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Allan Kelly09/01/10
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Study on benefits of TDD

OK, this isn’t news, this study came out a couple of years ago and was covered by many people then. But, I find myself regularly referring to it trying to find the link. So I’m going to blog about it then I’ll always be able to find the link.The...

Peter Schuh08/31/10
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Projects Fail Because No One Is Paying Attention

There are two factors that are almost prerequisite to project failure. These are: 1. The team does not communicate sufficient details on project status and issues. 2. Stakeholders do not pay sufficient attention to project status and issues (or the lack...

Matt Stine08/30/10
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Waste #3: Relearning

Welcome to episode three of our series "The Seven Wastes of Software Development." In episode one, we introduced the concept of eliminating waste from our software development efforts. Waste elimination can be traced all the way back to the the...

Jared Richardson08/30/10
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Effective Road Mapping: Driving Change in Your Team

There are two things you must know in order to effectively create a roadmap. Although we'll be dealing with a technical roadmap, this applies to anyone wanting to drive change for yourself or a team.Where you are now (current location)Where you want to go...

Venkatesh Kris...08/30/10
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Agile Testing

I have come across many projects claiming to be Agile, however they are really doing nothing more than mini-waterfalls. They do the Requirements, design, coding and Testing incrementally and in a bi-weekly fashion. If you carefully observe, still testing...

Giorgio Sironi08/29/10
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The different kinds of testing

Automated testing supports your constant effort in design and refactoring, and besides that ensures that your application actually works in a reliable and repeatable way. Tests at every level of detail are a form of executable specification and documentation....

Matt Stine08/27/10
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A Case for Feature Branches

How and when to create branches within a project's source control system can be a very touchy subject among software developers. Some folks branch like crazy, and others avoid branching altogether. Today I'd like to make a case for feature branches based on...

Mark Needham08/27/10
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The fear tax

Seth Godin recently wrote a post about 'the fear tax' which he describes as a 'tax' that we pay when we do something in order to try and calm our fear about something else but don't necessarily end up calming those fears. We pay the fear tax every time we...

Mark Needham08/26/10
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Ultimate configurability

In Continuous Delivery the authors talk about the danger of ultimate configurability… Configurable software is not always the cheaper solution it appears to be. It’s almost always better to focus on delivering the high-value functionality with little...

Jared Richardson08/25/10
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Test Behavior, Not State

Many developers and testers write automated tests. Sometimes they're unit tests, other times package level, and occasionally integration. There are many different types of tests, but there are a few characteristics of great tests. Today let's look at one...

Mitch Pronschinske08/25/10
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Agile Sherpa: A Gentle Guide to the Agile Landscape

There's tons of resources on agile and lean practices out there, but the hard part is finding a great site where agile beginners and advanced knowledge-seekers can find lots of useful information and community events or training.  Agile tool-vending veteran...

Bob Hartman08/25/10
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Your Agile isn’t my Agile!

Have you ever had the feeling someone REALLY didn’t get it?  I had that feeling recently when reading this article about the supposed weaknesses of agile.  Some of the 10 points make a bit of sense, but what seems to be missing is what happens in a...

Mitch Pronschinske08/24/10
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Jonathan Lindo on Agile Architecture, DevOps, and Patents

The software industry is constantly trying to find the next-generation tools and methods that can make development, testing, and production more efficient.  It's a core part of the developer's inner drive to try and envision how things could be better.  At...

Peter Schuh08/24/10
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Yes, Your Ego IS in the Way: On Humility and Management

One thing that makes me happy about my current gig is the managers whom I work alongside. I’ve been in environments that were not nearly so healthy. One in specific where the egos of my fellow managers were matched only by the thinness of their skins....

Matt Stine08/23/10
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Waste #2: Extra Features

Welcome to episode three of our series "The Seven Wastes of Software Development." In episode one, we introduced the concept of eliminating waste from our software development efforts. Waste elimination can be traced all the way back to the the...