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Gojko Adzic06/18/10
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Evolution of DDD: CQRS and Event Sourcing

Speaking at the DDD exchange conference today, Greg Young said that doing doing domain driven design is impossible with a classic three layer architecture where DTOs are being shared across layers. He then presented CQRS and Event Sourcing, which...

Mike Cottmeyer06/17/10
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Is Kanban just Waterfall with Small Batches?

Often when I introduce Kanban to teams that are just getting familiar with Scrum, one of the first comments I'll get is... it looks a lot like waterfall. So, here is the question, is Kanban just waterfall with small batches? Let's say you kept all your...

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz06/17/10
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Software Architecture – 5 years later

I got several interesting comments to “Who needs an architect” (both here and on DZone). Some of them said I don’t get the architect “role”, some said I am looking at things from the code level and don’t see the forest for the trees,  others...

Eric Hagan06/16/10
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Video: The Pomodoro Show - Plan Your Free Time

In this presentation, Gino Marckx introduces the Pomodoro Technique.  The Pomodoro Technique is not a methodology, but a simple strategy for achieving...

Gojko Adzic06/16/10
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The biggest mistakes teams make when applying DDD

Udi Dahan spoke today at the DDD Exchange about common misunderstandings and problems that teams have with implementing Domain Driven Design. According to Dahan, the domain model pattern seems to be abused more often than not.

Mitch Pronschinske06/15/10
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The 3 Things That Motivate Us

How do I motivate my developers? - is a question you hear all the time from managers who haven't been paying attention to the patterns found in many software development shops.  Dan Pink has looked at much of the scientific research behind human...

Alberto Gutierrez06/15/10
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Waterfall vs. Agile: Development and Business

We saw in the previous article the main differences between agile and waterfall. In the following articles we are going to take a deeper look by focusing on the four main actors in software development: Development, Business, QA, and Management. This article...

David Bland06/15/10
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Passive Aggressive Facilitation

Practicing servant leadership as a ScrumMaster requires a great deal of empathy and patience. This includes suppressing actions that would otherwise cause harm to team morale and self organization if unchecked. One trait in particular that is extremely...

Giorgio Sironi06/15/10
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Testing web applications with Selenium

There is a common problem between many testing harnesses: they are different from the real client (in the case of web applications a browser). Zend_Test, HttpUnit and similar tools perform fake HTTP requests (that may go or not go over the TCP/IP stack), and...

Jared Richardson06/14/10
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Code Like Kudzu!

My technical brethren (and sistren) in the southern United States are probably more familiar with Kudzu than many of you, but it's a very fast growing type of vine. It's reputed to grow a foot a day when in perfect growing conditions. In the southern US, it...

David Bland06/14/10
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ScrumMasters Now Earn More Money Than Project Managers

According to the latest data from Indeed.com, the annual salary of a ScrumMaster now surpasses that of a Project Manager. Even more surprising, is just how quickly the ScrumMaster salaries have increased in such a short amount of time. As you may...

Nitin Bharti06/11/10
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Agile Case Studies - Balancing Anarchy and Co-op with Scrum

If everybody on a 100-person project should talk to everybody else, we'd have to work overtime just to cover the meetings. Of course, this is before we...

Gojko Adzic06/11/10
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Effective root cause analysis techniques

At the Agile testing user group meeting on 4th May 2010, Douglas Squirrel presented ideas on running effective root cause analysis that he uses at YouDevise to facilitate continuous improvement. Saying that reflective practices are more important than pure...

Jared Richardson06/11/10
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Agile Isn't Latin

Today's article is a short one, but I wanted to share, as well as vent. This isn't something I've seen recently, but I have seen it. As have many of you.

Michael Sahota06/10/10
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Rapid reliable releases

I recently attended a ThoughtWorks QTB – Rapid, Reliable Releases (AKA It’s not making money until its in production) by Rolf Russell and Andy Duncan. It was a solid presentation around the importance of managing environments effectively. I will walk...