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Jurgen Appelo01/21/11
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Reinventing Retrospectives

I’ve having trouble with my retrospectives. And I’m not the only one. Maybe we should reinvent them. Some months ago I wrote that continuous reflection should take place with everything you do.

Mike Cottmeyer01/21/11
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The Adoption Side of the Story

Just to give you guys a little context, I’ve been working with Dennis to untangle this story we’re trying to tell for over a year. The words we use are so overloaded, the concepts we use get interpreted so many different ways, and our individual...

Geert Bossuyt01/20/11
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MoreAgile, shock or goal?

Just like the Agile Manifesto was a shock 10 years ago, the MoreAgile Manifesto creates some shock effects now. Responsibility is scary, Business value is undefined, partnership feels impossible and change is kind of accepted but not loved.

Michael Dubakov01/20/11
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Product Development: Frequent Releases vs. Major Releases

Yesterday we had quite a hot discussion about releases schedule in TargetProcess. There are two main options how you can release functionality: Release as soon as something is ready (even a single feature).Release periodically, let’s say 4 releases per...

Mike Cohn01/20/11
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Deciding What Kind of Projects are Most Suited for Agile

I was recently asked what kind of project is most suited for an agile approach and I’d like to address that here. In my view, the most appropriate projects for agile are ones with aggressive deadlines, a high degree of complexity, and a high degree of...

Michael Norton01/20/11
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Would you be willing to preach what you practice?

There's an old sayingPractice what you preachPractice what you preach is a variation of Practice yourself what you preach. I think we are all familiar with the phrase. I suspect most of us understand the basic sentiment upon first read.

Allan Kelly01/19/11
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Software Facts - well, numbers at least

About a year ago I needed some numbers about software development - industry norms really: effectiveness, productivity, bug counts etc. etc. Its actually pretty hard to get these numbers and after hunting around I found myself with a copy of Capers Jones...

Mike Cottmeyer01/19/11
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Untangling Adoption and Transformation

A few weeks ago I agreed to help Brandon Carlson as a reviewer on his Adoption & Transformation stage. Last night I went through about 20 proposals and learned that I think about adoption and transformation significantly different from many of the...

Giorgio Sironi01/19/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Setup Decorator

We have already seen different ways to make the necessary fixture setups before starting the test suite. There are many ways to provide dependencies to the tests however, and this patterns make them agnostic regarding the provenience. In fact, a Setup...

Den D.01/19/11
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HTML5 gets a logo, but isn't ready yet as a final product

Fireworks and celebrations, HTML5 got a logo. Cool, isn't it? Or is it? A standard that didn't reach a final revision is already marketed as the next-generation panacea that will help everyone on the web. You can buy stickers and shirts, put the logo on your...

Giorgio Sironi01/18/11
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An humble infographic on methodologies

A long time ago, I wondered what all the fuss about eXtreme Programming, and Scrum, and Kanban, was about. Agile became an overloaded word.So I settled for a long journey of learning, and experimentation. I compared different instances of the Methodology...

David Bernstein01/18/11
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The TDD Zealot

On December 22, 2010 Mark Seemann published a blog post The TDD Apostate. Since then several friends and associates have sent me links to his post as if to say, “See, TDD is not all it is cracked up to be.” It is an excellent post and I agree with much...

Joshua Barnes01/18/11
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When is an assessment not an assessment?

Stemming from an internal audit finding, one of the clients I regularly work with engaged me to conduct a few project assessments.  The projects in scope would be the initial project in a series of projects (releases) each under a program.  The...

Mike Cottmeyer01/18/11
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12 Key Knowledge Areas for Agile

I think this is going to be my last 12 point list for the week. It’s not like I’m out of time or anything… the snow melted a little yesterday… but we are still pretty much iced in. We are going to brave heading out to the grocery store this...

Dror Helper01/17/11
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Why you fail with TDD

I’ve been working hard the last six months teaching my teammates about unit testing, code reviews, SOLID, SCRUM and anything else I think we can benefit from. I feel lucky – for the most part they are open minded and accept my ideas and try them...