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David Bland06/04/10
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We’re Self Organizing Into… Kanban?

What’s Kanban? It isn’t a question you’d expect to hear from a team adopting work in progress limits and just in time tasking while only committing to small user stories.

Mitch Pronschinske06/03/10
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FlexMonkey 4 and FlexMonkium for Selenium

FlexMonkey is a free and open source Adobe AIR application used for testing Flex and AIR based applications.

Allan Kelly06/03/10
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Things to do to improve code quality

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I was recently out in Oslo teaching a course on Lean software development. One of the points I make is: Quality is free (or at least cheaper) provided you invest in improving quality. This section of the course...

Fabrizio Giudici06/03/10
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Agile is Good... But Pay Attention to End Customers

I can't call myself an "agilist", as I'm rather a hybrid kind of software architect. But I like many aspects of the agile methods and I constantly try to adopt more of them. For instance, I like making frequent releases when I actually have control...

Jared Richardson06/02/10
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Tips and Suggestions for Your First Iteration

I've been helping a company establish a few Scrum-style Agile teams lately and there seem to be, as always, a few recurring themes. I wanted to share them while they were fresh on my mind.Don't over analyze everything. It doesn't matter if you don't know...

Eric Hagan06/02/10
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Andy Powell: Why Software Projects Need a Product Manager

Andy Powell says that he's starting to see deeper patterns of software craftsmanship, including TDD, User Experience, and Product Management, emerge under the...

Alberto Gutierrez06/02/10
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Waterfall vs. Agile: Can they be Friends?

There has been a lot of discussion lately regarding which approach to software development is better; some may say Waterfall, some may say Agile. The truth is that there isn’t an absolute answer. Agile and Waterfall have a different set of...

Kelly Waters06/02/10
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Agile Scrum, Or Not-So-Agile Scrum?

Scrum is the form of agile software development that has helped me the most. It has helped me to transform the performance of the web development groups that I've led at both my current company and at my last one. But, sometimes, I do wonder if Scrum is...

Jurgen Appelo06/01/10
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Be Selfish... Work Together

I am a selfish person. Though I gladly do things for other people, and give stuff away for free, I tend to do that when I believe I’m being good to myself. The pursuit of my happiness has led me to offer jobs to unfortunate unemployed souls who needed a...

Jared Richardson05/31/10
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Customer Collaboration Over Contract Negotiation? Huh??

As we revisit the Agile Manifesto, we come to the often ignored line "customer collaboration over contract negotiation," and we all say "Well duh! Of course we'd rather talk than get the lawyers involved." Then we go on about our daily...

Mark Needham05/31/10
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Agile: Chasing a points total

I've previously written about the danger of using velocity as a goal but on almost every project I've worked on at some stage we do actually end up chasing a points total. Something I find quite interesting towards the end of an iteration is that if there...

Mitch Pronschinske05/28/10
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Agile Transitions - A Forum for Bosses with Agile Questions

In an effort to promote the adoption of agile and the sharing of related insights, ThoughtWorks has launched Agile Transitions. This online community is intended for C-level (CTO, CEO, etc.) executives who want to discuss issues related to Agile IT.  A...

Michael Sahota05/28/10
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The Backlog is in the Eye of the Beholder

Subtitle: How we created and played a brand new game all in one day. On Day 2 of DeepAgile, Michael McCollough and Don McGreal got us started on with a game design workshop. From there we used open space to invent and play the game with other attendees....

Mitch Pronschinske05/27/10
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Top 10 DZone Refcardz of 2009*

As part of our 100 Refcardz celebration week, we're looking back on the most popular Refcardz we've released here at DZone.  I put an asterisk "*" in the title to indicate that this is not a list of total...

Jeroen Borgers05/27/10
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Web performance in seven steps

More and more Internet users buy in web shops these days. Research shows that the part of European Internet users that buys on-line has grown from 40% in 2004 to 84% in 2008. Additionally, the large web retailers in my country saw their revenue grow in 2009...