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Julian Simpson12/13/10
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JavaScript BDD, with Jasmine, without a browser

I’ve been test driving the domain of my build radiator, XFD with the lovely Jasmine BDD framework for JavaScript. Jasmine is lovely. Browsers aren’t. Spawning a new browser to run your tests has issues for me:

Robert Diana12/13/10
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9 Programming Languages To Watch In 2011

I have written several posts regarding job trends in programming languages. However, I have not really written any posts that looked towards the future of programming languages. With job trends, I have been focusing on more heavily adopted languages.

Giorgio Sironi12/13/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Runner

Tests are more PHP classes than PHP scripts, in the sense that they are not meant to be executed by themselves. Instead, they are classes which can be instantiated with the right parameters, often calculated using reflections over the class method names and...

Alexander Morozov12/10/10
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New Wave in Bug Tracking

A breakthrough in the issue and bug-tracking area recently came from JetBrains, a company known for making intelligent productivity tools for developers and development teams. With their new issue and bug tracker YouTrack, end users can report bugs quickly...

Chris Spagnuolo12/10/10
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5 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

Do you frequently feel stressed at work?  If you do, you’re probably not alone.  Chances are that others on your team feel stressed too.  OK, so you feel stressed. Big deal right? Who isn’t stressed these days?

Michael Norton12/09/10
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Lost in Translation - An Agile Game

Timing: One hour, but this can be extended or contracted as needed. Materials: Pencils, paper, timer, and a collection of pictures (royalty free). Instructions: One person is the facilitator. The facilitator keeps time, makes sure the rules are being...

Julian Simpson12/09/10
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Eating Dogfood: Team City

One of the things I first noticed about Team City is how thoughtful the features were: you can see that a build had failed, and stop it so as to not waste bandwidth. It seemed that they were actively using the product as they developed it.

Jurgen Appelo12/08/10
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Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

How to use complexity thinking to combine Agile software development with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This is a new presentation I did yesterday during a keynote for Unit4, a Dutch software company. I was asked to talk about Application Lifecycle...

Giorgio Sironi12/08/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Testcase Class

Since the test logic, in the context of xUnit frameworks, has to be placed in isolated Test Methods, a Testcase class has to be created to accomodate those methods. The term method has no meaning without a class to contain it.Thus, the Testcase Class pattern...

Michael Sahota12/07/10
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Boost Your Results with 3 Interpersonal Skills

Pierluigi  Pugliese and Yves Hanoulle gave a great session on Soft Skills Essentials for anyone working in a team (hint: everyone). The session covered three communication models: Status Games, Solution Focus and Transactional Analysis (see diagram...

Jon Archer12/07/10
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The perils of rolling your own

I spent a good portion of the early years of my adult life messing up my health by smoking. Even throughout my thirties I was an off and on smoker (or “social smoker” if you will) at various times.

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/10
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How Jama Software Does 'Socialized' Requirements Management - Releases Contour 3.0

Even if developers are working in the same room together, certain communications can fall through the cracks.  Requirements and other events in the software development lifecycle need to be documented and received by the right people.  Eric Winquist, the...

Giorgio Sironi12/07/10
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Double Dispatch: the next best thing with respect to Dependency Injection

Object-oriented languages, like C++, Java and PHP, implement what is called single dispatch: when you have an object in a variable and you call a method on this variable, the message is dispatched to the right class at runtime, even if when you write the code...