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Mike Cohn09/20/10
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The Problems with Estimating Business Value

I occasionally see teams that want to put an estimate of “business value” on each user story. They usually do this for either or both of two reasons: to be able to measure the amount of “business value” delivered to the organization,...

Nitin Bharti09/20/10
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Exclusive Interview: Mary Poppendieck on Lean Transformations

DZone recently caught up with Mary Poppendieck, agile thought leader and author of the award-winning book "Lean Software Developmet: An Agile Toolkit," (2003).  In this exclusive interview, Mary talks about the state of Lean adoption in the...

Giorgio Sironi09/19/10
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How to set up the Pomodoro Technique in your office

The Pomodoro Technique is a modern time management method based on short, intensive and timed periods of focus called Pomodoros. Here is a guide reporting my experience in using it as a freelancer and in a cross-functional team of 5 people.

Ilya Sterin09/19/10
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Agile Intifada

This blog post was inspired by a link my friend sent me titled “Agile Ruined My Life” as well as a conversation with my friends/co-workers and just wanting to clear up a few things about my previous “Agile Dilemma” post. Some of this is taken...

Steven Lott09/17/10
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What Innovation Looks Like

Check out "End User 2.0: When Employees Have All The Answers" in InformationWeek. This is about adoption of non-approved technology. Think iPad.This shows what innovation looks like when it happens.1. There's no process for innovation.2. ...

Michael Sahota09/17/10
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Serious Games!

For those of you who follow the Agile Games Google group, you may already be aware of my proposal to create a Serious Games Stage at Agile 2011. The initial title concept was Agile Game stage, but then based on feedback from the list, I read about Serious...

James Shore09/17/10
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Let's Play TDD #7: Tax Rage

Be sure to choose the 720p HD resolution for the most readable text.

Ted Neward09/16/10
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Integration testing and unit testing

Also known as, “An exercise in Twitter opinionating”: Sitting in a meeting, I heard one of the other meeting participants say, “You should do your integration testing before your unit testing in your code.” Now, I wasn’t (and I’m still not)...

Matt Stine09/15/10
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Waste #6: Task Switching

Welcome to episode six of our series "The Seven Wastes of Software Development." In episode one, we introduced the concept of eliminating waste from our software development efforts. Waste elimination can be traced all the way back to the the...

Giorgio Sironi09/15/10
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From Subversion to Git in a morning

From when I arrived in this new company as a consultant, I pushed Git as the emergent version control system, knowing its power from my experience in the open source world.

James Shore09/15/10
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Let's Play TDD #6: Capital Gains Tax--Almost

Be sure to choose the 720p HD resolution for the most readable text.

Johanna Rothman09/15/10
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Architecture and Programs: Incremental Progress Not Big Bang

I’ve been working on agile program management and a colleague emailed me about his program. He’s having trouble seeing how to do agile on a large program. The customer wants to see a working system before they add the features, so the customer thinks...

James Shore09/14/10
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Let's Play TDD #5: Sneaking Up on the Problem

Be sure to choose the 720p HD resolution for the most readable text.

Venkatesh Kris...09/14/10
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Scrum @ Home

Many scrummers have been implementing Scrum practices outside of Work but silently.  My own example of * Using  Information Radiators to track progress of tasks at home, * Prioritizing the...

Kelly Waters09/14/10
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Lean Principles #2 - Build Quality In

In my previous post about lean software development, I explained Lean Principles #1 - Eliminate Waste.