10
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Nonlinear Software Projects

Nonlinear systems, like software projects, are complex because causes and effects are not easily distinguished. Complex systems are called complex because these systems typically harbor multiple nonlinear chains of cause and effect. This is why the behavior...

Dan Pritchett12/14/10
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Let's Kill Productivity!

Yes, let's kill productivity! Okay, not productivity but all attempts to measure the productivity of software engineers. It is a flawed, pointless, futile attempt to put metrics on something that is immeasurable. The energy spent on this could be applied...

Giorgio Sironi12/14/10
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Technical Investment, or quality vs. time

A fundamental question of software development is: can we trade quality, sacrificing all we know about writing clean code, to gain time?This expression means, can we take up technical debt and hack together some code, throwing away our test suite, which after...

Michael Sahota12/13/10
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Agile Community Vision with StrategicPlay

At XPDays Benelux I was fortunate to accidentally attended Agile Community Vision with StrategicPlay by Olaf Lewitz and Yves Hanoulle. If you are curious how you can use Lego to achieve strategic results, read on.