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Martin Fowler12/06/10
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VisualChannel - Martin Fowler

At the end of the 1990's I made a personal push-back against using slides in presentations, as I was tired by poorly designed bullet-points presentations. For around a decade, I gave keynotes with no slides at all. In the last year or so I've started...

Allan Kelly12/06/10
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Salami Agile

More than one software development team has encountered the situation when the team want to be more “Agile”, the organization and management might even be asking them to be more “Agile” but, there are still many “requirements” in a big...

Giorgio Sironi12/06/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Assertion Message

In the previous article of this series, we saw how assertions are the key to self-validating tests. Even if an assertion's result is only a pass/fail value, programmers and testers find very handy to associate to the fail value some kind of additional...

Jurgen Appelo12/04/10
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Story of a (Fictional) Doomed Software Business

This is the story of a doomed software business. Any resemblance to existing businesses is purely coincidental. Once, in a land far far away, there was a software business with unhappy customers. (This is, fortunately, a fictional story.) Customer...

Derek Huether12/03/10
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Allegory of My Agile Commute

The post today was brought to you by... my hellish commute and those in the Washington DC metropolitan area who help create it.  Thanks!

Michael Norton12/03/10
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The Three "R"s of Clean Code

Establishing Code Quality Standards Mandate via Manual A client of LeanDog was looking for a way to introduce code quality standards to their development teams. There had been a few meetings prior to LeanDog's involvement. The prevalent line of thinking...

Steven Lott12/03/10
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More Open Source and More Agile News

ComputerWorld, November 22, 2010, has this: "Open Source Grows Up". The news of the weird is "It's clear that open-source software has moved beyond the zealotry phase." I wasn't aware this phase existed. I hope to see the project...

Matt Stine12/03/10
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Executable Specifications: Automating Your Requirements Document

One of the biggest problems in software development is the "DONE" problem. We have in our possession a stack of index cards representing user stories and we're tasked with transforming them into working software. How do we know when we've...

Mitch Pronschinske12/02/10
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The All-in-One Maven, Hudson, Nexus Pro, and m2eclipse Package From Sonatype

A few months ago DZone took a look at Sonatype's Maven Studio tooling.  One of the unique aspects of this open core software was the ability to "on-board" developers extremely fast for a new project.  This week, Sonatype unveiled an even more...

Peter Schuh12/02/10
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Kanban: Agile’s Gateway Drug

I’ve always been puzzled why Kanban attracts so much attention in the agile community. At its essence Kanban is workqueue on a wall. Why would any team, delivering within a healthy iterative cadence, switch to a method that does nothing to support a...

Jon Archer12/02/10
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When average is good

Calling something average is one step removed from calling it mediocre. But in the mathematical sense, especially when applied to a team’s velocity it’s a good thing. One of the certain tricky bits for any new team trying out scrum is establishing the...

Giorgio Sironi12/02/10
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Zend_Validate for the win

Zend_Validate is a component of Zend Framework which provides validation classes which out-of-the-box enable you to check from string lengths to stranger properties like conformance to regular expressions or to a standard for barcodes.

Julian Simpson12/01/10
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Hudson: Trouble at the mill?

Looks like Oracle and the Hudson developers aren’t getting along. The project hosting that Oracle provide (inherited from Sun) has been a bumpy ride for the developers, who are suggesting GitHub as a less bumpy and more functional way to develop. ...

Martin Fowler12/01/10
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Reproducible Build

One of the prevailing assumptions that fans of Continuous Integration have is that builds should be reproducible. By this we mean that at any point you should be able to take some older version of the system that you are working on and build it from...

Giorgio Sironi12/01/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Assertion Method

A key requirement in writing fully automated tests is that they should be self-validating.The self-validating term means that the output should be a red light or a green light for each test: they should not require any human intervention to evaluate the...