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Alex Tkachman10/27/10
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Groovy++ in action: statically typed dynamic dispatch

It already became common place to say that both dynamically and statically typed code have their own merits and drawbacks. Groovy builders (xml, markup or whatever) are huge example where dynamic dispatch wins big time compare to statically typed code in...

Mark Needham10/27/10
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Agile: Story Wall – A couple of learnings

I wrote earlier in the week about the benefits of having a physical story wall on a distributed team and in the process of getting one in place on the project we learnt a few things that I'd previously taken for granted. All the work in one place We initially...

Giorgio Sironi10/27/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Data-Driven Test

A Data-Driven Test stores all the data needed to run the test in an external resource, and interprets that file when launched. These data comprehend fixtures, input data and expected results of the computation.Data-Driven Tests are used when many tests differ...

David Bland10/26/10
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And Now You Are Just a Project Manager

You’ve seen the job description: Project Manager / ScrumMaster - Must have knowledge of traditional project management - CSM preferred - PMP nice to have These are becoming more and more common as of late, and typically posted by 3rd party recruiters...

Michael Dubakov10/26/10
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10 Most Common Mistakes in Agile Adoption. Part II

In Part I I’ve described 5 mistakes in agile adoption, this part has 5 more.

Derek Huether10/26/10
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Waterfall Zombie vs. Agile Zombie

Back on October 12 (2010), I had the privilege of seeing Michele Sliger do a presentation titled “Hello Agile, Goodbye Scope Creep“.  In it, she presented a compelling argument as to why a Waterfall process used to work so well for projects and why...

Giorgio Sironi10/26/10
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INVEST in user stories

User stories are the basic units of work for Agile methodologies. They describe features to implement in a system and are one of the primary artifact generated before coding a prototype.Stories are usually written on a 3"x5" card in the format:

Giorgio Sironi10/25/10
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Scripted Test

Scripted Test is the main classes of tests that are written nowadays: a reproduction of hypothetical client code, that asserts the called code works correctly.Scripted Tests enable us to use Test-Driven Development, and transform tests in an instrument of...

Bob Hartman10/22/10
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In defense of the Scrum Alliance

Have you ever felt really let down by someone you respect?  I guess the way the world is today we can all cite a long list of people that are famous and respected who let us down (as a golfer, the picture to the left is one that comes to mind for me) so...

Jon Archer10/22/10
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Seven Deadly Sins of Scrum

1. WrathSomething that anyone on a Scrum team might succumb to with the frustrations of learning to work a new way. But this might be something the Scrum Master could be especially tempted by. As guardian of Scrum principles it can be frustrating...

Michael Norton10/22/10
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A Blank Wall and a Fist Full of Index Cards

I'm occasionally asked, "Doc, we're looking at product X, Y, and Z, but we just can't decide which is the best one for our project. What do you recommend?" I've used VersionOne, Rally, Mingle, Pivotal Tracker, Kanbanery, ScrumWorks, and a couple of...

Mike Dobbles10/22/10
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Can and should agile be used for medical device development? Absolutely!

Four Reasons Medical Device Companies need agile development The waterfall style of development is so deeply engrained into the culture of medical companies that most can’t imagine anything else being used to develop software that has power over human...

Matt Stine10/22/10
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To Selenese or not to Test? That Seems to be the Question.

We had a very good turnout for the Automated Browser Testing Poll this week. Before I get into my musings about what happened, here's a quick summary of the results. With 304 total votes counted:- 58% of respondents are using some variant of Selenium, with...

Rob Williams10/22/10
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Coming Around to Kanban-ilism

I have always liked Lean, even though it‘s really poorly represented in the literature. The Poppendieck book was all there was for a long time, and that has some good stuff in it, but is not so great in other ways (very much written by people who‘ve...

James Sugrue10/21/10
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Have You Found Your Project In Technical Debt?

I've been reading a lot about technical debt recently where people alternate between voluntary technical debt or inadvertant debt. Without doubt, every project has some level of debt, but the important thing is how much...