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Mitch Pronschinske04/22/10
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IntelliJ and TeamCity Load Up on New Features

This week JetBrains unleashed two version updates for its flagship development tools.  The releases included IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2, JetBrains' IDE platform, and Team City 5.1, their continuous integration and build server.  IntelliJ features Groovy, GWT, and...

Eric Hagan04/22/10
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The Pitfalls of Agile Going Mainstream

Jared Richardson says that agile is going mainstream in many areas, but many companies have only made a partial agile transformation which Richardson calls...

Jurgen Appelo04/22/10
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OK, Let's Talk About Certification

Like many agile software development evangelists I am somewhat skeptical toward people taking pride in their certificates. In my experience, a certificate proves little about a person’s capabilities, other than that she was at some point in the past in...

Jared Richardson04/22/10
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The Best Way to Keep Your Product Moving Forward

There are so many tools available today that claim to magically clean up your code. They slice, they dice, and they magically solve all your problems. Sadly, as most of us know, writing good code is hard work. But writing bad code is nearly impossible. There...

Julian Simpson04/21/10
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Supporting Multiple Environments – Part 4

In the final installment, I’m going to talk about how to share configuration between developer level environments on through to clustered or “stack” type environments. Recycling Configuration

Steven Lott04/21/10
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Working Definitions of Complexity

Software developers get so used to their Culture of Complexity, they hardly notice it.See Asshole-Driven Development for more thoughts on this. The comments add lots and lots of examples of dysfunctional development. Many of these are additional...

Jared Richardson04/21/10
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Hard Stop Iterations: No Where to Hide!

One of biggest problems with the traditional waterfall model is simply it's length. It's a lot more difficult to understand how things went off the tracks when your project lasts for months or years. By the time you realize there's a problem with one part or...

Nitin Bharti04/20/10
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The Lean Startup

The current macroeconomic climate presents unparalleled opportunities for those that can thrive with constrained resources. In this presentation,...

Eric Hagan04/20/10
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Tester and Developer "Cross-Pollination"

Joachim Herschmann is the Director of Product Management at Micro Focus.  He works on SilkTest, which is a functional and regression testing product,...

Jared Richardson04/20/10
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3x5 Cards: What a Waste!

3x5 cards, sometimes Post-It notes, are a mocked, and often ignored, tool. We're an enterprise. We're a real company. We don't use anything as ridiculous as slips of paper! We use enterprise tools. We use databases! By the way, why do we keep having problems...

Martin Fowler04/20/10
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SEMAT (Software Engineering Method and Theory) is an effort initiated by Ivar Jacobson, Bertrand Meyer, and Richard Soley. Its stated aim is to "refound software engineering based on a solid theory, proven principles and best practices". Like...

Michael Dubakov04/20/10
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Going Agile From Within

“You can’t apply Scrum without an external expert” “You can’t apply Scrum without a Certified Scrum Master” “You can’t apply Scrum without XYZ” You can replace Scrum with any other buzzword. Is it really necessary to have an agile coach on...

Mitch Pronschinske04/19/10
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Code Review Tools and Techniques

Compared to other development activities, code review tends to have less published resources available to help developers stay abreast of the latest review methods, tooling, and best practices.   Arming developers with the knowledge of code review tools and...

Michael Norton04/19/10
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Caution: Metrics change behavior

Measuring and reporting are important I've often heard said, "That which you cannot measure, you cannot improve." And while I do believe this is a general truth, I think it fails to tell the entire story. It is not just about what we can measure, but what we...

Luigi Agosti04/19/10
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Debug It! Book Review

The idea to write a book about debug is brilliant. There is an increasing demand for developers to fill positions where maintaining the code is an important part of the job. But we still don't have...