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Nick Winfield10/12/10
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Review: A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum

After using Agile in IT projects for the past few years, and using Scrum exclusively on my last project, I wanted to read this book to get a better understanding of the theory of what I'd been...

Israel Gat10/12/10
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How Technical Debt Ties to Cloud, Mobile and Social


Michael Dubakov10/12/10
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10 Most Common Mistakes in Agile Adoption. Part I

They did it again. Companies are making the same mistake during agile adoption over and over again. We’ve made some of these mistakes as well. If by any chance you see something familiar in the list below, read on and find out why it is a mistake.1....

Julian Holmes10/11/10
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Howzat! – The new and improved Agile method

Howzat! is a light-hearted perspective on the world of Agile methods.

Mike Cohn10/11/10
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Avast Combining the ScrumMaster and Product Owner, Matey!

A common question is whether it’s acceptable to combine the role of product and ScrumMaster and give both sets of responsibilities to a single person. In general, combining these roles is a very bad idea. To see why, let’s look back in history and the...

Lyndsey Clevesy10/11/10
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The Agile Manifesto Poster: Vote for your Favorite Design

Ten years ago, in a town far far away (from some of us), in early February of 2001, 17 people met at the Lodge at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah to hang out, eat great food…and obviously ski. As they relaxed at the ski-lodge, sipping at their Hot Toddies, they...

Dan Pritchett10/11/10
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Learning from Others

Foursquare had a well discussed outage last week. This wasn't good news for Foursquare but it can be for the rest of us. By looking at what happened, we can all learn steps we can take to avoid a similar occurrence. I do want to state emphatically, I am...

Den D.10/09/10
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Algorithms and Data Structures - The Science of Computing

Algorithms and Data Structures is one of those books that should be present on a developer's desk as reference material, especially if the developer just started working with the fundamental Computer...

Den D.10/09/10
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Web services - do you use/develop them?

In the recent era of web technologies, when pretty much every piece of software and hardware is in some way tied to an online component, it is hard to imagine life without web interactions. Besides web applications, that...

Steven Lott10/08/10
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Technical Debt

Love this from Gartner. "Gartner Estimates Global 'IT Debt' to Be $500 Billion This Year, with Potential to Grow to $1 Trillion by 2015".NetworkWorld ran a quicky version of the story. Gartner: Global 'IT debt' hits $500 billion, on the way to $1...

Matt Stine10/08/10
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Build Scripts? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Build Scripts!

Ahh, famous last words of the close-minded programmer.

Jared Richardson10/08/10
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The Agile Tour: Is It Coming to You?

The Agile Tour is in Philadelphia, DC, and RTP this month! There's an international conference known as the The Agile Tour It's had a number of events all over the world, and now it's gaining traction in the United States as well. (If you...

David Bernstein10/07/10
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A Prototype is Not a Product

Sometimes I hear developers say that they are scared to build prototypes because their manager will make them ship it as a product. There is a big difference between a prototype and a product. A home builder wouldn’t mock up a house out of cardboard and...

Robert Diana10/07/10
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Bad Programmer, Bad Process Or Bad Education

A few articles in the past week prompted some thinking about the industry of software development. In this case, when I say software development, I am talking about developing websites, web applications, commercial software, enterprise software and almost...

David Bernstein10/07/10
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Prototyping Caveat

I am a big believer in prototyping. The quicker I can get functionality to my users the better. I often find that it helps my users visualize how to use the system I am building and often this will lead to useful feedback. However, I do have a caveat when...