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Allan Kelly07/02/10
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How to improve a team's velocity

By way of wrapping up my velocity mini-series (Two ways to fill and iteration, Filling an iteration too well, and Velocity Targeting and Velocity Inflation) I’m going to end with some advice on how to improve a team’s velocity.

Matt Stine07/01/10
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The Agile Guerilla

While it certainly seems that agile software development has gone mainstream, I still encounter a number of software developers who work in one of two environments:

Eric Hagan07/01/10
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Video: The Unique Development Processes of Relevance

Relevance does agile consulting with their own unique process which mixes and matches many agile methodologies.  Their standard workflow involves 2-week...

Olga Kouzina07/01/10
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Product Backlog: Small Steps vs. Giant Leaps

When reading this Kill Your To-Do List blog post, I thought that managing personal to-do list can be similar to product backlog management. Not in the part that you should totally kill your product backlog, but in the “one thing at a time” part. This...

Giorgio Sironi07/01/10
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Web MVC in Java (without frameworks)

The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern is a classic trait of Java applications. For example, Swing is a well-known implementation of this pattern in the context of desktop applications.MVC is part of the oldies but goodies group of patterns: since...

Mitch Pronschinske06/30/10
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Due to Confusion with Cruise Control, TWS 'Cruise' Changes Name

There's a new "Go" in town.  Not the programming language Google made, but a "continuous deployment" server from ThoughtWorks Studios that has gone by a different name:  Cruise.  DZone MVB Julian Simpson (aka.

Johanna Rothman06/30/10
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Functional Managers Acting as Scrum Masters: Not a Good Idea

I often meet people who are transitioning to agile, and they decided to pick Scrum, because it’s a helpful project management framework. Ok, that makes sense. But then they decide that they no longer need project managers, and that the development...

Steven Lott06/30/10
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Creating Complexity Where None Existed

I read a 482-word treatise that amounted to these four words "sales and delivery disagree". A more useful summary is "Sales and Delivery have different views of the order".

Michael Sahota06/29/10
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Go Faster with Root Cause Analysis

One of the workshops I run is to help team members understand root cause analysis. I use it with operations teams as well as product development teams. My workshop goal is to have people leave with a basic understanding and some practice. I created the...

Giorgio Sironi06/29/10
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Web services in Java

Web services are one of the most successful implementations of a Service Oriented Architecture, and they usually are presented as a public Api you can use to expand the capabilities of your applications. There's a web service for everything from obtaining...

Matt Stine06/28/10
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Use Stories to Deliver Business Value

Why is it that companies choose to pay developers to write software? It's definitely not because software has any degree of intrinsic value. Companies fund software products (and by extension software developers) because they derive significant business value...

Mike Cottmeyer06/28/10
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Hyperproductivity in Scrum

Last year sometime, I had the pleasure of hearing Jeff Sutherland speak at the Agile Atlanta group here in town. One of the things that Jeff always brings up in his talks, is that Scrum creates hyper-productive teams. I asked him how he defined...

Lorna Mitchell06/28/10
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Working with Branches in Git

Recently I've been doing more git than I ever intended to, working with the Joind.in codebase, contributing and managing contributions to that. I quickly realised that I needed to make changes on branches, and since I'm new to git, it took a while to...

Mitch Pronschinske06/27/10
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Adobe Contributes Puppet Modules for Hadoop

Managing Hadoop servers can be a pain, but Puppet makes it easy.  The open source server config automation software makes the sys-admin's job a breeze, even with technologies like Hadoop, which is expanding its enterprise reach.   A great thing about...

Allan Kelly06/25/10
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Velocity targeting and velocity inflation

Continuing my mini-series on filling an iteration, velocity and all that I want to flag up a big big mistake: Velocity Targeting. Which leads to Velocity Inflation.