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James Shore10/15/10
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Let's Play TDD #36: Pair Programming! with Rob Myers

Be sure to choose the 720p HD resolution for the most readable text.

Jurgen Appelo10/15/10
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Continuous Reflection *Before* Time Management

I recently reflected on my daily breakfast, and noticed that I didn’t really enjoy it. Swallowing two slices of bread, and one glass of juice, was just my way of getting through the morning without fainting. So I made a note to find myself more enjoyable...

Lyndsey Clevesy10/14/10
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What's Your Optimal Agile Team Size?

While 8-10 people is the industry standard for an agile team, and many agile consultants tend to suggest that there is an optimal team size, the truth is that...

David Bernstein10/14/10
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Agile Prototyping on a Napkin

As an agile developer I still prototype but I tend to do it differently than in the past. I now make a distinction between a prototype and a proof-of-concept. A proof-of-concept is code that verifies an approach to solving a problem. I use a...

Giorgio Sironi10/14/10
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You don't have to always stare at a screen

Depending on the particular person, computer monitors cause a certain amount of eye strain after a time period of continuos use. This was especially true for the old, bulky CRT monitors, which caused eye strain problems mainly due to flickering, as they...

Derek Huether10/14/10
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Zombie (Team Member) Motivation Techniques

What skills do you need to lead your zombie army?  Sorry, what I meant to ask was, what skills do you need to lead your team?  Motivation techniques can be as unique as the individual.

Jared Richardson10/13/10
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Gossip Game Requirements

Do you remember the "gossip game" we played in elementary school? Our teacher would give one person a sentence or two and ask them to repeat it to the next person. They would repeat the sentence to the next person, and so on, until the last person...

Lyndsey Clevesy10/13/10
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From 'Survive to Thrive' with Agile

Agile has had a transformative effect on organizations in the wake of the economic crisis that began in 2008.  When the recession started, companies were in...

Jaroslaw Dobrzanski10/13/10
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TFS vs. Subversion

I’ve been using both Subversion and Team Foundation Server (TFS). Because I first used Subversion and started using TFS afterwards, I had to get used to TFS flavors. I think TFS is great but to be honest there were a few things I missed from Subversion...

Mitch Pronschinske10/13/10
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Puppet Labs Assimilates MCollective Config Tech

Puppet Labs, the company behind the configuration management tool Puppet, has just acquired the Marionette Collective.  Also known as MCollective, the acquired company produces an open source framework for constructing server orchestration and parallel job...

Jurgen Appelo10/13/10
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Motivation Over Talent and Process

Processes are not enough to make people more competent. You need motivation first, or everything else won’t work.At the Agile Eastern Europe conference in Ukraine I did a session about competence. It got great feedback from the audience. Comments like...

Giorgio Sironi10/13/10
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Practical PHP Patterns: Service Stub

When I first learn about the Service Stub pattern, I heard a smell of unit testing ante litteram: it is indeed a technique which has been generalized over the years to the Stub testing pattern, which was originally implemented due to necessity.Imagine you...

Sasha Goldshtein10/12/10
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All-In-One Code Framework Coding Standards

I recently stumbled upon the All-In-One Code Framework project on CodePlex. It’s a very impressive collection of samples in C#, VB.NET, and C++, and most of the samples I’ve seen are of superb quality.

Matt Stine10/12/10
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Think You're "Doing Kanban?" Think Again.

Over the past several weeks I've visited three different cities in the U.S. with the same message: "Yes You Kanban." For 90+ minutes I've discussed with attendees of the No Fluff Just Stuff software symposiums in Boston, Seattle, and Atlanta, the...

Nick Winfield10/12/10
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Review: A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum

After using Agile in IT projects for the past few years, and using Scrum exclusively on my last project, I wanted to read this book to get a better understanding of the theory of what I'd been...