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Jurgen Appelo05/04/10
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The Nonsense of Leadership (Princes and Priests)

Leadership is a term used by many, but sometimes understood by only a few. Again and again I feel compelled to question ideas about leadership that seem to be based on beliefs, rather than science. In my opinion, there are two groups of people...

Michael Sahota05/04/10
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Enough Kanban! Use XP for Single-piece flow

Arlo Belshee and Jim Shore had an interesting pair presentation on titled “Single Piece Flow in Kanban” at LSSC10. A more accurate (although inflammatory) name for the talk is “Enough Kanban! Use XP for Single-piece flow”. It is worth mentioning...

Giorgio Sironi05/04/10
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Evolution of a programmer

As a software developer, it's common to learn new practices every day. Although there are jokes about how the more a programmer ages, the more his lines of code counter goes sky high even to accomplish simple tasks, usually this process results in an overall...

Eric Hagan05/03/10
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The Importance of Build and Release Automation

Jez Humble says that last mile between development completion and production can be expensive and painstaking because teams aren't always prepared for it. ...

Jurgen Appelo05/03/10
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The Zen of Scrum (video)

This is a video of the talk that I did in Cluj, Romania. It was organized by the Transylvania Java User Group and ISDC.

Jared Richardson05/03/10
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Are You Smart or Dumb?

What's the difference in smart and dumb? I've come to believe it's two things. How far ahead you can think into the future and how quickly you can do that thinking.When someone is playing chess, pool, or poker, their skill is determined by how many moves...

Jurgen Appelo04/30/10
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The Schizophrenia of Scrum

I sometimes get the feeling that there are two versions of Scrum. The first version is the one that says that “Scrum is not a methodology, a defined process or set of procedures. it's an open development framework.” (Jeff Sutherland) and “Scrum is a...

Eric Hagan04/29/10
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Automation in Lean Software Development

Jeffrey Fredrick is an internationally recognized CI expert and a technical evangelist at Urban Code.  In this interview, Fredrick discusses how a software...

Jared Richardson04/29/10
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Do You Like Pain?

I have a co-worker who's never happy. Never. But today it's even worse. He just lost an hour or two of his work. He was writing code that deleted a large number of files, and due to an error in the code, it deleted everything- including the script he was...

Kelly Waters04/29/10
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Agile Estimating in Scrum - Why Estimate Twice?

In my series of posts "How to Implement Scrum in 10 Easy Steps", I refer to two stages of estimating:Step 2 is how to estimate your Product Backlog.

Mitch Pronschinske04/28/10
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Kohsuke Kawaguchi Talks Hudson

This week Hudson creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi introduced his new startup, InfraDNA, which provides support and consulting for the Hudson Continuous Integration system. After nine years of employment, Kawaguchi left Oracle earlier this month in order to start his...

Eric Hagan04/28/10
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Sizing, Scoping, and Distributed Teams on AgilePlatform

Mike Jones is the VP of worldwide marketing at OutSystems.  OutSystems has been working on Agile adoption projects for seven years - mainly in companies that...

Mark Needham04/28/10
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Listening to your tests: An example

I was recently reading a blog post by Esko Luontola where he talks about the direct and indirect effects of TDD and one particularly interesting point he makes is that driving our code with a TDD approach helps to amplify the problems caused by writing...

Jurgen Appelo04/28/10
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It's Only Communication When There's Verification

One-way messages don’t count as “communication.” The traditional way of thinking of communication as “the transmission of information from one person to another” is wrong, wrote Alistair Cockburn in Agile Software Development. To explain this,...

Jared Richardson04/28/10
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Better Code on a Budget and Training for Free

There are many ways to improve your code. Some are cheap, others expensive. There are tools, processes, conferences, and metrics. There are so many different ways that we're told how to write better code. We're told in books, at conferences, in classes, and...